Modcloth Stylish Surprise Reveal

Thank you to everyone for the outpour of well wishes, kind words, thoughts, and prayers. That means so much to me! I, thankfully, have a new car already. I’m just waiting to cross some T’s and dot some i’s.

Once it’s actually here and mine – I will post a picture of my new baby! It’s a red hot lady!

A big special thank you to my mom for doing ALL of the leg work of buying a new car (she is AMAZING at finding the best deal, haggling, and getting shit done.) and a big thank you to Preston…just for being Preston.

And an even bigger thank you to whoever was watching out for both of us that only Carmen had to be laid to rest.

So anyone familiar with Modcloth knows that they have this weirdly-awesome-often-disappointing-but-hard-to-pass-up-on thing called:

Stylish Surprise

Now Stylish Suprise is this weird thing that they have anywhere from 2-4 times a year (avid Modcloth-ers can correct me on this) to get rid of inventory. You pay a flat rate of anywhere between $10-$20 per item for what is essentially a random item. They do this often at the end of seasons to quickly expedite old merch for new seasonal merch.

However, sometimes you can get a dress/top/skirt that was on clearance for $17 or you can get a full priced dress that was $160 originally. Now I like the high reward/low risk atmosphere.

So this year, I ended up with five dresses. I wasn’t thrilled with any of them but I wanted to show off my haul and how it fit.


Dress #1

Thoughts: I literally don’t care what the tag says – this dress is several inches smaller than the advertised size. Ugh. Probably a full size too snug for me. You can definitely see my bra. However, I like the peach color and the lace/crochet neckline. I ended up swapping this with a friend!



Dress #2 & #3


Thoughts: I have no idea why this picture looks like I am in heaven and etheral – but I love the deep purple color and the jersey stretchy fabric. As much as some other plus size bloggers are great at loving their belly line – I am not one of them. I hate how this fits and how lumpy it made me. I swapped this one as well!



Dress #4:

Thoughts: I opened a maxi dress and went ‘ugh’. I normally don’t wear maxi dresses. Ever. For any reason.  I put this dress on and actually thought I looked GLAMOROUS AF. Like a freaking sun goddess. It was soft, light, breathable. Perfect for a summer maxi dress. However, I could NEVER wear a bra with it…and with a 44G cup – I absolutely NEED a bra. You can see my bra strap poking out. For all the time. If it had been more conducive to a bra – I definitely would have kept it. However, I also swapped it away. But it definitely was a change for me to LOVELOVELOVE a maxi dress.



Dress #5:

Thoughts: Not my style out of the bag. It was cute enough but not something I would have ever picked out for myself. I was pretty disappointed in it. But again…it’s VERY soft cotton, a great lining, super comfy, and a great color. I actually think this may be the only one I keep. It also has a belt…and I totally didn’t see it until I took all my pictures for the reveal. And it looks even better with the belt.



So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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