My First Post…Yikes!

I have pretty much always been fat. And you know who that bothers? Not me. And that’s really what matters.

I am plus sized, big boned, overweight, fat, curvy, BBW, whatever title you want to call it. I’m big.

And you know what else…that is NOT the only thing about me. I love 80’s movies and bad horror movies, I’m an event planner, I’ve seen every episode of…a lot of TV shows. I’m a die hard theatre fan and have been an actor since I was six, I have a mom and a dad and a brother and a boyfriend and went to college and love to read books about true crime and LOVE The Office. There is nothing I love more than swimming in Trout Lake in the Adirondacks. I go barefoot I also have terrible anxiety, blonde curly hair, and skin that tans nicely in the summer. Being “fat” doesn’t define me. I never let it do that.

Let’s just start at the very beginning. A very good place to start…when you sing you begin with…. I’m off-track. As a life-long actor and lover of theatre – this is bound to happen all the time.

Until I graduated college, I hid my body in Old Navy basics, baggy theatre show t-shirts, thick yoga pants, and shirts I had bought in seventh grade that still fit. (that’s actually true. I still wear three shirts that I bought in middle school. They still look pretty fly, if you ask me!) I was lazy, always in a hurry, liked having twelve of the same shirt (again, actually twelve) in different colors. It suited me fine.

My boyfriend (Preston, he’ll be a recurring character) doesn’t believe me now that when I was in college, I owned ONE dress. ONE. I still own it. It’s black and has white polka dots and I bought it at Ross for about $20 and wore it to every job interview post college.

I graduated from college on a Saturday and got hired at my first job two days later on Monday. I asked what the dress code was and the answer (that I later found out was SO not true) was “Business Casual”. As a person who owned twelve old navy v-necks, a few tops from outlets, and three pairs of black yoga pants – this was an issue! Like a major one.

So I was supposed to start the next Monday. As a recent college grad with next to no money – I went to our local outlets and thrift stores and got 5 bottoms, and 8 tops, a coat, a dress, and a pair of shoes for under $100. It was a great haul, honestly. And I can’t wait until I can do haul blogs. I LOVE haul blogs. But I digress…I posted pictures to my instagram of all of my outfits and got an overwhelmingly positive response and since that day it has spiraled out of control. This picture is the aforementioned Insta post:

Insta 1

I promise – my pictures now are MUCH higher quality now. These are terrible selfies with like my iphone3 in a full length mirror in my hallway with thrift store clothes. But this is the alpha product. And since then my sense of fashion has really grown and developed with my own “personal” style!

I own SO many dresses, skirts, accessories, tops, all the things and am an absolute pro at online shopping, getting a great deal, organizing clothes, and having lots of body confidence and quirky fashion! So tune in to get my pro tips at getting great deals & hauls, interesting ways to style colors & patterns, and my life in the fat lane!

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This is going to be so very,



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