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As we approach less than a week from Thanksgiving, I thought I might share a list of things I am thankful for and some things I think EVERYONE should be thankful for (as  well as what Preston and I are wearing to our TWO Thanksgiving engagements! not featured the ‘amateur pills’ Tums we’ll need afterwards!)

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A List of Things That Everyone Should Be Grateful For

You ever do those ‘go around the table and list something you are thankful for’ at your family dinner and there’s always that ONE weird cousin who is so awkward that they can’t think of a single thing?…well this list is for them.

1.) Indoor Plumbing

  • There are probably people who are still alive today who had to walk OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW AND IN THE DARK WITH MURDERERS AND ANIMALS LURKING just to pee in the middle of the night. And we have disposable toilet paper and a sewer system which was not a thing humans always had.

2.) The Internet

  • Enough said.

3.) Public Schools

  • Even if you are HARDCORE FREE COLLEGE – the fact is, if you live in the states (or most developed countries) some sort of system exists that taught you how to read, write, do basic math, and learn minimal history and social skills and you couldn’t be discriminated against for race, gender, or social class. Not all countries or people can say that. Not saying public schools are perfect, but learning to read is a privilege that most of us have been granted.

4.) The Advancement of Modern Medicine

  • People used to say ‘God Bless You’ after people sneezed because people literally died if they caught the common house cold or got a cut that got infected. Anti-biotics, steroids, vaccines, etc. That’s all tops.

5.) The Progression of Feminine Hygiene Products

  • Anyone else remember when you had that weird belt to hold a pad on? Yeah, what even was that? Or back in the day when women used to SAFETY PIN RAGS TO THEIR UNDERGARMENTS and couldn’t go outside for five days. God Bless, Kotex.



Okay, I want to stop here for a moment and talk about this amazing outfit. This is probably the cutest and most confident I’ve felt dressing like ‘a regular person’ in a long time.

My wardrobe is stuffed to the brim with unicorn dresses and tutus and mouse purses and cat sweaters. I have VERY few ‘every day’ looks like jeans, boots, a versatile sweater, versatile jacket, etc.

I usually feel stifled in outfits like that. But this outfit made me feel REALLY cute and confident and excited and contemporary and I just felt good in it, you know?

Shop this look:

Jeans – available up to a size 32 in a bunch of colors and washes! Literally the jeans I literally swear by (check out my review)
Boots – available in more than one color – wide calf and extra wide width available
Sweater – super cute and on sale right meow and with elbow length sleeves – which I like because I am perpetually hot (especially at holiday dinners, waaay too toasty).
Jacket – this pleather jacket has knit inserts so it does have some stretch and comes in three or four other colors (including an olive that is GORGEOUS)

My fox scarf was a gift from my brother’s girlfriend for my birthday and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It’s SUH cute.


A Few More Things You Should Be Grateful For

Refrigerators – remember when people used to store meat in BUCKETS of salt. No? You’re welcome.

Social Media – people often get really caught up in the ‘bad side’ of social media, like bullying or ‘living for the gram’ – but it’s provided us with YouTube sensations, the ability to share news, keep up with friends, created careers and jobs in the market, and make it hard to lose contact with people. That’s pretty incredible.

The Evolution of Social Equality – there’s still LIGHT YEARS to go. Millions and billions of light years to go. But it’s important to remember and appreciate the major milestones we have hit and use them as guideposts to continue to grow.


Preston is decked out in all Jos A. Bank. He used to work there many moons ago so has a STELLAR wardrobe to prove it (which is the Batman like origin story of ThePennyDapper). So that coat and jeans are both from Jos A. Bank and his hat is vintage!


I am thankful that Avenue make extra wide width (and wide calf) boots that are amazing adorable, comfortable, and don’t break the bank! Check out the ones I’m wearing here!


Things I Personally Am Thankful For

Preston – I would get SO gushy if I started listing everything that man does for me. He is supportive and loving and adoring and helpful and kind and funny and talented. I am so grateful that someone as wonderful as him wants to be my husband.

My Parents: For mostly the same reasons as I love Preston, my parents are unfailingly kind, generous, wonderful, driven, and supportive and they continue to be the road map that I hope to use to guide my marriage.

My Job:  I am absurdly and unflinchingly grateful for anyone and everyone reading this right now. With your support and kindness and love – I have been able to take blogging full time and living my dream of being my own #GIRLBOSS and even on the really tough days – I am so absurdly blessed to know and connect with all of you.

Harvey: That little tiny creature warms my heart and fills my soul every time he wags his little tail or gives me that crooked head when I ask if he wants to go out.


This is an amazing combination between the ‘everyday’ look and the funny whimsical look that I go for. This dress is actually a really lightweight sweater dress.

As a perpetually hot person, I love sweater dresses but not the weight of them. This one has the elbow length sleeves and that flowy midweight sweater feel.

Another thing I am grateful for: that I no longer feel the need to ‘not wear horizontal stripes’ – that is honestly archaic and silly. People say ‘it makes you look wider’ but wider than what? Like, no one thought I was SUPER thin before I put them on. I like how they look. Love it.

Bonus: this look is super easy to layer up or down. This dress looks cute by itself but I layered it with jackets and tights and boots to add more dimension to it. I also think it would look cute with a cardigan, a belt, and flats. It’s easy to transform!

Shop this look!

Dress – super cute sweater dress/lightweight/stretchy/soft
Jacket – same as listed above – but would look cute in olive with this dress
Boots – everyone should own a pair. They’re delightful.
Tights – these are from WeLoveColors and I love them – these are Hunter Green


A List of Things EVERYONE Should Be Grateful For

1. ) Tom Hanks

  • God Bless that man. He’s a true American classic and an upstanding, hilarious, enormously talented, and awesome. Everyone’s favorite actor should be Tom Hanks.

2.) Harry Potter

  • Just a childhood delight, from top to bottom. The marker of an era.

3.) Air Conditioning

  • Thanks goodness that this is a thing we have or else ya girl would be SCHVITZING and melting Wicked Witch style every single summer…and most nights…and most days.


This post was sponsored by Avenue, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. In fact, I am also grateful for Avenue! Be sure to check out their website here, their Facebook page here, their Twitter here, and obvi, follow them on Instagram!




Tell me: what are you grateful for?

I love to hear all about other people’s family traditions too! My grandfather used to HATE turkey and we used to have dinner at my Aunt’s house (she moved away!) – so we used to have….RIBS. And they were AMAZING. The ribs were always my fave part of Thanksgiving and the biggest thing I miss about family Thanksgiving. Any weird dishes or family traditions that you do in your house? Pleasepleaseplease tell me!



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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  1. Courtney McConnell

    I am grateful to be spending this Thanksgiving as a Wife for the first time, I am so grateful my family is happy, healthy and loud. I am thankful for the people around me for being amazing.

    I adore your blog, Instagram and style. Basically wanna be your best friend or something. lol


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