How I Almost Got Murdered at a Job Interview

So, let’s just jump right in to that click bait title.

I originally planned this post about all the different beauty/hygiene items I use to just give some product or brand recommendations. But I had approx. half of that post written and I just decided that this was WAY too good of a story to tell.

Now, if anyone has seen me in the past few days – you may have heard this story…but it’s seriously crazy.


So, as I have mentioned MANY times – I got laid off a year ago (yesterday) and my past year has been a lot of part time/contract/free lance job with TONS of interviews and equally as many rejections.

And I apply for a TON of jobs, like at least two to three days a week I’m sending out applications.

I would lying if I said that this wasn’t INCREDIBLY stressful, makes me cry about once a week, and I feel like a gigantic failure…but I digress.

So this has been my life for the past year. Apply, interview, rejection, despair, and repeat.

So, I pretty much apply for EVERYTHING for anything I can even sort of do.

Yikes, this is starting to sound pretty pathetic. I swear, this is a hilarious story.


So on with the real story…


I apply for this job through Indeed (a job search app that is pretty legit) as a Social Media Coordinator at a “Growing Tech Company” and is listed as an anonymous company.

I do not find this particularly suspicious. Sometimes people don’t list the name of their company.  And honestly, I was just firing off resumes that day and I thought very little of this.

So a week or so goes by and I get a call at like, 6pm (again, this maybe should have been a red flag.)


The conversation goes something like this:

Him: Hi there, my name is Joe Smith and I’m calling regarding the Social Media Coordinator position.

Me: (not wanting to reveal that I apply to like 20 jobs a day and I have no idea which one he’s talking about) Yes, of course. How are?

Him: I’m doing well. I was really impressed with your resume and I’d like to set up an interview on X date at 1:30pm. Here’s the address. (he gives me the address of a fairly well known local landmark that I will call the Peanut Factory.)

Me: Oh, is that the address to the Peanut Factory?

Him: Yes!

Me: Are you affiliated with the Peanut Factory?

Him: Nope, I’ll send you an e-mail to confirm all of this. Have a great day. Looking forward to seeing you then.

He hangs up.

The next morning he sends me an e-mail and I, thinking I’ll be so sneaky, scroll down to the bottom of his e-mail thinking that there will be a company signature or a logo or something.

There is not. Rats.

Now, that conversation may seem shifty but he was super professional and personable on the phone and he was scheduling the interview like…2 weeks out. So in between the phone call and the interview, I had several other things to worry about. I had something like 6 jobs interviews in that time and one that I was REALLY invested in. So I put this interview on the back burner.

Fast forward 2 weeks. The day before the interview:

I tell my mom that I have an interview the next day. She asks me where. I honestly reply, I have no idea. Then I tell my mom part one and she says that sounds sketchy. And I think..yes, yes it is.

So the day of the interview – I drive to the Peanut Factory. His e-mail says to just go into the main office and ask for him.

So I get to the Peanut Factory and go to the office door. It’s 1:15, so I’m appropriately early.

Also, key information – this IS a full time job but the Peanut Factory is a seasonal business.

The office door is locked. The office he told me to go in was locked. I have no idea what to make out of this. There’s another door to the Peanut Store so I give a yank on the doors. Also locked. And the Peanut Factory is CLEARLY closed.

So I stand outside for a moment thinking ‘what do i do?’

The the door to the Peanut Store of the Peanut Factory swing open and a young girl comes out and says “Hey, what do you need?”

So I tell her I’m here for a job interview with Joe Smith.

And shockingly to no one at this point in the story, she says, “Who?”

She invites me in to the Peanut Store so I don’t have to wait outside.

We shall call this young girl – Tina.

Tina offers to check in the CLOSED FOR THE SEASON Peanut Factory for this guy that she’s never heard of. She goes in and looks around and confirms that there isn’t really anyone there except for a few straggling custodians and staff members.

It’s now about 1:20. I tell Tina the story up until this point as she says, “That’s SUPER sketchy, dude.” and I’m like, “Yeah, I know…but mama needs a job.”

So, she suggests that I call him. He has a phone number in the e-mail.

And I’m like, “That is a great idea!” – So I call the number in the e-mail WHICH HAS A DIFFERENT AREA CODE THAN THE AREA WE’RE IN.

Straight to voicemail. Yikes.

I see that his e-mail address is

Not or or whatever.


Okay….this is just giving me such a weird vibe.

So, Tina says – why don’t you google him?

And I go, “That’s a great idea, let’s google him!”

So I google “Joe Smith, Location”

So I Google him. The first thing that comes up is his LinkedIn profile…and NONE of his companies are listed in the area where the Peanut Factory is. And he has it listed as the last job he had – he left in 2014.


And I’m so desperate for a job – THAT I AM STILL ON BOARD.

The next two google finds are white pages and yellow pages respectively.

And I swear to God. Hand on my heart. Truest truth of all time.

The fourth thing that pops up for Joe Smith, Location Google search is:

The Location Newspaper County Corrections Arrest Reports.



I am speechless. Tina and I are standing in the store just saying “No way, no way is this real. Nope. Nope.” and honestly, just laughing hysterically at the whole situation.

It’s now approx. 1:35, he’s late, didn’t answer his phone, AND GOT ARRESTED FOR ARMED DAMN ROBBERY and is clearly in jail.

So, I decide I will wait another 5-10 minutes, just to say I was there and then I’m going to leave. So Tina and I are talking about her school and life and stuff.

And NOT A MINUTE LATER – Joe Smith walks through the door FROM INSIDE THE PEANUT FACTORY.

Also, what?

He shakes my hand, apologizes for his tardiness, and starts to lead me to a private ‘pent house’ room for the interview.

I do NOT see one single person go by me on our way up.

We get up to this private office….

And a VERY NORMAL interview begins. He’s super nice, very professional, asking me super typical interview questions, a respectful distance away, etc. It’s actually a GREAT conversation.

We get halfway through it and through a very natural part of the conversation I tell him,

“I straight up thought you were going to murder me.”

Yes, that is a REAL sentence that I said in a job interview.

I then tell Joe Smith this ENTIRE STORY.

He literally pulls out his driver’s license and shows me his address and birthday and it turns out the armed robbery Joe Smith was NOT the same guy. And he had a very reasonable explanation of the company name (which was that it was NOT a high profile company and he thought established social media managers might turn up their noses), his tardiness (he was on another call). I mean, we went to neighboring high schools and I’ve done theatre with his uncle before.

But he could not stop laughing about my straight up murder accusation.

This was only a few days ago, so I have no idea if i got the job…but I certainly made a memorable impression.

So, I’ll keep you all posted to see if they call.


Now: In other news.

Actually decided on a new blog name. (Clever Little Fox was taken).

But I decided on:

Practically Quirky 


Because much like Mary Poppins who is practically perfect in every way…I am practically quirky in every way. And as soon as I have a new logo – it will be launching along with a special giveaway!!!!


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