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Hello there, Penny Darlings! Welcome back to another exciting adventure in Penny Darling town!

So, hmm, any housekeeping? Not that I can think of. Preston and I are headed up to the Adirondacks next weekend! That’s very exciting! We have a VERY full social calendar this weekend – which is nice – because I go back to school (I work at a college) after we get back from vacay! Yikes! I’ve loved having the summer to be a full time blogger but it’ll be nice to see my students!

So I have a few more exciting things over the next few weeks! More deets on that later!

But I have one of my absolute fave things to do today: a HAUL BLOG!

I always lovelovelove hauls. I am a HUGE closet snoop and I love when people show off their hauls and just have heaps of bags. If I have ever been in your bedroom – I have definitely also been in your closet. It’s so deeply satisfying to me.

And to keep myself balanced – everytime I get a haul of stuff – I try to donate a bag of clothes that I never wear to the Salvation Army! (that’s a good tip for not being too bogged down!)

Also, I’m ALWAYS broke. Those jokes about millennials and avocado toast? Yeah, that’s me. Ha! Except I don’t eat avocado toast and I’m still always broke!

So it’s important to me to always be able to find affordable clothes! And most times, that is a FEAT at a size 24/26. Even thrift stores are HUGE hits or misses on whether they actually even have anything that is my size.

Enter: Swap.com

So I did a little research on the recent uprising of the online thrift and consignment stores to find which one had the best plus sized selection.

After quite a bit of Windows Shopping (that’s what I call online window shopping) – I decided that Swap.com had an EXCELLENT plus sized selection. So I decided I would try a bunch of things and see how they worked out.

So first I’ll show off all of the pieces that I got!

#1: Rachel Antonoff Fruit Dress

I was REAL jazzed about this. She is one of my absolute fave designers and her plus line is super exclusive and runs like $200 a pop. I paid $17 for this fruity delight!


#2: Orange StoryBook Tee

This tee shirt (it’s a bit tough to tell from where it lands on my bust) has a very Madeline-esque drawing of a horse drawn carriage going through the woods. I matched it with my fave (but VERY wrinkled) rainbow skirt.


#3: Igigi Floral Dress

I got this stretchy faux wrap number (originally from Igigi!) for about $11. Most igigi dresses run about $130 and up! This was a great snag!



#4 Ava & Viv Striped Dress

So – I got this Ava & Viv dress (or the in house Target plus sized line!) for $9.

However, it had a hole in it. So I was really BUMMED about that.


#5: Lane Bryant Bicycle Tee

So this graphic tee (originally from LB!) – has both black and silver glitter (and you know I’m always in for a novelty print and some glitter). And I was familiar with how the brand fit me – so I knew that the size would work! I paired it with my MOST versatile black skirt.


#6 – Avenue Tunic

So this red ‘Life is Beautiful’ tunic is originally from Avenue! So cute! It’s a super comfy and stretchy jersey material. This is an ‘easy to pair with leggings’ top! I did just that by matching it with my fave cheetah leggings!


#7 – Medallion Dress

This is a retired Gwynnie Bee medallion dress from Spruce & Sage! This dress was marked down to $10! I thought this would be a great dress to transition to fall!



So let’s talk about what’s NOT featured here:

A pair of Scottie Dog pajama pants (3x)
A glitter bunny tee (3x)
A printed tunic (4x)

At a size 24/26 – these items were TINY TINY TINY. I mean, clearly for a Junior’s plus size and not marked that way. A junior’s 3x is more similar to like an 16/18. So obviously, between these CLEARLY not standard sized items as well as the orange tee shirt (marked as a 4x but fits more like a 2x – but I could still wear it.) And the Ava & Viv dress had a hole in it.

So 6/10 items were actually the correct size and undamaged.


So let’s sum it all up.

I got 4 incorrect items. 6 correct items.

However, each item cost approx. $10. Some of the MOST expensive stuff was $20 and I saw stuff for around $5. It just depends.

There’s some GREAT stuff on their site – for sure.

My biggest recommendation for you is to buy brands that you are familiar with. I saw Lane Bryant, Rachel Antonoff, Talbots, Ralph Lauren, Avenue, Torrid, Kiyonna, and tons of retired Gwynnie Bee styles! But buying this weird off brand stuff was super strange.

Was it worth it? Overall, yes. Buying cheap plus sized clothes can feel damn near impossible some days. Stick to your brand, Harry, stick to your brands! So I would say yes, 10/10 would recommend.

Be sure to check out Swap.Com here!


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’ll be doing a post with Eloquii, Lady V. London, and  as well as more Gwynnie Bee & Society+ stuff, a cosmetic post, some lifestyle stuff, and more! And I’m going to post my root touch up post!

If you are at all interested in doing a collab or working with me – please feel free to check out my new Contact Me! page!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,




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