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Hey there all! I am so sorry that I am a day late and not a dollar short! Yesterday, I had a really high fever, could barely swallow, and felt like I was dying. So I stayed in bed under five blankets until my fever broke. So blech. No fun at all. So today, I’m GUZZLING mint tea and taking naps.

I hope you’ll forgive me for being a little late!

I’m writing to give some pictures of our trip! We were in upstate New York, in the Adirondacks. It’s so beautiful.

And for anyone  who knows this about Preston – HE’S COMING AROUND TO HAMILTON. HE REALLY LIKES IT.


Saturday – 

This was mostly just a travel day. We drove up to the lake, went out to a local pub, and went grocery shopping. It’s about 300 miles/5-6 hours of driving.



Sunday –

Sunday was just a great day out on the lake, swimming, diving, reading, and beautiful weather. I got a liiiiiittle sunburned. We also did our classic ‘cute photos’ that we can show people and stuff….and a few goofy ones too.





Monday –

Food Recommendation: Cool Beans Coffee Shop & Bagels. Yum! Bonus, Maple Iced Coffee is ALLLLLLL of the things.

Activity Suggestion: There’s awesome outlets up that way to stop in on a rainy morning.

We went to this AWESOME (one of my fave of all times!) coffee shop that has these EPIC New York Bagels. We then stopped at Target, because among the things that we don’t have at our house in a can opener. So we went to Target (and I splurged on a summer comforter for Preston and I because it was 40% off of an already discounted price.) And then we had ANOTHER great day out on the boat – swimming, sunning, reading.



Tuesday –

We rented a much bigger boat on a much bigger lake and the five of us (my parents, brother, & Preston). This was awesome. We spent ALL day out on Lake George. I even was the bravest person I’ve ever been. I TOTALLY jumped off a cliff (check that video out here), swam all day, went to an island, got a TON of water in my ear, and got my lips sunburned.




Wednesday –

So, remember when I said I got sunburned out on the lake (specifically on my lips)?


Well, I woke up on Wednesday looking like:


My lip BLEW up gigantic way from sunburn. They then blistered, cracked, and broke all week. I couldn’t even kiss Preston because my lips hurt so bad.

Later that night (after TONS of ice, ibuprofen, aloe, and neosporin)… we went to a Grateful Dead themed bar for bar trivia. The food, ambiance, and actual trivia game were all just okay. Do not recommend.



Thursday –

And this is the time & place that my friend Cathy comes in to the picture. We’ve been friends since middle school. She took the train in from Philly to Saratoga for our annual ‘Spa Day/Steak Night’ and to stay for the weekend.

We went to the Gideon Putnam spa at Roosevelt Springs for natural mineral baths, deep tissue massages, and a nice long steam. This is a SUPER high end spa and we have to save a little here and there for this trip! Then we came home & had some steak and relaxed.



Friday –

Another day of swimming out on the lake and having a great day. If you remember back to Tuesday, I got a TON of water in my ear. I had not been able to hear out of my right ear, I couldn’t sleep, it was affecting my balance, etc.




So I went to the urgent care to get this water out of my ear. I had used three or four different home remedies. I did the vinegar/water/rubbing alcohol ear combo, hopping up and down on one foot, ear wax softener, etc. Nothing worked. So I had to go to urgent care to get the wax flushed out of my ear because the water was stuck behind a really compacted old piece of wax. That piece of wax is the size of a thumbtack. And I clean my ears out every two or three days. But this helped a ton and I felt like I had SUPER sonic hearing.



Later, Friday night:

EVERYONE was taking a nap. Honestly. img_7201img_7200



We went to an AMAZING pancake house that makes their own maple syrup. It’s so scenic and cute. I’m literally obsessed. My pancakes were blueberry (and I ordered plain…) but they were still excellent. Rathbun’s has syrup you can order in the mail. I definitely suggest the investment if you use maple syrup on a somewhat regular basis. (pancakes, waffles, overnight oats, etc.)



On our way home from the syrup & pancake house…. we stopped in at the Slyboro Cider & Winery House. It’s an apple orchard place and cute as a freaking button. We stopped. I got blueberry lemon soda, maple soda, and apple soda. SO GOOD. Preston also has apple wine. Too good.



And that was the end of our vacation! It stormed Saturday night, we left Sunday afternoon. If you’re ever heading the Adirondacks – my food suggestions are: Cate’s Pizza, Cool Beans Coffee Shop, Martha’s Dandee Cream, O’Toole’s, Rathbun’s, and Slyboro Winery. All SUPER delicious. And if you’re grilling out at home – stop at home and grab some steak or cheese from Oscar’s. So good.


So until next time, lake. I’ll miss you. I always do!


What are your must hit vacation spots? Are you more of a beach person, a camping person, glamour, mountains, Vegas, etc.?


So: final poll.

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