Black Friday Haul

Hello there, family, friends, and fans of Curves, Curls, and Coffee.

I’ve been offline for a few weeks…and for that, I apologize.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Between trying to settle from moving with Preston, starting a new job (Eeeek! also, btw – I started a new job), opening our production of Oliver (running Tuesday-double show on Saturday), and the holiday season – I have been incredibly overwhelmed.

Here’s a few pictures from Oliver:

And it’s winter and cold and I work more than one job, plus the show. So I have barely even had time to TAKE outfit pictures, let alone take 3-4 hours to write, upload, edit, take pictures, and post the blog. And I have been feeling a little less inspired lately.

But I’m kicking my own butt into gear.

I am equally as overwhelmed when people stop me in real life to tell me that they read my blog. I know that may sound stupid, but it’s nice to know that I’m not just typing into the wind! And most writers just want to know that their work is affecting people in any way.

So, anyway. Back to the moral of the story.


I figured I would start with some fashion!

Since I haven’t posted basically since Thanksgiving  – I thought I would show you what I got as part of my Black Friday fashion haul from Torrid. Plus a really dumb bonus.


Outfit #1

I decided that I DESPERATELY needed some long sleeve dresses.


I love wearing dresses (even in the bitter cold) because they make me feel like I am at least TRYING to look like a human person. Because honestly, no matter HOW classy the pants are – I still feel like I look pretty slummy. But…who knows? I’ve been wrong before.

Also, I’m broke. I feel like I mention that ALL the time. But straight up, I have definitely sold underwear on Craigslist to be able to put gas in my car. Maybe I’ll write a blog about THAT. Selling my underwear on Craigslist…because that was a weird time. Is anyone interested in reading about that? Let me know in the comments.

But I’m back to that point again. How old are you supposed to be when NOT having financial security is considered pathetic?

So, for me, Black Friday was a wonderful time. A time where I had 40% off at Torrid, a need for some winter clothes, and a $10 ‘you’re great’ reward from them.

And I am OBSESSED with this daisy dress. It’s thin, flowy, comfy, and looks great with that freakin’ mustard scarf that I love. My only regret is that I should have thrown on my black boots. Too cute.


Outfit #2

So, this was totally a top and bottom outfit. And it feels like I have less pictures to post because this took up two of my items. But I decided to get a pair of leopard leggings and a super soft black tunic.

And…lemme tell you why.

Because as I mentioned, Preston and I just did Oliver. And I have to get pushed over in the show. And it’s a stage push so it’s safe and planned and stuff, but I have to fall on the floor.

And I realized how few cute AND casual outfits I had. I either wore a dress (terribly impractical for falling over) or pants and a t-shirt that I felt and looked slummy in.

So I got these pants and top to be able to have something cute, casual, and pants to wear.

The tunic is a smidge lower cut than I imagined it to be. However, it is the softest freaking fabric in the world, well cut, long enough for leggings, and black so it matches everything.

And I have ALWAYS wanted something cheetah print. And I LOVE Torrid leggings.



Outfit #3

If anyone has seen me do anything ever…you know that I will buy pretty much anything with a French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier on it…case & point:


So, when Torrid had this gem:


Obviously, I had to have it. It has little Boston Terriers on it!

Like honestly, stop. They are so freaking cute.

And this is super soft, long enough for leggings, and would definitely be more useful with a tan bra underneath.

Again, this was another shirt that I bought to go with leggings to be comfy, casual, and cute!


Outfit #4

This outfit is a tragic and wonderful tale of perseverance.

So, like, a year or two ago – I bought the PERFECT black skirt from Torrid. It was pleated (always flattering), stretchy, easy to manage, above the knee (perfect for tights, knee socks, and a night out at the bar and trying to look sexy (usually in vain).

But sometime during….Tommy? Whorehouse? Steambath?…I THINK Steambath but honestly, it could have been as far back as whorehouse…well whatever, during some show I did in 2016, I LOST THE PERFECT BLACK SKIRT. And I was DEVASTATED. I wore that freaking skirt…a lot. Like more than my mother liked because, “It’s a little short, Ab.” (which it totally is, but I’m 24 – when else can I dress sexy?)

AND DOUBLE FREAKING TRAGIC – IT IS SOLD OUT ONLINE. And it’s on super clearance and it is NEVER coming back online.

So I started calling every Torrid near Preston, near family members, etc. In my area…the closest Torrid is about 40 miles in any direction. Luckily there is one SUPER close to Preston’s house. So I call that one, than the next four closest ones. None of them have it in my size. They tell me that the next closest one that has it is about AN ADDITIONAL 45 miles past Preston’s. And we’re never going that way – so I ask if they’ll ship it – which they eventually do to a closer store. (Thanks, Torrid customer service).

So after the longest freaking saga – I got my perfect skirt again. For only $6.99. I ain’t even mad. So, that’s what I did.

I am an excellent online stalker. Some people would have gone to the store, said, ‘Oh, drat – it’s sold out and given up.’ – Not me. Every quest is for the holy-freaking-grail.

I paired it with an old Modcloth sweater and a Ross scarf for a Jackie O. inspired look.




Outfit #5 (?)

I don’t know if I can TECHNICALLY call this an outfit. Because truthfully, it’s not an outfit. It is just a clothing item.

But…I did, guys. I did it, gals.

I, Abigail Morgan Hoy, with God and Julie Andrews as witnesses, bought a pair of shoes.

Real, actual, shoes.


Shoes I could wear to an interview or a professional meeting (…which is WHY I bought them.)



Thing #6

Now this is DEFINITELY NOT an outfit. But Preston and I bought our first real grown up thing together.

We bought….COUCHES.

Now, I mentioned that Preston had moved and I live with him about…75% of the time? Or so? And he basically moved out of a bedroom. He didn’t really have any furniture except for two dressers, a bed, and a chair.

That’s it. No couches, shelves, desk, etc. Nothing. The roommate had a bunch of random stuff from years of collecting things, random shelves, kitchen table, pots and pans, etc. Preston and I had very little of that.

So one of the first things we bought was new couches. We went to Ashley Furniture (Thanks, Horace). We went with a specific idea in mind. (well mostly, I did. Preston is so sweet – he kind of just lets me pick things that I like.) I had already picked out the couch, the price, figured out payment and delivery.


So, for like an additional delivery fee of like $50 – we also got a loveseat with our couch.

They delivered in and set it up. And with our craigslist coffee table – it looks awesome. I’ll have to post some pictures eventually of the new place.

But for right now, here are pictures of the couches:


Nothing super fancy. But they were SUPER comfy, really soft, matched the carpet, were a good price for a starter couch, would survive having a dog, and us eating on them, and guests, and moving, etc. We needed something soft, comfy, and durable – not necessarily long lasting. But it needs to be able to take it. And these are perfect.

And I mean, our list doesn’t end at couches – Check out mine & Preston’s Amazon wishlist for our new  home here! (and if you REALLY love us, send us some stuff for Christmas because we are SO broke! Ha!)


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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