Trying Not to Look Ugly: Make-Up Trying to Be on Fleek.

Hello there!

Welcome back for another fabulous week!

Thank you for your great feedback (and totally non-creepy) on my I Sold Underwear on Craigslist post. It meant a lot! Even one comment-er said that it was ’empowering’ and I loved that!

But this week – I want to just share my routine/make up/beauty looks. Now, I am by NO means a ‘make up’ person. I don’t contour or own color palettes or know how to do my eyebrow. This is more of an ‘every day’ look for an every day person.

This is just the most basic shit but I always love recommending products that I love.

  1. ) Adult Acne is SO real.

I was having a hormonal break out like NO other. Which was a perfect time to show you that sometimes that I have a zit (or three). And it always looks terrible. And makes me feel terrible about how I look.

And literally everyone has adult acne so don’t let them lie to you and say that they’ve never had a breakout. Because…lies.

So this is my bare face.




2.) Much The Aliens in Roswell…

The first thing we need is a cover up.

I use Maybelline Fitme! I’m pretty fair skinned. I use the #20.

I used several different kind of cover ups and they all looked weird underneath my foundation. This one is perfect and doesn’t leave weird spots and blends well.




I normally dab a pretty fair amount on any blemishes, red skin, under eye bags, etc.

I use the applicator in the container and just put a dab or two under the eyes.


Oh, don’t worry…this is just my audition make-up for 101 Dalmatians. 



I use one of the foam cosmetic sponges to blend the cover up in.

You can buy these at any grocery store or drugstore. You can buy a pack of, like, 20 for $1.

And, as Taco Bell taught us, if you can buy 20 of anything for a $1 – you should DEFINITELY do that.

This is what I look like when I’m all blended in.



3.) Just Like a Fancy 1990’s Business Lady…

I just need to powder my nose.

Well, my whole face, but also including my nose.

So this is my powder foundation section of the blog. I think that this powder foundation is amazing.

Now, hear me out, liquid foundation people: I used to have liquid foundation and I sucked at make up. And I got the foundation freaking EVERYWHERE. And it always made my skin feel thick and like it was clogging.

So I switched to this powder.

CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Powder. I use color 410 which is second from last from being the lightest.



And then I used the newest thing I’ve heard of: A Kabuki Brush.

This little brush is actually awesome. It’s firm, small, easy to control, plush, and effective.

This brush was a gift – so I have no idea where it is from. But I’ve had great ones from Target for as little as $6. So I totally recommend it. I’ve had this one for two or three years. I lovelovelove mine and use it constantly.

Even as a non-beauty guru – I would 10/10 recommend this kind of brush.


This look is pre-blended neck. Which honestly, I kind of missed until I was done and then I just blended it out. And this picture also makes it look like I don’t blend on my neck. So there’s a bit of a line until the last, like, two or three pictures.

So, sorry I sucked and didn’t look at the pictures before I stopped.



4.) Much like an Apple Naval Ship…

It’s time for Eye Liner.

Get it? Get it? C’mon. That one was pretty clever.

I use CoverGirl Ink It in Noir.

It’s great. It doesn’t leave Raccoon eyes, it stays on SO well (def. through tears, shows, and sweat), is easy to remove with wipes, and is tough to smudge.

And it’s a pencil style eye liner. I just put a line on top and my bottom water line.



5.) What Clever Thing Even is There for Mascara?

This section is mascara.

This is actually an Ipsy bag find (donated by a dear friend Cassidy) to me. It’s amazing.

It’s a benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. It’s black, not goopy, not runny or smudgy, and survives shows and all day wear. And it doesn’t make those little black spots when you blink too soon. That’s some real MVP mascara!

This can be a little pricey (like $24?) for mascara but is still a nice product.




6.) Outrun…

Outlast…lip liner that is!

(That was also a Hamilton joke for everyone!)

I use lip stain from Outlast (any red shade) and trace the cupid’s bow shape (an ‘X’ on the upper lip to get that cute little heart shaped lip).

It’s long lasting, easy to apply, and has a nice fruity scent.



Also…I am not great at drawing. That’s why this ‘X’ for the Cupid’s Bow lip thing is kind of jagged and not really an X. Or looks like a drunk monkey drew. But hey, I look kind of pop-art-y with this.


7.) (Lip) Stick Shift

Now, we’re changing gears and going with a classic.

I’m sorry, I know this one was also a stretch.


But I use Ulta classic lipsticks. I am very preferential to two specific colors:

Sienna Shimmer (pictured) and Romantic Red (my go-to shade).

I originally got my first Romantic Red tube in one of those kits they sell around Christmas time that’s like a big kaboodle with all Ulta brand make up and it’s fun.

I loveloveloved my big red make up kit. Pretty much until I used up all the make up out of it. That was no good! So I’ve bought these online the past few years. It’s superb.


So, I just apply it with the actual lipstick.

*Sometimes make up artists will use little brushes and just swipe off the lipstick like it’s paint. But…I don’t. I do the classic, apply it to the lips and smush them together to even out the color and the application.

….at this point, I do feel it worth mentioning that I DID say that I was NOT a professional…AT ALL. And that I was just doing the best that I can.

This again is mostly to show off that even a little make up takes a lot of work, for me to recommend the products that I use, and show you that even the most inexperienced hand can totally get by.


And this is the finished product:


Not to shabby for someone that used to ONLY wear liquid foundation with no eye make up. Which, yes, did look INSANE.

But in the immortal words of Grease, no my glasses don’t make me look smarter…you can still see my face.

However, they do an EXCELLENT job at hiding that big acne zit under the bridge. And make me look so classic.


And let’s talk about eyebrows for a hot second.

Mine are…not done. I don’t really shape them…I just tweeze the middle so it’s not uni-brow-y. And for real, I have REALLY blonde hair. Not like, platinum but it is unmistakably blonde. And I have found ZERO good blonde eyebrow products. They all make them look SUPER dark as opposed to super defined.

So before anyone is like, wow your eyebrows are BARE AF…girl, I know. Recommend some products! Anyone have any good luck with stuff for blonde eyebrows?


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

I’m thinking of going to the thrift store this weekend. And as soon as LindyBop restocks, I’m going to grab a few things from them as well and review!

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How Very,


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