12 Tips for Thrifting!

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Welcome back to another curvalicious Thursday.

Today I want to talk a little bit about my tips for finding Vintage/Thrift plus size fashion and how to utilize the pieces!

Sometimes people ask me “Oh, that’s SO cute! Where did you get that?” And I say “The Salvation Army” or “Goodwill” and it was $6 and it’s awesome.

But, it can be tricky finding the right pieces at the right places. So I created a list of tips and tricks that will help you get some adorable, vintage, plus size fashion! (and most of these tips are good thrifting advice for any size!) I included pictures of outfits that I have thrifted or mostly thrifted.


1.) Try on stuff….even if it’s not your size.  

Don’t worry about size. Women’s sizes are jerks and wildly . I have stuff ranging from size 16-30 and Large to 6x. Just try it on. For $4 – you can afford to try it on.



2.) Try on stuff….even if it’s not your style. 

Sometimes you can mix and match tops/skirts/purses/shoes/sweaters/dresses/etc. It may look like a piece you would NEVER wear…but match it with the right shoes/pants/top and it could be a really cool statement piece.



3.) Look at whatcha got first. 

Sometimes it’s really helpful to look at that awesome top or weird colored skirt that you haven’t found the right matching piece for. Sometimes it helps to think “I really need a red cardigan to match this dress.” or “That weird silver skirt would look great with a jewel tone top”.

IMG_3359 (1)IMG_3594IMG_1857 (1)


4.) Know what rewards programs they have. 

Salvation Army has half price on Wednesday on everything and every day is half off of a different color price tag. Goodwill has a reward bonus card that can save you %10-%20 to sign up for. OppShop & Community Aidehave similar programs. Just check them out.



5.) Wear neutrals. 

I like to wear black leggings and a black scoop neck top. I have a lot of clothes that are cut similarly to those pieces. If a top works with the black leggings – it will likely work with my other pants. I have more than one scoop neck top. If it works with the top – it will work with similar tops.



6.) Decide if it’s worth the wear. 

Sometimes the buttons might be a bit loose, there might be minor pilling or loose threads, or it’s a little bit dirty. If it’s worth the price for the $5 dress because it has some dirt on them hem – do it! If you’re quick at hemming skirts or taking in dresses – do it. I am not a good seamstress. So if I have to shorten it or alter it – I tend to shy away.




7.) Don’t get sucked by the great price. 

It’s really easy to want to buy 15 tops for $30…but you probably don’t want/need 15 tops. And they probably aren’t all great. Pick out a set number that you like – narrow it down to the top five for ones that you LOVE.



8.) Know which thrift store has a good plus size selection. 

For example, I think the Salvation Army has a MUCH better plus size section. In my experience, Goodwill plus sizes are usually like Junior’s XL and the equivalent to a size 10 or 12. It can be really frustrating. Take a day and go to all the thrift stores near you and see which one has only one rack of kind of plus size clothes or half of the store is plus sized.



9.) The ‘Changing Seasons’ rule of thumb. 

The best time to thrift is mid-fall (late October/November) and early summer (May/June). That’s when people tend to clean out clothes from the previous season that they didn’t wear. In the fall – people are getting rid of all the summer clothes they didn’t wear and in the spring – people are cleaning out all the sweaters and coats they accumulated. Yes, that does mean it’s easier to shop off-season…but honestly, who cares? If you have to wait a few months to wear a sweater…it’s worth it. I’ve found Lilly Pulitzer summer dresses for $5 in February and Lane Bryant skirts for a few bucks in December. I’ve also bought awesome Christmas sweaters and an awesome pea coat in June.


10.) Don’t just shop for clothes! 

Goodwill, in particular, can have some awesome other stuff! I’ve gotten purses, scarves, books, DVDS, jewelry, holiday decorations, mugs, cups, home goods, decorations, urns, flowers, etc. There can be some really cute stuff. There’s even cute furniture there sometimes. You can buy a desk for $20. It’s super.




11.) Go fairly often. 

The stock at a thrift store changes almost daily. I know Goodwill restocks on Wednesdays (or at least they used to). And people donate stuff daily. So if you strike out – don’t worry! Go again in a week or two and see what’s rotated in!


 12.) Be creative. 

Sometimes a wicker purse  can be a great way to make a Red Riding Hood chic outfit. And sometimes you can find some mismatched pajama tops that can be repurposed with a skirt. Or a neat bookshelf that you could collage and make look brand new. Or a vintage suitcase that could be a cute side table. Just be open minded to what an item could be (and your level of skill with DIY). I’m also in theatre…so I often buy vintage pieces in my size for future costumes. Because most people have no idea how to costume plus size people.



Preston and I thrifted 90% of our Halloween costumes. We went as The Professor & Mary Ann, Adam & Barbara (Beetlejuice), Alice & The Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins & Bert!


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,

Abby ❤


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