Natural Curls

Hello there friends!

I am currently, at this moment, in the middle of getting a mineral bath, a deep tissue massage, and a nice steam. I LOVE spa day.

Most everyone I know comments about my curls! And as it is a namesake of the blog, I thought it was a well deserved post. And since Preston and I are on vacation (don’t worry – I’m doing a travel blog next week!) I needed to do a blog with the supplies I had on hand!

So, I’m going to take you through my step through step process, the hair products I use, and the finished product.

Since most of it is after I take a shower – I have a very fresh face and some bare shoulders. Be cool, friends. Be cool.

So here we go! How to enhance your natural curl!


Step 1: Take a shower!

Duh! I wash my hair with these two products. I shampoo twice a week and condition with every day. I cannot recommend them highly enough for curls. I also color treat my hair (shhh!), so I find that having moisturizing shampoo and curl conditioner is the best combo for me!

*This shampoo is pretty high end (like $20 a bottle) but since I only shampoo a few times a week – the bottle lasts for a few months and it smells awesome and is so great.

Step 2: Dry your hair!

I wrap my hair (right out of the shower) in an old cotton/jersey t-shirt. It’s not as harsh on the curls and really cuts down on frizz. That’s a good tip for any hair type. It’s awesome. And they dry super fast without drying out your hair.

I leave mine up in a shirt to dry a bit for five minutes or less. For the next steps – you need to have your hair mostly wet – but not sopping.



Step 3: Brush it out!

Now, this is where my hair differs from realllllly curly hair. My hair is a bit more wavy than curly. So I brush my hair out after taking it out of the towel. I brush out all the tangles and put in my side part. Bitches love side parts.


Step 4: Plain Scrunch It

I scrunch my hair, all the way to the roots, with no product to get a base curl going. So if no one has ever scrunched before – I basically take little sections of my hair in my hand, wrap it in a fist, and push it up towards the scalp. This action gives you this result.


Step 5: Time for Product!

I use Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (it helps with the volume – I have very fine hair also!), Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream (for frizz and definition), and L’oreal Max Hold Invisigel to hold those curls in place and survive getting dressed and hanging out.



Step 6: Beach Babe First

I use the Beach Babe spray first. It’s definitely the harshest of all the products (because it’s basically like putting straight salt in your hair!) but it does smell like coconut and is very thin. I scrunch that in to my hair.


IMG_6582 More freaking scrunching. Just scrunch the product in.


This is what it looks like after I scrunch in the Beach Babe spray. Starting to get there!

Step 7: Curl Defining Cream

I scrunch this product in yet again. If you’ll notice – this is a VERY scrunch heavy process. It’s just to keep the curl going the right way and to make sure the product is on every curl. I use this one second.



This is what it looks like at this point in the process. It’s still pretty damp.


Step 8: Gel, Gel, Gel it Up!

You guessed it, scrunch in the gel! This helps hold the curls. I like this product THE BEST because it does NOT make your curls crunchy! It gives you hold without any crunch. It’s great.




Step 9: Air Dry

This is the part where I lose most people. Yes, I often start my commute/day with wet hair. Blow drying has never turned out good curls for me. It usually turns out frizzy, half straight/half curly,



So this often means getting in my car looking like this:


And I let it dry for a little while….

*It normally is not so frizzy….but it was something like 82% humidity and Preston had driven with the windows down for a while. And I put a hat on and took it off. And this was about 6 hours later. I feel that they held up pretty well for all that.


But this is what a general finished product looks like:

13956884_10155194675893065_754347988_n (1)

This look is inspired by a really generic instablogger. Hat: Preston’s from Jos. A Bank, French Bull Dog dress from Modcloth, Clock purse from TJ Maxx. And there is not a Dunkin’ anywhere near Preston’s house…so I had to settle for Starbucks which is in within walking distance of where Preston works!

So there you have it! That’s my curl charisma magic! What is your most recommended

Let’s talk about the brand renaming. If I could talk to February Abby and say “You know, it’s pretty generic to name a blog something, something, and coffee.” – I would. But I can’t. I have at least 4 friends that end with &Coffee…there’s even another wordpress account with ‘Curves, Curls, & Coffee’. So I want to ‘rebrand’ so to speak. Something a little more me, a little more brandable, something a little less generic. So that’s the thought. So here is my final poll.

So: final poll.

Renaming the blog:

How Very or Clever Little Fox.

I’m offering a raffle prize for any comment on this post with a vote for which I should rename my blog.

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. adrianne

    I prefer Clever Little Fox.

    I make my own sea silt spray with coconut oil, Epsom salts and essential oils. Super easy and costs like 50 cents to make! I’d post the recipe but can’t see anywhere to add a picture. You can also add hair gel or conditioner to it but the coconut oil adds enough moisture that I don’t need that step.


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