The Truest Truth About Post Graduation Life

I graduated in 2014.

I was offered my first job two days after graduation.

I was laid off from that job in the beginning of October 2015.

I worked as a substitute teacher, event planner, Community Development Director for March of Dimes, done some consulting work, house/dog/babysitting, house managing, teaching ESY, doing shows, etc. Pretty much anything to patchwork income.

I’ve applied to over 150 jobs. I’ve been on over 30 interviews. I’ve had only contract/part-time work. It’s really frustrating.

So I don’t mean to be ‘negative’ here. Most of these are just the truth*, in my experience.

*There are, of course, exceptions to everything. I’m just writing in my own personal experience.

So here are my thoughts on what living life post graduation is like:

1.) Who decided 6 months was enough time to get a full time job to start paying back loans with an 11% interest rate? Fuck you, Sally Mae.

2.) WHY ISN’T ALL TAKE OUT FOOD AVAILABLE AFTER MIDNIGHT IN EVERY PLACE? Sometimes you want pizza at 2am or wings after midnight. And my hometown does not offer that service.

3.) Your internships are virtually useless. And mostly illegal. I have two years of relevant experience and can’t get entry level jobs that require no experience.

4.) Living with your parents again after 4 years of being mostly independent is weird AF.

5.) Most of your friends move away. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU JOE & ABBY)

6.) And if they don’t move away – you all disperse from your college town to wherever your your parents/career/spouse/etc. takes you.

7.) It’s weird running into people that you kind of knew in high school in your hometown.

8.) Your degree choice is mostly irrelevant, as I’m learning.

9.) Why does everyone have a freaking blog? (present company included)

10.) What even ‘is being in your field’ anyway? What even is a field? Why are fields such an existential concept?

11.) Honestly, employers. It’s 2016. I’ve been learning Microsoft Office since I was in 3rd grade. That is not a skill you need to include as a required skill for entry level jobs. There are 7th graders learning how to do graphic animation. C’mon son.

12.) Again, I feel that I must bring up pizza. The ‘pizza is not a 24 hour commodity’ has been a huge hindrance in my life. Sometimes a bitch needs pizza.

13.) There is not unlimited entertainment within two square miles.

14.) Adulting is REALLY hard. Figuring out insurance, and W2, and meal prep, and budget, and taxes, and rent, and utilities, and just life.

15.) Netflix is my main hobby now that there isn’t a club for every micro-interest that I have. However, I have learned that Better Off Ted was a great show. And that I don’t really get Friends.

16.) Having a Bachelor’s Degree isn’t really all that special anymore.

17.) Your interests change: Now I really like shopping for kitchen and home goods and cleaning supplies. Nothing gets me more revved up than a planner and some great organizing bins.

18.) Why isn’t all business conducted with felt tip pens? Those are super fun to write with.

19.) I’m a really big fan of NEVER having to do math without a calculator, memorizing a lot of useless facts, or having to cite sources in day to day conversation.

20.) It’s definitely harder to make grown up friends. But the ones you do make are really awesome AF.

21.) You can’t drink like you used to. There is a huge difference in drinking tolerance between 23 and 24. Like I used to pre-game, party until 3am, and wake up and be peachy. Now two or three drinks in and I’m down for two days.

22.) Remember when you used to just be able to meet a dude and like make out at the bar or have one night stands or whatever was like? Not so much in real life. They could be a murderer or give you an STD or something. And honestly, it seems like a lot of work.

23.) Having the internal debate about whether I still look young enough to use my student ID for discounts on stuff is a real struggle.

24.) How the heck are people my age buying houses? Like, honestly, preach it sister.

25.) Oh my god. What even is business casual? That is a heart breaking nebulous that you can never win. ALL I WANT IS TO BE ABLE TO WEAR MY FLIP FLOPS EVERYWHERE.

26.) How did I survive on minimum wage in college? I was making like $30 a week. Then making $500 a week and I never have any money. How is this paradox possible?

27.) At what point in my life did Ramen not give me constant heartburn?

28.) Why is there so much freaking paperwork in life? I HAD TO BUY A DAMN FILE BOX THAT IS FIRE AND WATER PROOF. In college, I kept my 7 important papers in a Lisa Frank folder in my pants drawer.

29.) Please stop hating millennials. We’re working on it, I swear.

30.) I’m still waiting for Drake to be right. I’m starting from the bottom and I’m waiting patiently, like a Canadian actor on Degrassi, to be here.

31.) Your friends (myself included) will get into serious (like, marriage serious) relationships and basically drop off the planet or always bring their SigO with them everywhere. Just get used to that shit.

32.) Very little of your life will be a buffet style room where you can have waffles at any moment. #KutztownEmbossedTheirWaffles

33.) My financial situation feels like a word problem that sixth graders are trying to figure out. Abby has x amount of dollars to get her to July 22. How can she buy gas, food, and live with $17 until then? Show your work.

34.) You always have that one friend that can spin their terrible choices into sounding like this amazing opportunity and you start to resent their ability to make things sound so great because it’s just bullshit.

35.) How did I used to go to bed after 3am every day and wake up to go to class and work and rehearsal and have 18 hour days? Now I need coffee on Saturdays to survive lounging.

36.) Buy a good pair of neutral interview shoes, get a great resume template (I got mine on etsy), and make sure you have a card and a LinkedIn. Those are great basics.

37.) Everyone you know is suddenly an expert on something you didn’t ask for advice on.

38.) There is no coffee on the meal plan of life.

39.) People never leave high school. They’re just petty about different stuff now.

40.) It gets better….I hope.



Bonus Contest:

I am thinking I want to change my blog name. Curves, Curls, & Coffee feels like a mouthful and not a very easy thing to brand and makes me feel limited in my content.

My two ideas are:

Clever Little Fox
Frankly My Dear

I’d love something to do with theatre, short (3 words or less), artsy, lifestyle/fashiony. Whatever. Some of you have been with me since the beginning and you know my style! I’m holding an open contest to rename my blog!

You must submit your name suggestions/vote on one of the ones I like by leaving comments ON the blog post itself. Whoever’s idea I go with will win a gift card to the store of their choosing! If everyone votes for one of my choices/current choice and that is what I select – they will be entered to win a raffle!


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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