Mini Haul/Home Goods Wishlist

So, just to clarify – not literally the store Home Goods. Although, I LOVE Home Goods. So, if anyone out there is a Home Goods rep – if you throw me a gift card or two – I’ll do a haul ASAP.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

But my deepest apologies for being a day late and more than a few dollars short.

It was a crazy week full of adulting. WHY DOES LIFE HAVE SO MUCH PAPERWORK? Like, probably 15 hours this week was dedicated just to freaking paperwork. Like I had to turn in a form, that required a money order, notarizing, and hand drop off. Three stops for ONE form. And it was actually five stops because two of the stops wouldn’t accept my debit card for a money order. blargh. That shouldn’t even be allowed.

But, again, apologies in being a day late.

As many of you know, I turned 24 a few months ago and the adult train has hit me….well, like a train.

As maybe less of you know – Preston and I do NOT live together. I wish (and he wishes too) that we lived together. We currently live about 1/2 and 1/2 at each other’s place…which are approx. an hour and a half apart.

Since I lost my job (last fall) and have been on the job hunt ever since – Preston and I had to put plans of moving in together on hold because I couldn’t financially contribute.

However, we day dream about it. We go to TJ Maxx, Ross, Home Goods, furniture stores, and everywhere in between looking at things for a place together. We both are moving out of rooms in other people’s homes – so most everything not in the bedroom belongs to them. (So no couch, shower curtains, desks, end tables, toothbrush holders, bath mat, laundry baskets, silverware, tools, anything for life, etc.)

So we have been slowly acquiring things over the last six months or so. When we run to giant to get toilet paper, we grab a second pack. If we go to Ross – we’ll pick up door mats. There was a great sale at Bed, Bath, & Beyond AND I had a coupon for 20& off AND it was on clearance….so I got this amazing Kate Spade sheet/comforter/bedding set for a total steal. When my grandmother passed, I was very fortunate in being able to take some of things from her house.

A list of random things I got from my Grandmother’s house:

An entertainment cabinet
An end table
A laundry basket
Some small trashcans.
Scissors (about 7 pairs)
Nail clippers
Electrical power strips
A tool box (no tools)
A trivet for the table
A few decks of cards
A few coffee mugs
Some assorted kitchen utensils
Some random cups
A few first aid items (band aids/gauze/etc.)
Measuring tape (2)

And a few other things….but I was very fortunate in that way.

However, being a grown up comes with a lot of things in life I never thought about needing (and I learned that going to Preston’s VERY bachelor pad). They often run out of toilet paper, and there is not one pair of scissors in the house, and no one has envelopes or duct tape or Pepto Bismal or bandaids. It can be stressful at times.

So while we are saving to move in together – we are doing some low level hoarding. We already have two storage bins full of cleaning supplies and some of those things listed up above.

This makes logical sense to me…to hoard stuff. Because then when the time comes we don’t have to spend what is probably close to an additional $2,000 in kitchen gadgets, bath mats, toothbrushes, scissors, and hammers.

So, here is an Amazon wishlist of the things Preston and I hope to have in our new place….Praying for fall of 2016.



shower caddy


shower curtain





Kitchen AidmintMixerCrock Pot




bed 4

bed 5

bedbed 3

night stand

The Rest of Life




Make Upriik



Mini Haul

Preston and I also went on a mini-haul to TJ Maxx to get a few home good items (which is partially what took me so long to put this together in the first place. So check out a few of our goods.


Literally obsessed with the laundry basket with the directions, the ballerina painting, and my french bull dog lamp. So adorable.

If anyone has been feeling generous and wants to send Preston and I anything from our wishlist – you can check out our Amazon list here!

Bonus Contest:

I am thinking I want to change my blog name. Curves, Curls, & Coffee feels like a mouthful and not a very easy thing to brand and makes me feel limited in my content.

My two ideas are:

Clever Little Fox
Frankly My Dear

I’d love something to do with theatre, short (3 words or less), artsy, lifestyle/fashiony. Whatever. Some of you have been with me since the beginning and you know my style! I’m holding an open contest to rename my blog!

You must submit your name suggestions/vote on one of the ones I like by leaving comments ON the blog post itself. Whoever’s idea I go with will win a gift card to the store of their choosing! If everyone votes for one of my choices/current choice and that is what I select – they will be entered to win a raffle!


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Comment for topics you would like to see me cover! Like to help my self esteem! What do you think so far? More fashion? More lifestyle? Do you like the mix?

Question of the Day: What is your ‘must have’ for moving in to a new house and the house hunting process?

My next few blog ideas: Do you want to see my new house stock pile? Transitioning your outfits from winter to summer. Maybe one about those ten pieces that make up a wardrobe. But I’m not sure. I want to know what you are interested in hearing about? My Top 10 Embarrassing Stories? 20 Facts from Your Blogger? A team up with another blogger? Haul? A show off of my Barbie lot? Want me to style you? Let me know!

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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