8 Ways to Make Your Slumber Party More Grown-Up!

*This post was sponsored by Avenue and the pajama sets were gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own! Make sure to check out Avenue here!*


Hello Penny Darlings!

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So anyway – on to the content of the day!

One my favorite things about summer when I was a kid was slumber parties!

I lovelovelove a good slumber party. The scary movies, the jammies, the sleeping on the floor, the junk food, the late nights, giggling, gossiping, etc. All of it.

As I get older – sleeping on the floor sounds more like torture than a fun time, all that junk food makes me break out, and ya girl LOVES getting some rest.

But I still love the ‘slumber’ party idea and it’s still one of my favorite summer traditions!


Today I want to share my 8 tips to make your slumber parties more grown up!


1.) Get cute jammies!

So my first thing I needed to do was get some cute jammies. You can’t hardly have a slumber party with no jammies. So I sought out to find a cute, comfy, plus sized pair! I got these ADORABLE pajamas from Avenue!

So first I got this Queen Bee Tee & Capri set!

The hot pink color mixed with the novelty print of the bee print bottoms was an easy pick for me! You all know, pink IS my signature color! And I love me a good novelty print. These have become my GO TO jammies. I’m wearing them RIGHT MEOW AS I TYPE THIS. Check out this set from Avenue! Check out the Queen Bee top here and the bee capri here!


I also got a second pair of jammies from Avenue for the more hot & humid nights! I went for this Ice Cream shorts & tank! They are perfect for summer!

So I had this set and they are especially comfy, cute, and great for hot and humid Pennsylvania summers! And again, I HAD to go for the novelty print bottoms along with this sequin ice cream cone! And as my favorite food (true story, ice cream is my fave food!) – I HAD to have them!

And bonus fact! This set is NOW ON SALE!

Check out the sequin cone tank here and the ice cream print shorts here!


2.) Find a buddy!

Grab a buddy! Whether it’s an SO, a bestie, a pet, or even a stuffed pal – make sure you have someone to keep you company! We’ve grown up from having seven friend staying over but it’s always nice to have a buddy!


I started with Harvey but he quickly quit on being my buddy. He normally is a huge snuggler but with our friend Lauren in the room to take pictures – he was SO excited and sniffing at her!

Then I grabbed Preston to snuggle! 

Preston jumped into bed to keep me company next in his jammies! He & Harvey Doodle are ALWAYS my first choice snuggle companions!

Enter a caption

But if you have no pet, SO, or bestie – grab your favorite stuffed animal!

This adorable stuffed alpaca, named Franklin, was a gift from Preston. I saw another Instagrammer with this rainbow alpaca and I decided I NEEDED one. Pronto.

You’re never too old to have a favorite stuffed pal.



3.) Grow up your snacks!

Skip the piles of sour gummy worms, the butter dripping popcorn, the piles of chocolate and brownies, greasy pizza, and eating pancakes and syrup for breakfast. I’m 25 and that kind of junk food consumption makes me break out and my stomach hurt. That’s how I know I’m aging.


So Preston and I switched out the movie theatre butter popcorn for some organic popcorn with a light salt! It’s still fun, yummy, and perfect to share! Also not pictured – we love to bake asparagus spears with tons of seasoning or even some vegetarian pizza!

EA8B3761 (1)

4.) But still TREAT YO’ SELF.

Skimping on all the other junk food tells me that I can still treat myself to my favorite snack: ice cream! I hardly ever get to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby (my absolute fave flavor!) Since we healthy-ed up everything else – I still wanted a LITTLE bit of a treat to give me that slumber party vibe.


And honestly, there’s nothing more slumber party vibe than getting to put the spoon right in the container. That’s true baller status.



5.) Add a little ‘fun’ to your hot chocolate.

And honestly, by fun, I mean alcohol.

I also try to go for a better quality cocoa with less sugar and junk and more deliciousness!


My recipe is classic hot chocolate with a shot (or two and a half shots!) of Bailey’s Irish Cream! It’s just enough to cool off the cocoa, add a bit more a flavor, and make your HoCho even more delicious (and definitely more grown up!) Of course, this tip is only for the 21+ grown ups!


Bonus Fun Fact: I shattered this mug moments later and I am super sad about it. It’s A REALLY CUTE MUG!


6.) Fluff up your bed!

Skip the sleeping bag, the borrowed pillow, and sleeping on someone’s basement floor or cramming six people in a bedroom with all the weird noises that their house makes. And all these ladies are laughing because they know exactly what I mean about this.


Instead, grab tons of pillows, extra throw blankets, and snuggle up in your extra comfy bed for a great night of relaxing and feeling pampered!

I like to make the bed first – it feels so much cleaner and happier to get into a freshly made bed! It feels so crisp and nice! Bonus: I love finding cute throw blankets at Ross & TJ Maxx! And this one matched my Ice Cream jammies perfectly!



7.) Skip the TV – grab a book instead!

I feel like watching TV has become such a big part of my life. I know that’s weird but I like to listen to TV all the time. I have it on in the background while I’m working (New Girl is playing right meow!), while I’m working out, when I go to sleep, and Preston and I love to work our way through a series together.

But as I get older – I don’t have as much time to read. So for my grown up slumber party – I like to grab a book and hunker down!


Right now I’m reading #GirlBoss and it is changing my damn life. That’s the book for girls who want to get ish done! It’s the true story of building your own fashion company from nothing! It’s amazing! It’s exactly what I hope to happen to me! 10/10 recommend!


8.) RELAX!

This….this is the MOST grown up thing. Between working full time, taking care of the dog and the hubby, cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, going to rehearsals for various plays, social engagements, and all the things it takes to be a grown up: you’re FREAKING EXHAUSTED LIKE ALL THE TIME.


So make sure to actually take your grown up slumber party time to actually relax! Make sure that you actually relax. Turn your phone on silent. Snuggle up with just some candles burning. Make sure you’re relaxing at your grown up slumber party!



Those are my fave ways to make my grown up slumber party so fun!


Thank you to Avenue for sponsoring this post and for gifting the PJ’s!

Make sure to check out their website here and follow them on Insta here!

Thanks to Preston for coming home on his lunch hour for this photo shoot.

What are your tips for having an awesome grown up slumber party?

What was your fave part about slumber parties? Legit: mine was playing with all the other people’s Barbies!




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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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