The Seven C’s of Christmas Fashion

Hello there all Curves, Curves, and Coffiers. Coffeers? Cooooofffeeees?

I don’t know. Whoever you crazy people are that are still reading my blog. Yeah, you people!

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Kwanza!

Happy Hanukkah!

Merry Winter Solstice!

Happy Whatever-Winter-Holiday-That-Makes-You-Happy-but-a-little-resentful-because-stores-are-REALLY-Christmas-oriented-and-not-very-diverse-at-all!

Whatever it is you’re doing this weekend! I wanted to talk to you!

I’m very excited because I finally finished wrapping and buying (most) of my gifts. I’m still waiting on one or two to arrive on Friday.*

*God bless you, Amazon Prime and your free two day shipping.


I’m getting to that weird age where people don’t want nailpolish and make up or stuffed animals and glitter bracelets and funny t-shirts anymore. Like, for example, I gave money in someone else’s name to a non-profit organization this year. That felt very grown up. I also got someone a household item because they needed it. You know what I mean?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE GIVING GIFTS. Honestly, it makes me SO happy to be able to give gifts to people. I happen to think I am a very thoughtful gift giver. I love giving gifts that are practical AND individualized.

But it’s weird to stop buying people funny calendars and gag gifts and start buying them laundry detergent, Netflix giftcards (which miraculously are a thing), charity donations, planners and pens, silverware, etc. Like for example some things on my Christmas list included kitchen utensils, silverware, plates/bowls, a Roku, conditioner, etc.


Okay. And also also, I had a GREAT idea for a post in the future. So, you know how they have Curvy Barbies now right?

I thought I might try to do a Look Book where I dress like each of the Curvy Barbies? Thoughts? Because I freakin’ love it! Anyone interested in sponsoring that post for like a hundred bucks? Lemme know! 


But anyway, I decided to tackle a pretty obvious tactic.


Because it is always approximately -5 degrees outside and approximately 95 degrees in your relatives’ houses.

Yes, this is VERY exact science, thank you for noticing.

Are there kids or pets that you’ll have to be moving around? Is it a ‘casual’ day where you wear jeans and a t-shirt? Is it fancy? Does your family sit on the floor to open gifts? Are they clean enough that you WANT to sit on the floor? Is it in that nebulous ‘I want to look nice but not TOO nice.’ way. What if someone accidentally spills wine on you? And you HAVE TO make sure that it’s not button popping tight because after you eat that BIG dinner – your going to have to be cut out of your dress.

And then not ONLY do you have to worry about Christmas, but there’s Christmas parties, church, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, etc.

And since you just spent two whole car payments buying people gifts because you love them, it has to NOT break the bank.

And you’re trying to look FESTIVE AF.

There’s a zillion different factors that go into making THE perfect Christmas outfit.

I’d love to say ‘Holiday’ look…but I celebrate Christmas and can really only speak to outfits for Christmas. I don’t know if there’s any specific kind of dress/look for other winter holidays.

So I made my post for each different kind of Christmas look:


The Contemporary:

So for this outfit, I wanted to do the ‘contemporary’ look.

When I say contemporary, I mean blanket scarf, uggs, and burgundy. I feel like burgundy was REALLY ‘in’ this season. Am I right about that? I feel like I’m right.


Now here’s how I didn’t break the bank:

Scarf: $7 from Walmart

Dress: $20 from Old Navy

(fake) Uggs: $30 from Sam’s Club.

Also, let’s talk about how this outfit meets my entire check list.

It’s comfortable. Super soft AND cozy blanket scarf. Check. Stretchy jersey dress. Check. Well worn sheepskin boots. Check.

It’s inexpensive: A whole look (and with so MANY versatile and reusable pieces) for less than $60? Puh-lease. I’ve spent more on ONE shirt than I have on this whole outfit.

It’s easy to move in. It’s stretchy for that post meal belly. It does NOT stain easily (lemme tell you from experience on that one).

This outfit is the perfect blend of basic and fashionista.

It’s temperature resilient. Too cold at your in-laws house? Keep the blanket scarf on. Or lose the boots if it’s too hot with the oven and stove and a thousand relatives going on.

And it’s contemporary. All of these things are still ‘in’ fashion.


Also, let’s talk about this ‘blanket scarf’. Dear WalMart, I think you took the blanket part a little too literally. This scarf is ACTUALLY the size of a blanket. (for a smaller person than myself – but like at least a 15 year old child. Honestly.) NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE EVER NEEDED A SCARF SO BIG. Legit, you could have trimmed 5 inches off in both directions and still had a pretty sizeable scarf. Okay, scarf rant over. But for real. It’s sooooo soft and warm. It made me want to take a nap just wearing it.


The Casual:

Now this outfit is for the SUPER casual.

Like me for example! Before I met Preston my family did literally NOTHING on Christmas. At all. We opened all of our gifts on Christmas Eve. We have our big meal on Christmas Eve. We do the WHOLE celebration on the 24th. We didn’t really see family. (we don’t really have a big family). Now, Preston’s parents get Christmas and my family gets Christmas Eve.

But prior to that, I used to dress pretty casually on Christmas day. Sometimes I didn’t even bother getting out of my pajamas. But this my ‘casual’ Christmas outfit. Something to wear before guests arrive on Christmas Eve while we’re cleaning and cooking and brunching. Or something to wear to that ‘day-before-the-office-closes-and-literally-one-other-person-is-even-here’ look. Or even if you have to travel. This is a super casual and festive outfit.


So let’s break this outfit down: 

Leggings: Torrid – $20 (on sale, of course)

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Tee: Old Navy  – $10 (also on sale, obvi.)

Silver Sequin Moccasins: Wal-Mart – $8 (these don’t even NEED to be on sale) 

Does this hit all the marks? Stretchy, yep. Festive. You betcha. Not a bank buster. Definitely. Warm? Eh…..Throw a coat on. OR YOUR NEW BLANKET SCARF.


I’m one of those people that’s usually a little too warm. Like sleeps with my ceiling fan on in the dead of winter, once spent an entire winter sleeping with my window open, usually don’t wear a coat, flip flops in the snow, always under dressed for cold weather type of person. So this thing works FOR ME. But maybe you’re perpetually cold. WHO KNOWS? So this outfit is also for my perpetually HOT people.


The Classic:

This outfit is a classic. Like a true classic. Red plaid flannel skirt, lightweight cream blouse, dark green tights, pearl headband and white shoes. Like this is an outfit that you could wear to church or to your office Christmas party or something.

This is what you wear to your grandma’s house so she doesn’t know that the other 364 days you are a hot mess. 


So, let’s talk about the break down of this outfit.

This white blouse is from Talbots (?) – however, I nabbed it at a thrift store for $3. Seriously. $3. So, this shirt was probably like $40 at retail price. I paid $3.

So thrift white shirt: $3

Plaid Skirt: $7 from VF Outlets

Pearl Headband: $4 from Charming Charlie’s

Green Tights: $15 from WeLoveColors (on Amazon & they have their own website. Cannot praise them enough).

White Shoes: Eh? Zappos? I don’t know. They’re old. But I paid a pretty decent chunk of change (like $50) for them like 4 or 5 years ago. But I’m not counting these shoes as part of the cost because you could grab similar white pumps from Payless, Target, Walmart, etc.

Otherwise the total outfit cost IS LESS THAN $30! My tights are the most expensive thing I’m wearing. Honestly, for $30…how cute is this freaking outfit?

So? Does it hit the mark?

Stretchy. Check. Comfy. Check. Warm. Check (tights with a flannel skirt). Classic. Check. Festive. Check.

Plus, this is a mix of contemporary and retro.

It’s that mix of Baby, It’s Cold Outside and All I Want for Christmas is You.



The Color Adverse:

Listen, my home girls out there who red, green, silver, gold are NOT your colors.

You think they make you look washed out. Or you had a teacher you hated named Mrs. Green. Or swallowed a chocolate gold coin with the wrapper still on it or something. Or your still in your goth phase and color is too mainstream for you.

This outfit is for you.

It’s wintery, on theme, and monochromatic with blacks and grays.

And most importantly it will make your grandma the least upset with your goth makeup and hair.

This is also a nice outfit for someone who has to go to a Christmas party but doesn’t celebrate Christmas, because it is Winter based, not Christmas based.


So let’s talk about this outfit.

This whole outfit (except for my sequin shoes) is thrifted!

That’s right. This outfit was a total of $9 to create.

The top (originally Old Navy) and the skirt (originally from a school uniform company) were lucky finds at a Salvation Army.

Hey, I have no shame in my game that I thrift. It’s awesome. It can give you some unique, one of a kind, and inexpensive fashion options. You can check out my tips for successful thrifting here! 

I also love adding my own flair to things. I’m very girly. I like bows and glitter and unicorns and ribbons and frilly fun stuff.

So even in a monochromatic outfit – you can still add the sequin flats and the gray hair bow to give it a little more personality.


This is just a personal antecdote. I’ve had that Winter Wonderland shirt since I was in….seventh or eighth grade, maybe? Definitely middle school.

And I LOVED this shirt SO freaking much that I used to wear it and the actual seasons be damned.

People would be like, “It’s September – why are you wearing a Winter Wonderland shirt? It’s not even winter?”

To which I would very maturely respond, “YOUR MOM’S NOT EVEN WINTER.”

Because as we all know…eighth graders have the most clever and stinging responses of all time.


The Classy

This outfit is for when you have to do something classier on Christmas.

This is that ‘I have a rich old relative that asks us to dress for dinner.’ look.

Or possible a formal Christmas party, a formal winter dance, etc.

Sometimes you have to look pretty fancy.

And fake pearls are the classiest thing ever.

*Also please excuse this weird glowing angel light. I have no idea what was happening.


So let’s talk about this outfit.

I’m wearing a cropped faux fur jacket with a pearl trimmed collar and a vintage style red dress with a full skirt. The dress is that stretchy slippery fabric and the jacket is warm and versatile.

I found them both at Ross Dress for Less.

The sweater was $17.99 and the dress was $14.99.

So I put together a classy look for less than $40.

You’ll spend more at the bar at this fictional classy event than you will on this outfit.

And real talk. Ross is a GREAT place for plus. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have pretty sparse collections of plus sized stuff – but honestly a TON of my clothes are from Ross. I’m a big fan of their dresses, tops, and sweaters. Their plus size swim, pajama, and pant/skirt selection is LACKING. But seriously, plus sized women who have no idea what I’m talking about – go to your nearest Ross Dress for Less and get 7 great items for like $70. It’s amazing.


I’ve worn this dress to formal dances, photo shoots, parties, and even to school.

Yes, it is a little low cut.

No, I did not always know what low cut meant.

Yes, I have enormous boobs.

No, I did not realize that everything was low cut on  me.


Thanks for asking.


There’s so much happening in this shot.

Look at my face. And my foot.

This face is why we can’t have nice things.

What the actual frick am I doing in this shot?

Honestly, this is why I can’t have a career as a fashion blogger.


The Cutesy

So I based this outfit on Annie.

Honestly. Annie.

Like, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” – Annie.

I was going for kind of a classic/vintage/1930’s lolita look.

I actually LOVE this dress. SOOOOO comfy. Oh my gosh. The comfiest.

Plus. Also. Pockets.

Which is the key defining factor of whether a dress is worth it’s salt.

Of whether or not it has pockets.


So let’s do a cost break down of this outfit.

It originally sold on Modcloth for originally $94.

When it left Modcloth on Clearance – it was marked down to $28.

I bought it through a BST Group on Facebook for $22.


So. I saved $72 on this dress. And it’s comfy, flattering, modest, stretchy, festive, with pockets and I paid next to nothing for it. What more could a girl want?

And again I paired it with the classic pearl headband.

Which was an absolute steal from Charming Charlie’s. I use it ALL the time.

Honestly, all the time. It’s so versatile. Never be afraid to buy a few accessories. They can totally transform an outfit.

And honestly. Look how cute the mantle is. Honestly.


And I absolutely adore this freaking dress.

This is what I will be wearing on Christmas Eve with my parents, Cathy (a friend from high school), Adam, Rachel (Adam’s lady), Preston, and Ilka and Patrick (friends of the family – from Germany!).

Our Christmas will have Pennsylvania (Reading, Harrisburg, and Philly!), West Virginia, Ohio, and Germany represented.

That’s really cool to think about! I’m very grateful that they were all able to travel to us!


The Charming

So this look is based on my one true fashion ICON.

That would be former first lady, Jackie Onassis Kennedy.

Because that woman was a damn goddess of fashion. And an honest to goodness gorgeous woman.

*And if you have no idea what I’m talking about – she was famous for her very coy travel scarves over her hair and big glasses.


She is usually compared alongside of Marilyn Monroe as a fashion icon. Is there even a higher praise than that?

I’ve always considered myself more of a Marilyn…but there’s definitely a bit of a Jackie.



So I chose my dark forest green dress with this wonderful mid-century cut from Eshakti.

This dress was on sale from $55 to $42 when I bought it. And then I had a coupon which brought it down to $35.

So $35 for this GORGEOUS dress that I wear ALL. THE. TIME.

And if you haven’t heard of Eshakti – pleasepleaseplease google them right now.

Maybe one time I’ll do an Eshakti review. But they are AMAZING.

They do CUSTOM DRESSES. Custom. Like I put in my own measurements and adjusted the length, sleeves, neckline, etc to MY choosing.

They are seriously insanely awesome.

The scarf was one borrowed or stolen from a friend.

(I actually think I borrowed it from my brother’s ex-girlfriend. Whoops. Sorry, Lizzie.)

But I love the scarf has these silver and gold shimmery threads in it as well as the red plaid.

I kind of feel like when people do ‘Christmas’ fashion – the base color is red with green, white, or silver accents. I love this dress because it lets me have that green base.



But seriously, I am grateful to have the family, friends, and loved ones by my side at this time of year. It’s a wonderful and joyous occasion to give thanks, celebrate a little commercialism, give gifts to those you love, eat good cookies, to give thanks to God, and to enjoy some of the little things in life.

I hope everyone is safe in their travels and has happy and healthy holidays ahead of them.

I wish you the happiest of holidays from my family to yours.

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all – More coffee!

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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