Bonus: Thank You, Mom.

This is going to be the realest real blog post of all time.

I have an awesome Mom. And since Mother’s day was on Sunday – I wanted to do a post to my mom because I think she could definitely use the cheering up and the appreciation.


First, I want to thank all of the other mother figures/maternal figures that I have had. I want to thank Shar, my Aunt Kathy who adored me more than life, my Godmother – Sharon, my step-grandmother Val, Mama Hauk – who continues to treat me as her second ‘Abby’ – even though her daughter, Abby, and I have been best friends for 10 years, Mama Schaeffer, Nancy, Denise, and Val. Thank you to all of you for helping me – in some way – become the woman I am today.

Also, a special mention of my dad’s mom that we affectionately called Cookie Grandma. I never got a chance to know Cookie Grandma because she passed when I was about two years old. But you helped raise my father to be the most selfless, honorable, caring, and wonderful man I have ever known and for that I will always be eternally grateful. RIP Cookie Grandma.

This past weekend (Saturday) was my grandmother’s memorial and two of my cousins spoke and I gave a speech. I was very proud of it. I knew my grandmother well and loved her very dearly so I hope that I honored her memory. I’m going to put a short poem that I found in my Grandma’s journal here. My grandmother kept several journals throughout her life and I poured through them to be able to offer her own insight to her family about losing two children and about having dementia as it developed and got worse. But in one of her journals was a copy of this poem simply credited to C.R. This is what I finished my memorial speech with and it touched me. So I’m going to post this below.

Celebrate the temporary.
Don’t wait until tomorrow.
Live today.
Celebrate the simple things.
Enjoy the butterfly.
Embrace the snow.
Run with the ocean.
Delight in trees or a single flower.
Go barefoot in the wet grass.

Don’t wait until all the problems are solved
or all the bills are paid.
You will wait forever.
Eternity will come and go and you will still be waiting.

Live in the now with all the problems and its agonies
with its joy and its pain.

Celebrate your despair and your anger and your grief.
It means you’re alive.

Look closer.
Breathe deeper.
Stand taller.
Stop grieving the past.

It is temporary
Here and gone
So celebrate it while you can

Celebrate the temporary

I just wanted to share this poem with all of you. In case anyone needed to hear it. I did.

mom 2

Love you Mom. Love you Grandma.


  1. Sharon K

    Well said darling Abby. No truer words have been spoken. Your Mom has always been a doer but this is a whole different kind of “project” filled with stress, emotion, exhaustion and having you by her side helped her cope. I know a little about taking care of a Mom in her last days so I know what you both have been through. I was fortunate to be able to share the load with my sibs. That was a blessing. I am sorry not to have been able to be at your Grandma’s memorial. I thought of you all many times that day. I also know that the coping does not stop now that she has passed and you have laid her to rest. Hang in there. Your mom (and Dad) must be extremely proud of the young lady you have become. You are the best of both of them. I wish you the best in all of your many endeavors.


  2. Anonymous

    This was a beautiful tribute Abby. I am sure it has made your mother prouder of you. Just being there surely gave her comfort. Glad I was here to spend Mothers Day with you both. Edith


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