Happy to Sashimi (ft. Cherry Velvet!)

So let’s talk here for a second.

Preston is going into his last few days of shows, my big cosmetic meeting is tomorrow, I have all kinds of posts ready to go for the week! It’s super exciting. Preston’s sister is finally home from college for the summer so I finally have someone to hang out with! Ha! Preston & I are both in rehearsals for a show in Harrisburg opening in July. So stay tuned for that! I may do a costume look book! We’ll see!

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I used to lovelovelove sushi. Like, I was eating it ALL the damn time. And then I got food poisoning and I couldn’t eat sushi for MORE THAN A YEAR. I just ate it for the first time a few weeks ago and it was a little rough but I think sushi and I can make up.

But I am still low key obsessed with sushi. It’s so yummy and filling without making you feel bloated.

So, when I saw Cherry Velvet had a sushi dress – I said….GOTTA GET THAT DRESS.

So Cherry Velvet (who is run by an absolute #GirlBoss) is a small retro inspired fashion company and we decided to team up for a post about their Danielle Dress in Bento Box. 

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So this is kind of a fancy dress. It’s an unlined cotton frock but the cut is kind of glam looking – so today I wanted to show you how I was styling this dress!

The whole look!

I paired this dress with a hot pink clutch, some gorgeous gold earrings, an up-do, and some black girly high heels.

I had it in my mind that I was styling this dress FOR an event. So I wanted to break down my styling of this outfit.

So first things first:

This dress is an unlined cotton frock with button details on the bust, a dress collar, and an awesome back detail.


This is a hot pink, patent leather, Marc Jacobs convertible purse.

So this has a removable strap to make it a cross body – but since I was going for an evening glam look – I decided to make it a clutch. I think the hot pink is a fun pop of color that coordinates with the pattern!

And it’s the perfect size for my phone, wallet, lipstick, and a snack.

Also, also, I snagged this purse on Poshmark for $40. Such a steal. I use this all the time.

Collar & Lips

This dress had this gorgeous collar detail. I played around with adding an adorable gold necklace – but I thought the collar stood by itself and the necklace was, like, a LOT, extra.

So I wanted to show off the collar detail and the matte lipstick that I paired this with!

Back Cutout

So this is what I mean by the back detail. The collar goes up like it’s a dress shirt and there’s this adorable little cut out!

And it  shows off my tattoo! (for those who didn’t know I had a tattoo!)

And I wanted to show off the back details which is why I went with the up-do!


So, again, since this an evening glam dress up time – I decided to pair them with a pair of black heels.

Now, most people who know me – know that I am NOT a shoe person AT all. But I do have a pair of black heels! (c’mon, they’re standard!). I liked that this added a touch of girly glam with the little bows on the toes.

Bows on toes. Bows on toes. Bows on toes. That’s really fun to say.

…I’m alone in my house.

Make-Up, Jewelry, & Hair

We may have to unbox this one bit by bit.

So again, I chose the up-do to show off the collar and back detail as well as my earrings. This is just a simple spider clip! It was the perfect look!

And then for makeup – I used my Caked Low Key matte liquid lipstick, a smoky eye, and some BROW action. This is what I would call a ‘full face’ of make up.

And lastly, my jewelry – this dress was super vibrant, had a loud pattern and an eye catching cut – so I threw on some gold dangly earrings that have a bit of an Indian vibe. They are my new go-to earrings. And I definitely did NOT buy them at a thrift store.

The Final Look


Here is the link to this specific dress!

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The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’m thinking about getting more into makeup and accessories and talking about ‘plus confidence’ and body confidence. Any thoughts?

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I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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