I Styled My Mom…Here’s What Happened…

Hello all!

I know that many of the friends who keep up with Curves, Curls, & Coffees are NOT millenials (like me!) and often ask where I get clothes/styles for a little older dolls/more age appropriate style.

So, I styled my mom!

That sounds weird. But it’s true!

My mom recently lost some weight and wanted to go to the outlets near our house to grab some new jeans and a few new tops. That inspired me to style my mom in some of her clothing pieces and try to make a few outfits for her.

I also think this shows that there is no age limit for looking like a fabulous fashionista!


And in the above pictures…we’re wearing matching outfits. I found that top for my mom in her size. And I found one in the back. And I thought it looked cute. So I got one for me, as well!

Also, just a side note – I am not a giant. My mom is just very petite. So please keep that in consideration. She’s about 5’2 on a good day. I’m about 5’6.

I then asked my mom what her top fashion tips are – so those will be in there as well.

*Side note: My mom’s fashion advice is not totally reflective of my thoughts.


Outfit #1


Mom Advice: “If you have very narrow shoulders – scoop necks are better than V-Necks.” 


Outfit #2


Mom Advice: “Don’t be afraid to alter your clothes if you’re petite. Only buying petite clothes (and plus) significantly narrows down your choices! Just shorten it a bit! Most tailors will shorten things for just a few bucks.”

Outfit #3


Mom Advice: “You can find GREAT stuff at Goodwill and Salval.” 

*Salval is what we call the Salvation Army. It’s a nickname some people from my college used to call it – and my mom picked it up because I said it all the time.

Outfit #4


Mom Advice: “You should have a set of pants to wear with heels and wedges and a set of pants to wear with flats.” 

Outfit #5


Mom Advice: “You can always find a coupon.”

Outfit #6


Mom Advice: “Wear what you like and what flatters your body. Don’t follow the trends.”


Outfit #7


Mom Advice: “Unless it’s for a special event, if you have to wear shapewear with something…it’s probably not worth it.”


Outfit #8

*Her shirt is accurate.


Mom Advice: “If you’re petite….hem your sleeves and the length of your tops in addition to the pants. If you’ll wear it a lot – the extra few bucks to make it fit right will make all the difference.”


Outfit #9

*I included the last picture so you could see that these were polka dot denim capri pants.



Mom Advice: “Capri pants are the short ladies’ best friend.”


Outfit #10


*My mom shortened the length of this top for only a few bucks and wears it under a sweater in the winter and with trouser capri pants in the summer as a work top! She’s definitely gotten the wear out of it.*


Outfit #11

*My mom is adamantly against horizontal stripes. But this is my sweater and my shirt and I think she looks awesome in them. What do you all think?


Mom Advice: “You’re never too old to look adorable.”


Outfit #12

*This one is my personal favorite. I LOVE this outfit.


Mom Advice: “I think any top worth having can be found for under $20.”


Outfit #13


Mom Advice: “Most of your clothes should be multi-purpose. You should have tops that can go with skirts, pants, jeans, capris, shorts, and shoes and sweaters that go with more than one outfit and are not only work appropriate but also bar crawl worthy.”


So that’s it! Those are the outfits I picked out for my mama! What do you think? Do I look like her? Except much taller. Mama is supes short!

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,

Abby ❤


  1. Anonymous

    Your mom is looking cuter than ever! I liked the sweater, but not with the Campbell’s soup tee. Your fave outfit with the red and black belt is dynamite.


  2. Rose McNeilly

    I really love #’s 1,3,6,10 & 12, but #2 is my favorite, especially with the hat~ It brings me back to our days at Mont Alto and how we used to dress. As for dressing ‘your age’~ It is something that concerns me because I fear I may dress too young. But I don’t want to feel frumpy and old either. I mostly stay clear of the Juniors Department ~ that’s my only solution!


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