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Hello Penny Darlings!

I’m writing to you from another day in paradise! The ADK is gorgeous and I’m sadly (and anxiously) watching the minutes of my vacation tick away and I have to go back to school!

Even though I WORK at a school, not attend school, I’m still a little anxious about going back!

Although, I am anxious about most things!

And let me tell you – nothing works wonders about being anxious like a spa day!

This year, Preston and I decided to hit the Roosevelt Bath & Spa in Saratoga Springs – which is about 45 minutes from our vacation spot in the Adirondacks!


I’ve been going to this spa for literally a decade. I went for the first time when I was 15 with my mom and my grandmother for a mineral bath and girls day at the spa! It was totally fun!

Ever since then – I’ve returned every year! My first few years I went with my mom and then my friend Cathy and I went back every year up until 2016 and this year for the first time – I brought Preston along with me!

I am so obsessed with this place that I wanted to show off our trip!

The Roosevelt Spa is in the gorgeous park on a vintage campus of some amazingly built buildings – most of which date back to the mid 1930’s! So gorgeous. Seriously check out this architecture:



I am so obsessed with vintage pseudo Art Deco vibe in here. Totally my kind of place.

But anyway – Preston and I came for a spa day. It was actually his first time at the spa! I’ll tell you a bit more about his first experience later!

But this inside of this place is a Pinterest DREAM BOAT! I mean, the decor, the lobby, the displays, all of it. It literally gets nicer every year. This year they had some whimsical bath bombs out in the lobby and YA GIRL WAS THRILLED.

But seriously, check out some of this Pinterest worthy decor:



And of course, the famous blue Saratoga sparkling water bottles are displayed all over the main lobby of the spa! A nice local touch with a flare of color (and it matches the yellow walls perfectly!)

But I go to this spa every year (for the last decade or so) for a few different reasons.

Lemme talk about those real quick:

1.) They have plus sized bathrobes.

That’s such a small and silly detail but to me – it’s why I continue going back. It instantly creates a sense of peace and calm to not have to be wrapping a ‘One Size Fits Most’ bathrobe around my 3x sized body to be flashing everyone at the spa. It puts me at ease right away. This plus sized gal is a FAN.


2.) The bathtubs are DEEP.

The Roosevelt Baths & Spa are most known for their natural mineral water that is so great for the skin and hair. And it’s naturally drawn from the springs that give Saratoga Springs it’s very appropriate name.

But the tubs are ‘four inches deeper than the floor’ said our bath attendant Coleen. So it’s VERY deep for this plus sized chick that can never get my boobs under the water in a normal depth tub. It’s super relaxing!

And bonus: the baths are warm (not hot), full of minerals, and feels like it is soaking every layer of the skin.

They even keep a list nearby the tub of all the percentages of minerals that are in the tub.

**Yes, the water is supposed to be that color. THAT’S the minerals!**


3.) Complimentary Steam Baths

After a nice long mineral bath, a deep tissue massage, and a whole day at the spa – it is SUPER nice to end all the treatments with a good steam. It’s cleansing and helps you sweat out all the oils and massage lotions. It feels wonderful! And it’s available to all guests no matter what service!

Although – I feel like getting a steam after a manicure might be a bit strange!



Our spa day went a little something like this:

Sunflower & Everything Bagels with some maple iced coffee (a local fave!)


Then we arrived at the spa for treatment!


First, we got sent to separate locker rooms.

These are so legit. I originally was only go to do spa treatment stuff. But like, these locked rooms look like an HGTV After photo and I’m into that. THE LOCKERS ARE BAMBOO WITH THESE FANCY 4-DIGIT PASSCODE LOCKS. There’s slippers and complimentary shampoo and hair ties and shower caps. All the towels are warm and there’s a blow dryer.

Also – I realized how SUPER strange it was to shoot photos in a place where tons of people are walking around in robes. It felt a smidge invasive. But YA GIRL WAS WRITING A BLOG POST!


We relaxed in the relaxation room.

This is a quiet room off of the main treatment area with a never ending waterfall, complimentary herbal tea and fruits, and plush lounge chairs and magazines with soft music to start relaxing before your treatment begins!

I helped myself to tea and a magazine while I lounged!

I didn’t want to snap too many pictures in here because people are lounging in robes and towels and a bright and loud camera kind of ruins the vibe of the room.


And then Preston & I split and headed to our separate rooms.

This is the layout of the typical room over at the spa! It’s those deep tubs (the original ones from the 1930’s) and this massage table. Super comfy.

And then Preston and I had adjoining rooms but the doors between them was locked! But that’s okay. I see him 100% of the rest of the time! Haha!

So these are some photos of the treatment rooms!

We both had a twenty minute pre-massage mineral bath and we followed it with an hour long massage. I had a deep tissue while Preston had their Signature Swedish Massage.



And this is basically where I stopped snapping photos so I could actually enjoy myself. So relaxing. I had no idea how many knots my back had until it was getting pressed on for a straight hour. It was amazing.



But I want to talk about my darling Preston’s first time at the spa.

After I came out of my treatment – I found Preston, totally spread eagle, on a chaise lounge and looking CATATONIC AF. He could barely keep his eyes open, he was flopped on this chair. and took him like a full five minutes to answer me. He seriously looked like a drunk toddler. It was AWESOME. Like, I can’t stress the word ‘catatonic’ more.

Here’s some of his post massage bliss quotes:

“I think my life has been changed by the ancient art massage”

“Can we just live here now?”

“There was a point where I felt like hands weren’t even hands anymore.”

“She did this thing where she pulled on my neck and I felt like I was being reborn up…like Birth of Venus or Botticelli or something.”

“She did this one move where it was like *hand gesture* and like *hand gesture* and yeah. Sorry. How does talking work?”

“Are we doing this next year?”

So overall – we had a great day at the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. It was a lovely day. A great relaxing start to our weeklong vacation and I think Preston became a spa addict. He’s never going to stop wanting one now.

If anyone nearby or who is traveling nearby – please check out their site (and book an appt.! They said 125 TREATMENTS & CLIENTS IS A SLOW DAY!) and go get rubbed down.

You can check out their website here. They are also on Facebook & Instagram and can follow those links to those pages.


Thank you Roosevelt Spa & Baths at the Gideon Putnam Spa!

We had a great day!



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’ll be doing a post with Eleven60, Lady V. London, and  as well as more Gwynnie Bee & Society+ stuff, a cosmetic post, some local faves, some lifestyle stuff, and more!

*The services in this post were generously compensated by the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.* 

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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