How a Bad Bitch Packs for Vacation

Also featuring: my first attempt at the ‘flat lay’ photo aesthetic.

So, starting tomorrow – Preston and I are going on vacation! Ah! So excited.

If you are not prepared for all the adorable vacation pictures (lake side, of course!) – then go ahead and follow me on instagram to see this cuteness!

We’re headed up to the Adirondacks. I’m hoping to get some sun, some swim, a few nights out, lots of cute pictures, and of course…a spa day. I’ll be posting a vacation blog after we get back. But it’s going to be amazing! Here’s a picture of where we are headed.


Jealous, right?

But as any good fashionista knows – your vacay wardrobe can definitely say a lot about your trip! So in no particular order – here’s my getaway garb!


Outfit #1

For beach bathing, catching some rays, and jumping off the boat!


Torrid Pink & Black Bathing Suit

Avenue Black and Pink Flip Flops

Thrift Pink Hat

Pink Heart Shaped Glasses

Outfit #2

For reading in the bow of a boat and cruising the waves all day.


Torrid Zebra Suit (bought for $12 on Black Friday!)

Nine West Brown Sandals

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Outfit #3

For something easy to slip on and off for spa day, trips to the gas station or grocery store, and lake side sharks weeks.


Ross Dress For Less Blue Tunic

Modcloth Shark Leggings

Old Navy Blue Flip Flops

Outfit #4

For a rainy day, a casual downtown evening, and sunset reading on the beach.


Modcloth Coach Tour in Lavendar Dress

Avenue Silver Gem Wedge Flip Flops

Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants

Handmade Scrunchie

Outfit #5

For bonfires, camp outs, chilly nights and brisk mornings, hikes, strolls at dusk, and that cool mountain air. (Also that is the local Lake George symbol! I had to rep where we were headed!)


Lake George Sweatshirt

Fashion Bug Pink Shorts

Outfit #6

For nights out under the stars, the Thursday night fireworks show, and lake side photoshoots with Preston.


Modcloth Constellation Dress

Walmart Glitter Keds

Outfit #7

For a walk to the old vintage shops, casual bagel breakfasts and coffee at Cool Beans, and trips to art museums and outside art festivals.


Ross Dress for Less Floral Lace Top

Thrift Pale Pink Pleated Skirt

Rosebud Headband (made by me!)

Outfit #8

Pie dress is good for all events. I like to wear it out to dinner and ice cream. It’s the perfect dress for the amazing soft serve up there! (Martha’s? Anyone?)


Modcloth Pie Dress

Thrift Pale Pink Sweater

Thrift Pearl Necklace

Charming Charlie’s Pearl Bracelet

Outfit #9

For nights out at the bar or any kind of clubs.


Torrid Barbie Tee

Lane Bryant Pink Skirt

Poshmark Vintage Barbie Purse

Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Outfit #10

Jammies! For sleeping! And I always find that dragging my stuffed tiger (that I’ve had for almost 20 years) still makes me happy in my grown up years. DON’T JUDGE ME! TIGER IS A GREAT TRAVEL COMPANION. For real, Tiger has been to like 9 countries, 38 states, and a zillion small towns.


Walmart Lion King Sleep Top

Joe Boxer Thrift Polka Dot Sleep Shorts

Tiger. Bad ass. Life partner….but actually a medium sized TY Beanie Baby.

Packable #1

Here’s a couple of must have for every bad bitch heading out of town for the weekend.


Selfie Stick: Obvious Reasons
A great book to fill lazy afternoons and rainy mornings. (Mindy Kaling is so freaking cute)
Sunnies: Heart Shaped makes everything seem rosy.
Tanning Oil: SPF Protection while browning out!
A sturdy pair of flip flops: Easy to slip on and off a the beach!
Spare phone charger. Always.
A little pouch to keep your cell phone, chapstick, keys, etc. while you’re water side.


I’m looking to make a new name for my blog. Clever Little Fox, Frankly My Dear, I’m a Veronica, How Very, Off Key & On Point, Princess Charming?

How Very and Clever Little Fox are my top choices. How Very being a reference to my favorite 80’s movie and one of my fave musicals – Heathers.


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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