An Assorted List of Things to be Grateful For.

I started writing a blog last night about being a millennial.

I started writing one ‘defending’ my generation from the older generations that call us lazy, out of touch, entitled, self obsessed, poor communicators, etc. I started writing it. Talking about how we, the millennials, are not like that (for the most part). Mostly what we want is equal opportunity, rights, and to be able to pursue the American Dream.

I started writing about how we aren’t lacking in skill – our skills are just different and that we aren’t bad at communicating – we just communicate differently. We aren’t more self obsessed with ourselves than past generations – it just manifests differently.

But then I decided that wasn’t really fair. I started writing a blog blaming a generation for blaming me. Hey pot, there’s the kettle – you’re both black.

Also: Preston and I went to the lake (up in the Adirondacks of Upstate NY) this past weekend. Here’s a few cute shots from our trip.


And I interviewed for the dream job. I think it went well. I’m very satisfied with how it went. And now all I can do is pray. Please send prayers, good vibes, and words of encouragement. Or if you know what I applied for and can help – please do it!

So, with this big interview – I decided I didn’t want to put negativity and defensive content out in the universe. I wanted to put cheerful and happy content out in the universe. And hope some positivity comes back to me in some way. And there’s so many things in the world to be happy about – why not share some.


A Random List of Things to be Grateful For:

1.) Indoor Plumbing & Toilet Paper. People use to live without those things. Blech. Like people use to pee in pans under their bed and throw it out the window. I love modern plumbing.

2.) The internet.  Can we all just agree that the internet is the best thing ever? It’s like having an entire world of knowledge and communication at your fingertips. Amazing.

3.) Free Public Education. You live in a country where no matter what your race, gender, ethnic, socioeconomic, or disability is – you are entitled (and legally obligated) to go to a school that teaches you to read, write, do math, develop computer and critical thinking skills, and learn history. Many countries don’t get that. 

4.) The modernization of pads & tampons. Like, even in my mom’s lifetime – they used to wear BELTS to keep pads on. And in the early 1900’s – they were using sewing pins to pin OLD RAGS to their undergarments. Ew. Ew. Ew. 


5.) My parents and brother. Generic, I know, but it is true. 

6.) The first asshat that did something stupid that made the company feel they needed to put a warning label on something. Thanks for taking that bullet for me, buddy. I would have definitely tried to clean my ears with a drill bit or tried using my hair dryer in my sleep if someone had not first experimented for me.


7.) iPhones. This is kind of an unpopular opinion, but if weren’t for the complete monopoly that Apple would get on the cell phones, and therefore making them astronomically expensive and at the complete will of Apple to inflate cost – I would be totally okay with the entire world be standardized onto the iPhone. 

8.) Whoever the first person was that realized if you sang different notes in the same chord at the same time – that it created harmony. Harmony is beautiful. Thanks, man. Or lady. I don’t discriminate. 

9.) Teachers. You deal with tiny humans through their worst stages. Ages 6-18. They all present their own challenges. And you deal with a room of 30 – that are all the same ages. And you do that for YEARS. God bless you. Also, to any teacher I was ever a dick to…I am SO sorry. I was young. 

10.) Reed Hastings & Marc Randolph. Thanks for co-founding Netflix, guys. You’ve helped a lot of people get laid with the phrase “Netflix & Chill” and you have solved the ultimate problem of ‘There’s NOTHING on.’

11.) Refrigerators. People used to keep meat in salt to preserve it. They used to drink milk warm and eggs RIGHT out of the chicken. Thanks for keeping my yogurt kosher, my friend.

12.) That moment that you make eye contact with a waiter as they are bringing food to your table and it actually turns out to be yours. It happens so rarely – it is ALWAYS going to someone else’s table. I appreciate that shit, man.

13.) When you don’t fail at something you saw on Pinterest. Again, this is so rare that you should appreciate that moment when you open the oven and there is a perfect cookie that looks like a stain glass Mona Lisa with a ganache. Because that’s a thing on pinterest, right?


14.) My dresses. They are so on point. Thanks Modcloth, Torrid, City Chic, etc.

15.) Preston. He’s two gems. 


16.) When your hands are full and a stranger rushes up next to you to open a door or give you a hand. Thanks, dude. We’re strangers and I appreciate your kindness.

17.) When you drop something and you miraculously ninja catch it before it hits the floor. Again, this happens SO infrequently that I often spend a full two minutes congratulating myself. 

18.) Heart warming YouTube videos. I JUST WANT TO CRY ABOUT A PUPPY THAT WAS BORN WITH THREE LEGS AND IS ADORABLE. Or a military man coming home to his family. Or when a community does something to help their families. I’m a sap. What can I say?

19.) Sleeping with the windows open and a nice cool breeze.  Because that’s the ticket man. Bonus grateful points if you don’t have to set an alarm for the next morning. 

20.) Amazon Prime. – Nothing better than having stuff appear a day later for free. It’s great. 

21.) Those nights that turn out not how you planned at all. Sometimes you end up going out to get a drink with an old friend and two hours later you’re making a slip and slide out of a tarp and having a paint party and eating waffle cones with sprinkles. 

22.) Accidentally getting stuff for free. When they forget to up charge you for a flavor shot or there’s a sale you didn’t know about or it’s BOGO free or something. It’s a nice little treat. 

23.) Beautiful vacation spots. Preston and I just came back from the Adirondacks. The natural beauty of that place is honestly breathtaking. 


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,

Abby ❤

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