29 Totally Weird & Awesome Things I Saw at the PA Farm Show

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

Ya’ll, this has been a WEIRD week. Top to bottom. Anyone else’s 2019 starting out SUPER weird? No? Just me?

Well, wherever it ended up, it ended up with Preston and I going to the Pennsylvania Farm Show! Which apparently is a HUGE deal here in Central, PA and is hosted annually (this is year 103) in Harrisburg, PA (where we live!). It’s this HUGE expo, with horse shows and tractor pulls and contests, world renown milkshakes and cheese curds, butter sculptures, TONS of livestock, and sales booths. It’s HUGE and PACKED and WEIRD.

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But, anywho, let’s get on with the show!


The whole day I kept singing, “I fell in love with a girl at the farm show” to the Blink 182. Preston did not know that song. What a waste!

Also, I had lots of people DM, comment, or e-mail that they saw me at the farm show! Come say hi to me next time!

But, as a gal that grew up in the subuuuurbs and had no relation to farms at all and is a little culture shocked by farm show culture, found some stuff that I thought was hilarious or downright weird. So I needed to share, to make sure I’m not crazy!


6 Weird Signs I Saw at the PA Farm Show



I literally don’t know who was feeding fingers to the carnivorous monster, but he’s so squishy that he can eat my fingers if we wants. Also, my 12-year-old brain read this sign a LOT less maturely the first time.



This sign is just in the exit ramp from the arena and I could not stop laughing about this sign. They paid TONS of money to have that sign designed and printed and hung. And where else in the world could you see this sign?



I then proceeded to tell this chicken he sucks at Mario Kart and can’t get a girlfriend. So BOOM, I teased the eff outta that chicken.



I read this sign, giggled, and turned to Preston and said, “As opposed to what?”…..



And then I saw this sign and went, “Oh, I see.”



First of all, there’s like 100 jars on this table, and it reaches down to kid height, and all these jars are glass, and the Do Not Touch sign is on the tippy top. I feel like that pairing might be tempting fate.

Also, people at the PA Farm Show DO NOT mess around. They will mason jar ANYTHING. Literally anything.

For example: Minted Peaches (what?) – I’m mostly just curious!



12 Weird Things that Made Me Laugh



This was cow that you could “milk” and kids could come and try to milk these prosthetic udders. And one of the udders was broken off and just floating the bucket of “milk” (actually just water) and I was cracking up.



So, as you can see, there’s an American Girl Doll Anna from Frozen outfit, and an ADULT sized matching costume, that’s clearly custom and one sized. So, what is actually for sale. And at this stand (which I could not figure out their theme) also had this……



So you sell entomology boards, pointsettias, American Girl Doll adult matching sets based on Frozen, and vintage clocks. Super confused about this store.



Another thing I kept laughing about: I could NOT figure out what this pie contest was for AT ALL. There were like 10 different colored ribbons, and none of the pies seemed to be the same kind of pies (apple, pecan, cinnamon?), and there was a WHOLE case of a slice of each pie entry.

I would like to see the rules and judging scorecards because I have NO CLUE based on the winner’s display what this was a contest for other than generally pie.



I can’t tell you that I have no idea what it is, but I want to participate in any activity that requires stuffed horse/stick riding thing in an arena meant for real equine.



Again, she was an absolute doll and so lovely to chat with – but PA apparently has an Alpaca Princess as well as a Dairy Princess. So, new goals?



Again, so cool, but there was NO LIMIT on what could be preserved in a mason jar. There were HUNDREDS will all different stuff in them.



This monster game changer is the literal biggest tractor I’ve ever seen. I kept calling it a Transformer – but I’m mad I didn’t make the joke at the time that it was a TRANSFARMER! Boom! Get it, like farmer? I’ll see myself out.



Hmm? What should I wash down a burrito with – BAM! LEMONADE! That’s all they have too.



This carousel is lovely and vintage and charming, but also terrifying and definitely haunted. Like, 110% haunted.



I was just sitting here, trying to take a cute picture (livin’ for the gram), and a guy walked up (who was competing) and said, “Want a cow in that picture?” and I laughed….



And then he brought me this pretty Mama Holstein and she was super sweet but a little camera shy! You never know what’s going to happen!


Jethro ESCAPED….

But a few hours later…..


Don’t worry…he’s found.



And this butter sculpture that reminded me a BIT of a cult. And people kept stepping in front of me, so I eventually got frustrated and a young guy with SUPER long arms and was suuuuper tall, stepped up and raised his phone above the crowd. AND LIKE A LUNATIC, I said, “Oh hey, you’re tall! Help a girl out?” and he was super nice, he took my phone and snapped this from WAY high up) and we said thank you and we had a good chuckle.


8 ADORABLE Animals I Got to See




3 Yummy Foods We Tried

The milkshakes are super famous and deliciously so! And fried cheese cubes to top it off! And I grabbed a bottle of apple cider to take home! YUM! YUM!



Final Thoughts: It was super fun and weird and made me laugh, although I have horrendous fears of crowds and spend the whole time with my adrenaline running, so definitely would go again next year (but at a lower volume time, for sure!). It’s definitely farm-y, so lots of animals and hay and tractors and quilts. Very fun, very PA! 




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  1. Amber Schwarz

    This was a super fun post! I loved the inserted video – you should do more of those! I loved Jethro (he’s so cute and fluffy!) and the sweet cow! That tractor was straight up amazing, I’ve never seen something like that before, it would almost be scary to see it in action it’s so massive!


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