January Haul!

Hello there, friends!

I have exciting news to say!

Next week I am teaming up with Liz from With Wonder & Whimsy for a collab article! So I’m super excited about that! I also have a LulaRoe review in the works, as well as a Society+ review, a ‘meet the blogger’ article, and a few other more fun things in the works!

And I’m hoping to do a post with my darling Preston in the near future. Because, he’s seriously the greatest ‘insta-husband’ of all time.

I’m still working on doing a Look Book of all of the Curvy Barbies. That one is going to be a LONG time in the works, honestly. I’m hoping by early spring that I’ll be able to do that!

But for real, I have the next two months or so planned out for posts? That feels so awesome!

A few other blogger collabs and possible giveaways in the near future!

But the biggest news of ALL….

*drum roll please*

I am finally, officially, truly, rebranding the blog.

Which means that I will be changing the URL to this blog, renaming this page and my Facebook page, and possibly my instagram name as well.

A friend of mine, who is an incredibly talented artist is drawing up a new logo and some artwork for the new selected name! So I know it will be a bit of a shift with the name change and I hope you’ll all keep reading! It’s a shorter, cuter, and more awesome name.

But I will be keeping the reveal until the artwork is ready! And I will link my friend’s Etsy page, insta, and website – because she is seriously amazing. She does personalized art, mugs, wedding invitations, all wedding stationary, photography. She’s a maverick! So all of her info will be linked in the re-branding post!

I’ll let the new name be a teaser! So everyone hold on to your britches!

(and Evan, if you’re reading this – it is not Britches & Bitches.)


So for the real news today!


I got a TON of new clothes in this month of January.

I mean, I had gift cards, Christmas money, all kinds of post Christmas sales, coupons, and I am a bargain shopper in my heart.

So I wanted to show you all the new stuff I acquired this month that will be popping up on my Instagram again, I’m sure!


Look #1

Purple Pony Wrap Dress – Lindy Bop


I am obsessed with this dress. This was a first time Lindy Bop order – and maybe in the future I’ll do a full review of their plus size selection – but I’m totally in love.

And as anyone who knows me knows:


And that is 100% true. Pony print. Sign me up. Pies? Yes, please. French Bull Dogs? I need twenty.

But this dress is silky, soft, stretchy AF, work length appropriate and cute AF.

Also, in purple. It hits all of the check points for a perfect Abby dress.

Link to that dress here! 


Dress #2

Llama Mama Dress – Lindy Bop


Okay. C’mon. Can we not talk about how derpy and adorable these freaking llamas are?

Honestly, this is just such a happy dress. It’s stretchy, flirty, fun, work length appropriate, not too much cleavage, a happy pink color and has smiling llamas on it.

Is your mama a llama? Nope. But my dress sure is!

And what else does it have kids?

Novelty print. It has novelty print.

But between the perfect knee length look, the modest but flattering neckline, the bow sleeve details, and the flowy and comfy fabric – I have a feeling that I am about to start wearing this llama dress WAY too often.

Link to this dress here! 


Look #3

Baller-Frenchie-Santa Sweater


So listen, we’re all looking at the same picture, right?

This frenchie has some serious SWAG.

Between the baller gold shades, the bright bowtie, and the ever so crooked hat, you can tell that this Frenchie is NOT AFRAID TO STEP.

And also bring Holiday cheer!

This sweater was a gift to me from Preston’s parents! (They know that I LOVE frenchies and Boston terrier print anything.)

So this was a gift from Avenue – but it was only seasonal! Sad! I can’t link you to this sweater. This will just have to be a special sweater for me!

*My leggings are not part of this haul. They are actually from K-Mart. I needed a pair in a pinch while I was traveling for work and needed some cheap pants that I thought were going to get all dirty. They ended up not getting dirty and then lowkey becoming my FAVE pair of leggings. True story.

**Double true story: I’m pretty sure that I was lowkey trespassing to get that powder blue background. Where’s the fun in this if there’s not a LITTLE danger, amirite?


Look #4

I Don’t Give a Fox


So since I have more of an office job now – I’m trying to be a bit more conservative with my skirt length and cleavage amount. (although, honestly, there’s only so much I can do with the latter. They’re big. In everything.)

So I found this ADORABLE ModCloth fox blouse on Poshmark for only $8 because it has a slight defect in the hemline. Since I tend to tuck in my blouses anyway – that was no big deal!

But it’s this awesome royal blue, thick satin-y material, with little foxes printed on it!

Now, class, what have we learned?


So, of course, for 8-freaking-dollars – I had to have it.

I paired it with a black Eshakti skirt to give it a fun, office vibe!


Look #5

Lowkey Unicorn.


So I saw this skirt on ModCloth and instantly became obsessed.

You can find the link to that skirt – here! 

It’s perfect. It’s cotton, bright and vibrant colors, a great length, and an awesome fullness.

And I mean this so NOT sarcastically – it’s awesome to have to wear to LGBT events to show my ally-ship!

And yes, I know that you are ALL sitting there saying…GIRL IRON YOUR SKIRT.

All I can say is, yes, I know it is wrinkled. I am sorry that I have brought such shame upon my family. Next time, I will iron. I promise.

I also got that vibrant blue top from Old Navy. Again, I was trying to stock up on some ‘office basics’ that I could mix and match for comfort, easiness in washing, and color, and modesty.

This top matches them all.

And is truly the SOFTEST mofo shirt of all time. I’ll link that top here. Everyone should have a few. I also bought one in black. BECAUSE THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING.

And this just made me the most vibrant and springy – color me happy person. Legit.


Look #6

If you hear hooves – think Zebra.


What is to be said about this?

I totally stole this zebra sweater from my mom. But I mean…that’s kind of like a haul right?

But I paired it with a pop of red, a standard black, and made a super cute, office ready, easy to dress up and down outfit!

And legit – my mom never wore this (or hardly ever, at least).

And it’s SO soft and the perfect length to keep a bit toasty but not schvitzing as I would say.

And yes, if you ask me – Team Dunkin. Always.


Look #7

Thrifted Office Look


So I totally thrifted this whole outfit.

Which is totally rad.

These are Catherine’s slacks. They are this stretchy gray with these thin black pinstripes. They have a nice thick waistband and are just the MOST comfy work slacks of all time.

Even better? I paid $3 for them. THREE FREAKING DOLLARS!

They still had tags on them. Worth it. So worth it.

And the shirt is a Lane Bryant slouchy neck sweater that I paid $5 for.

This whole outfit cost me $8. You can barely buy Starbucks for two with that.

And with a little patience at a thrift store I was able to pull together this awesome office look. Check out my twelve tips for thrifting here! 

And yes, I will wear everything with flip flops until the cows come home.

And you can’t stop me.


Look #8

Petticoat Princess

IMG_9362 (1).JPG

I got this adorable skirt from Lane Bryant, a thrifted Scottie dog brooch, and another Old Navy ballet neck scoop neck top.

I have WAY more deets about this look but *teaser alert* – you’ll be getting a TON more details about this look next week! So stay tuned!


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

I’m thinking of going to the thrift store this weekend. And as soon as LindyBop restocks, I’m going to grab a few things from them as well and review!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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I’d really love to do that Barbie post. If anyone can seriously sponsor it – let me know. I think that would just be the coolest and most fun to do.

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. robjodiefilogomo

    Hi Abby—I’m visiting from Liz’s site and had to come say hello!!
    I love your outfits, but I’m especially interested in your curly hair!! I have curly hair and have been struggling with it lately. What’s your secret to having it look so great?


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