Five Reasons Fat Girls Should Never Wear Rompers


*Like, a TON of sarcasm* 

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1.) Rompers don’t look good on fat girls.

Nope, they sure don’t. We all look horrendous in ALL rompers. Since plus sized women definitely HATE feeling cute and comfy – we have ALL banned ALL rompers from our wardrobes. I mean, do they even make cute rompers for plus sized girls? And since ZERO PERCENT of rompers are designed to flatter tummies, thighs, and arms – there’s definitely no options for us. This adorable Eloquii red tassel romper  that flatters tummies, thighs, and upper arms is definitely not for me.



2.) They don’t make cute ones for fat girls. Ever.

All rompers for plus sized women are just sacks with shorts cut in them. We all know that. We never have cute outfits for the Fourth of July, lakeside barbecues, Memorial Day picnics, or any summer affair. We can NEVER buy cute things with an appropriate pattern. DON’T buy this romper here – because it definitely doesn’t exist. It’s also definitely NOT 50% off right meow.


3.) Buying rompers is, like, expensive for fat girls.

Yes, this is clearly true. I definitely don’t own this romper that I found at a thrift store and paid $4 for. I definitely don’t have another three rompers that I paid under $50 for and another two that were under $100. Yes, we, as fat girls, expect all of our rompers to be woven with gold silk thread and the fabric that was made to make Aladdin’s flying carpet.

Romper 1Romper 2

4.) Fat Girls HATE showing off their bodies.

We NEVER love to show off some sexy curves, defining our waists, making our boobs look perky. We hate showing off long legs and awesome hips. We all prefer to wear literal burlap sacks. I only shop at one store and it is the burlap sack store. I definitely did NOT get this adorable parrot romper from Eloquii to show off how awesome my legs looked and for the flattering neckline. Nope. Burlap sacks. All day. Every day.



5.) Glam AF is NOT a look for fat girls.

Nope. We hate looking trendy. And accessorizing with cute jewelry, sunnies, shoes, hats, headbands, clips, make up, etc. is NOT for us. Again, we buy our accessories at the aforementioned burlap sack store. It’s just more burlap. Keeping up with trends, feeling great, looking glam, and taking names is NOT for any plus sized women. We don’t do that. Like, there’s no way to glam up this AMAZING jersey stretch polka dot romper from Torrid.

Romper 3IMG_6500

Quick Look Book of Me NOT Wearing Cute Rompers

(because those don’t exist.) 




Romper 2

Romper 4.jpg

But for real:

I love rompers. I love how cute and comfy they are. They are playful and girly and easy to dress up and down. I used to avoid them because I believed ALL of these things. I believed that I couldn’t wear cute rompers because of my thighs or my tummy or my arms. And ever since I discovered how versatile they are – I’ve never gone back.

And this post is REALLY sarcastic and dumb. But often times there aren’t enough rompers for plus sized women or aren’t designed for plus sized women to look amazing in. Don’t get frustrated! There’s definitely some out there for your body type.

And it annoys me so much when people say that fat girls can’t wear rompers. We absolutely can. I would wear it as a damn hat just to prove those asshats wrong.

Please please please: this post is a total joke.

You should wear the absolute f*ck out of a romper or whatever makes you feel great.


Romp On Babes!


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  1. Kellsi

    The title of this article shows as click bait in the search results when I type in “Fat woman romper.” I thought it was serious. Then as I began reading, I saw the sarcasm. Well guess what: Fat women look AWFUL in rompers. One reason is because rompers are inherently unattractive. I’m normal size and would never be caught dead in one of these “sacks with shorts cut into them.” Nobody looks flattering in a romper. Hopefully this fad will go out soon.


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