A Pumpkin Spice Blog

This is going to be a pumpkin spiced, extra grande, non-fat blog post.

Just kidding!

But that time is here again!

The kids are getting on the bus. The back to school logos are up in Target, Dunkin started doing pumpkin spice, the sweaters and tights are back on the shelves, bathing suits and sun tan lotion are going on clearance, and literally everything is pumpkin scented/flavored.

That’s right! My faaaaavorite season is here! Fall! EEEEEP! I love the brisk days and the cold nights and apple cider and the colors of the leaves. I am just happy as a clam in the fall.

But, as with most changes of the season – it brings upon some wardrobe changes. Th colors shift from yellow to gold and from red to maroon. The neutral du jour goes to browns and navys…plaid suddenly becomes super popular again…etc.

So today I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at my fall wardrobe and how I’m using colors/patterns this season!




Style Tip: Don’t anyone ever tell you that you can’t wear a color for ‘x’ reason. People always told me that as a fairly pale blonde that I would never look good in yellow or gold. So for YEARS I never wore yellow or gold…. but now it’s a fall staple of mine and I think it looks great on me. Wear what works for YOU not what works for people LIKE you.

 This is the top that I have a matching top with my mom! It’s a comfy asymmetrical peplum. I threw it on the golds but it also incorporates several other fall-y colors.


This fall season the 70’s Mod is in style (and that is absolutely true) and this striped sweater feels very late years Brady Bunch to me.


This gold sweater is a Modcloth staple. It’s the Airport Cardigan and it is SO FREAKING SOFT! Oh my god. (The skirt is a thrift find and I don’t know that I love it paired with the top but fashion is experimental). But you need a freaking PHD to use the zipper on this sweater.


As far as fall fashion – plaid almost never goes out of fall style. Most of my life – people wear plaid in the fall, so if you are looking to invest in a few fall staples that you can wear for several years – plaid is absolutely the way to go. It’s sort of the ‘autumn neutral’. 

This burgundy sweater is the same as the gold one listed above. This is my repeated advice and I mean it so much (particularly as a plus sized person that has fairly limited fashion options):


A Gwynnie Bee shop peplum in “England Print” with a pair of black pants is the perfect casual fall outfit.



Clever Little Fox. 

This is one of my fave fall outfits. I LOVE mixing prints! This Modcloth brown plaid skirt mixed with a Forever 21 Fox tunic! (It’s technically a dress but it’s WAYYYYYY to short for me).



Normally, I prefer something with a little more shape…but this top is comfy, cute, has a great lace/crochet neck detail – and it’s super cute!

Style Tip: Not every piece of clothing you have needs to be ‘exactly right for your body type’. Every single fashion blogger has a drawer with comfy tops, sweatpants, and loose fitting clothes. For example, trapeze tops are not a thing that bring out my best body features… and it still works. Some days are ‘these are all I feel like wearing’ days. And it’s awesome to be able to look adorable on those days too!


This outfit reminds me of Mad Men. I don’t know why.



*Worry not! Although the widest selection in stores will be these brown/burgundy/gold/olive green combos – never to fear! Fall does not mean that bright colors are dead! It means adding a cute sweater with a skirt instead of a graphic tee!


I really like the lolita look. If this time of year is ‘back to school’ – I’m all about dressing on theme AND making it a little more appropriate for my age.


“Here’s a clue for you. Purple is a fall color. It’s the middle of May.” – ?

Brownie points if you know the super dumb movie reference that this is.


More peplum. I used to think peplum was not a good look for plus sized people…until I started wearing peplum and I was like this is the PERFECT cut of shirt.

Also palazzo pants are the answer to the ever pressing question: “How can I get away with wearing pajama pants to work?”

*And the winner (that my indecisive brain still can’t commit to) is


New branding coming September 2016.

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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