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Welcome back to another week!

I am SO tired of being awake. I went back to substitute teaching this week. And I am TIRED. Because I don’t know who decided that 7-3 are good hours….but 10-6 is WAY better for me. #NotAMorningPerson

But I’ve been a very sleepy kitten this week and can’t wait to snuggle in my bed again…or be offered a full time job. Whichever comes first.


I was thisclose to being done with the blog post for this week when I hopped on my LinkedIn to see this article with this comment:

Amy Schumer.png
The pictures look similar but I blurred the names/pics. Those are two different people commenting. 

Now I STRONGLY do not believe in arguing with people on the internet. You never change anyone’s mind…you just end up getting all riled up with no satisfaction and SO much gets misinterpreted with tone.


She’s also a size 6. A full four sizes below what is considered plus size. A full three under even the most liberal of sizing. She just has kind of a round face. She is not plus sized. She’s gorgeous and stylish AF.

A size 6 IS NOT OBESE. Or overweight. Or a medical issue. It’s just a part of a thing about her. Now, I would like to mention the three men listed above her – one of them is overweight, one is very short for a man, and one is old. NO ONE MENTIONED THAT.

She is a wildly successful comedian, actor, feminist, writer, director, advocate, and author of her own book.

You know what she probably doesn’t care about?

Losing weight that doesn’t matter.

Also, using pills is not the way to do it. A healthy, balanced, and complete diet and exercise plan under the supervision of a medical professional is the way to do it.

Why can’t people just celebrate success? Why can’t people love when women succeed without making it about their hair/weight/clothes/skin/etc.?

Also, with a sold out tour, a pre-sold out book BEFORE it was released, several successful movies, stand up specials, and being named on Forbes list…SHE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE IMAGINARY FIVE POUNDS YOU THINK SHE NEEDS TO LOSE. Who run the world? Bitches with fat thighs.

Why can’t people apply the same idea of social media that they do to life? If you have nothing nice to say – don’t say anything at all? Do I think that dick head would say that to her face? NOPE. Do I think he would ask anyone that to their face? Don’t hide behind a douche veil of the internet.

Also,  this is LinkedIn. A PROFESSIONAL networking site. Is he not worried that someone he knows or works with might see that? I saw it so easily. I also stalked the dude on facebook. HE AND HIS FEMALE PARTNER ARE PLUS SIZED.

Literally – what?

That just made me rage. And since I wanted to use my LinkedIn to make professional connections – I chose not to comment there…I chose to rant here.

Rant nearly over.

Don’t be a dick is just general life advice. Follow it. Thrive by it.

Much like Taylor Swift, I will shake it off.

Anyway…can we get back to to fashion? Please? Yo.


So my last few weeks have mostly been lifestyle stuff…and not very much fashion. So I decided I would tackle a topic that kind of had mixed (and matched results).

I lovelovelove my Forever21 Fox tunic/dress paired with my ModCloth plaid skirt and I’d say that it’s a mixed print and I really like it.

And then that made me think of all the other times I see these other plus size bloggers mixing prints. One of my fave examples here:

Studio Mucci is a FABULOUS plus blogger and I lovelovelove her style. Go give her a follow @studiomucci or @tasslefairy for more of her magical style.


But I saw this outfit and thought: “Gingham, cheetah, and polka dots…that’s ballsy AF. I wanna do it.”

So some of these outfits I ended up loveloveloving and others that were absolutely silly and sometimes that fashion, my friends. Just putting stuff on and seeing if it works.

Check out my attempts at mixing and matching prints and making wearable outfits. Some are definitely more wearable than others.

Let me know what you think of my attempts to throw patterns together with varying degrees of efficacy.


Outfit: Fox Top/Plaid Skirt

Outcome: Wearable.

Why: The colors are complimentary with the browns and the undertone of navy in the brown plaid. It’s a nice little fall ensemble and I love how it looks together.



Outfit: Target Sheep Sweater/ModCloth skirt

Outcome: Wearable

Why: The chambray/denim quality of the skirt, pastels, and soft colors make them easy to mix and wear as a bright autumn alternative.



Outfit: Modcloth Banana Striped Top/ModCloth skirt

Outcome: Wearable

Why: Duh, the subtle gray stripe is TOTALLY neutralized by the bright pop of yellow of the bananas so the matching is easy as pie.



Outfit: Modcloth Terrier Dress/Eshakti Lip Tulle Skirt

Outcome: Wearable, mostly. It’s kind of impractical to wear a dress UNDER a skirt if it’s hot…but the dress is stretchy and jersey so not too uncomfortable.

Why: I love the look of the red accent of the neck and sleeves with the red puppy beret with the black skirt with red accents. It looks great together.



Outfit: ModCloth Dress/Torrid Plaid Overshirt

Wearable: Totally

Why: Neither of these patterns are particularly pronounced or offensive and the muted tones of red and blue mesh pretty nicely together into an autumnal mash up of awesome.



Outfit: Modcloth Skirt & Sweater

Wearable: Totes

Why: Like my darling Preston always says – companies tend to use the same color palettes so that everything in their line will coordinate. This outfit is no exception.



Outfit: Gwynnie Bee Isabel England Print Peplum/ Vanity Fair Chevron Palazzo Pants

Wearable: Not really.

Why: Neither the print, the accents, or the color really compliment anything. I mean, I COULD wear it…but it doesn’t really have the spirit of mixing behind it. What do you think?



Outfit: Thrift find Turquoise flannel shirt, polka dot navy leggings from K-mart.

Wearable: Eh.

Why: The colors are okay and the print of the pants is pretty subtle compared to the print of the top. I just think it’s only an okay mix up. What do you think?



Outfit: Boscovs Skirt/Ross Dress for Less Cheetah Top

Wearable: Eh.

Why: The cheetah and red is a good color combo…however…this may not have been the best execution of me trying to emulate Studio Mucci’s look featured above. (Because straight up, that’s what I was going for.)



Outfit: Old Navy Top/ModCloth Skirt

Outcome: Wearable AF.

Why: The subtle dots, the navy stripes, the red headband. This is like a…cute, contemporary, nautical Snow White. I’m a big fan. Thoughts?



That’s the end of the mini fashion show! What did you think? What prints worked? Which were atrocious? What’s a ‘to keep’ outfit and what’s a ‘never let anyone you care about see you in it’ outfit?

Let me know in the comments!


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. Fashion Schlub

    I haven’t even looked at the pictures yet, and I will, but first I had to respond to this, “Why can’t people apply the same idea of social media that they do to life? If you have nothing nice to say – don’t say anything at all?” I saw a quote recently, and I’m possibly going to misquote it, but it was something along the lines of “before speaking, consider if your words are worth disturbing the peace for…if not…keep them to yourself.” I’ve been trying to live by this In General (and am speaking a whole lot less, ha), but I think this (said the right way) should be posted at the top of every facebook/forum page as a reminder.


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