Haul Post: Things I’ve Received for Free Since I Started Penny Darling

Hello there, Penny Darlings!

How are you all lovebugs?

Today has been the longest day of the longest week of my whole life. And much like New Girl, I kind of want to murder people…but I also want soft pretzels. Ugh.

But I was struggling to come up with content for this week – because it was SUCH a long week and I barely had time to shoot photos.

But I get asked ALL THE TIME – how much promotional, freebie, comped, or otherwise ‘free’ items sent to me. And the answer is….a lot. Like truly, a lot. While I was on vacation I got seven packages in the mail. And that’s a slow week. I average between 3-10 packages a week.

I’m so grateful for everyone who has sent me things! It means the absolute world to me.

But people ask ALL. THE. TIME. for this haul post – so I decided that I would do a ‘pseduo-haul’ of the items that have been sent to me for review, for free, or otherwise sent my way.

I received my first free item in May of 2017.

And just before anyone gets on their high horse about this – I want you to know – I am incredibly grateful and appreciative of all of these things. I literally could not keep Penny Darling going (financially) if it weren’t for these items. I always thank the company, give them credit for their product, and appreciate having it in general.

So I’ll tell you the item, where I got them, and the *APPROXIMATE* value.

So without further ado:

A totally random (and vaguely incomplete) list of ‘comp’ items that I have been sent/given:


1.) A mineral bath & deep tissue massage for two!


  • Courtesy of Roosevelt Baths & Spa at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs, NY.
  • Total Value: $350


2.) These LulaRoe Outfits



  • This Nicole Dress & Sarah cardigan was a gift from Kaylee Trolley – an awesome plus size exclusive LLR consultant. She sold is as a capsule outfit with this Carly as well! I kind of became obsessed with Carly. Literally wearing this as I type.
  • Total Value: $128

3.) This Tassel Romper & This Faux Wicker Purse


  • This gorgeous tassel romper was gifted to me from Eloquii and this adorable faux wicker purse was a thoughtful gift from Harvey’s California! Thank you!
  • Total Value: $225


4.) This Dress & These Sunnies


  • This white crepe dress with red pom pom detail was also gifted to me from Eloquii and these red retro sunnies were sent for review from SunglassUp.
  • Total Value: $129

5.) This Parrot Romper & These Brown Sunnies


  • This pink parrot romper (meant to be a swimsuit cover up – but I definitely was wearing it everywhere this summer) was my last gifted piece from Eloquii and these brown sunnies were also from SunglassUp.
  • Total Value: $120


6.) This Rachel Antonoff Fruit Frock & This PEACH PURSE


  • This Rachel Antonoff dress was something I snagged from Swap.com in a super lucky nab! Totally wonderful! It originally was a $180 dress and I got it from Swap.com for like $25 and my purse from Harvey’s is the PERFECT peach match.
  • Total Value: $100

7.) These Three Dresses & Tunic:



  • These were also Swap.com finds! Igigi, Avenue, Spruce & Sage, and Ava & Viv.
  • Total Value: $100




  • This Igigi Maddy frock is the PERFECT LBD for literally any occasion. And this was probably the most ‘not like my usual style’ that I put up on Insta & people looooved it!
  •  Total Value: $158


9.) These UnderSummers


  • I mean, I was pretty vocal that the red ones were BY FAR my faves but in general – these UnderSummers were literal game changers for my summer thigh health. #ChubRubDestroyer for REAL.
  • Total Value: $85


10.) These PJ Party Sets


  • The ice cream tank & shorts and the Queen Bee top and bee pants were perfect fits for me and now they are my go-to PJ’s from Avenue!
  • Total Value: $120 for all 4 pieces

11.) This Patriotic AF Tunic

IMG_6777 (2)

  • Also another steal from Avenue which was the PERFECT AF outfit for a cool lakeside night on the Fourth of July. So cute, so comfy.
  • Total Value: $25


12.) This Juliet Tutu


  • This Juliet Tutu with this gorgeous tulle overlay and these perfect red roses was the affiliate gift from Society+ for the month of June. I had a ton of fun styling it and making it casual & glam.
  • Total Value: $80

13.) These Two Root Touch Up Products


  • These two different products were gifted to me from the company that manufactures them and had two totally different style. Perfect for blondes. They weren’t gifted to me by CVS – but that’s where you can buy them!
  • Total Value: $24


14.) This Bento Box Sushi Dress


  • This Bento Box Danielle Dress from Cherry Velvet is a cotton DREAM. The pattern and the sushi print is amazing and vibrant and Cherry Velvet is run by a SERIOUS #GIRLBOSS
  • Total Value: $158


15.) How I Look Like a Person Every Day


  • These products were sent from Not Your Mother’s brand hair care products including texture spray, volume gel, hairspray, shampoo, & conditioner. They sent me a total of 9 items and some of them became new go-to’s and some remained personal faves.
  • Total Value: $70

16.) These AWESOME tights.


  • These tights (bright teal, hot pink, and gold) are an extra plus sized gals dream for finding cute, adorable, comfy, and DURABLE. And WeLoveColors (the brand!) has even asked me to size test new products!
  • Total Value: $45


17.) These LulaRoe Items


  • These items were sent by the gorgeously awesome #GIRLBOSS – April Watkins who has the HUGEST LLR audience I’ve ever seen. She helped me get into Madison’s and Preston literally wears this Randy ALL.THE.TIME.
  • Total Value: $150


18.) Free Trial of Gwynnie Bee


  • I signed up for Gwynnie Bee free trial (you can use my code to sign up here!) and I ended up becoming an affiliate after my first month – so they offered me another sixty days for free to share with my followers! It’s awesome!
  • Total Value: $100

19.) These Two Avenue Outfits


  • These two Avenue outfits were gifted as my first two pairs of jeans since 2009 and these two tops were meant to match! This tunic is a damn dream and these jeans make me happy AF.
  • Total Value: $170


20.) These Sweet & Spicy Crop Tops & Bow Skirt


  • This was a birthday gift from Society+ and it was the perfect two tops to mix and match with this pastel pink skirt with the bow! It was the perfect mix for my birthday!
  • Total Value: $135


21.) Polka Dots


  • This was another gift from Society+ and it’s CUTE AF. I think it became my new fave skirt. It’s a navy chiffon skirt and it’s a dream.
  • Total Value: $65


22.) These EXCLUSIVE Clutches


  • These Vendula London wallet & mini-purse were EXCLUSIVE AF. I got them totes before they even went on PRE-ORDER and I have never felt more baller in my whole life.
  • Total Value: $120



  • This black dress with a retro flare and tulle AF was a gift from Eleven60 (and is still available on their site! Check it out!) and it has the BEST twirl with all that tulle. My mom is now OBSESSED.
  • Total: $150


24.) This Self Indulgent iPad Case


  • This iPad case custom made with all of the art some amazing illustrators across the internet made for me was a gift from Caseable. *Pro-Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for a Caseable Giveaway in the next few weeks!*
  • Total Value: $35


25.) This Planner to Satisfy My Type A


  • This planner is an absolute GODSEND. Literally. It is the most comprehensive, helpful, satisfying, and practical planner on the market. If you are a planner person – this is the planner for you. I had posted about how much I loveloveloved my one from last year – so Corie sent me one for free as a birthday gift!
  • Total Value: $60


Total Item Value: $2,902*


**I am bad at math**


I got at least another…six LulaRoe Pieces, some cosmetics (that I’m saving for a reveal on Monday!), some other clothing pieces that weren’t my style or brand but I was told that I could keep or re-gift, things that didn’t fit and they told me to keep, items I was sent to giveaway, etc. There’s probably another 10-15 items that are not on this list.

I probably have another $500 in things that aren’t even listed for one reason or another.

THAT’S OVER $3,000 IN FOUR MONTHS. For real. That’s insane when I break it down like this. Whoa.

Just having everything in one list made me feel really overwhelmed.

*Now, imma get sappy*

Penny Darling has become even bigger and more wonderful than I could have hoped that it would be and that’s all thanks to you! And these companies being so generous and kind. It means the world to me and is absolutely wonderful to be able to build these kind of relationships.

I, jokingly, complain about all the packages – but it’s what creates more content, does the unboxing videos, and helps me give honest thoughts & opinions about companies, styles, & cuts of clothes.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone – to you my readers, to you my friend, to these companies, to all the social media reps at every company – thank you. You are wonderful and supportive and are helping me achieve my dream every day.

Especially thank you to Preston everything. Penny Darling literally could not exist without him.

Thank you.


Some extra thank you’s that need to be mentioned: 

Preston. Mom. Afa. Mabel. Dad. Jeremy. Harvey Doodle. – Thanks for going above & beyond. 


Bonus Survey: 

If Preston were to start being active with his Instagram and doing guy’s fashion and stuff about our relationship and stuff – would you follow him?

We were talking about how Corissa’s husband of FatGirlFlow runs his own sites and SM accounts under: FatBoyFlow

So Preston & I tossed around some ‘companion names’ for his Instagram of:

ThePennyDapper OR TheNickelDarling

Any thoughts?

Which name do you like better? Would you follow him? Do you care? Let me know! Would you follow a retro inspired and novelty print clad dude?



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’ll be doing a post with Eleven60, Lady V. London, and  as well as more Gwynnie Bee & Society+ stuff, a cosmetic post, some local faves, some lifestyle stuff, and more!

If you are at all interested in doing a collab or working with me – please feel free to check out my new Contact Me! page!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. staceyladcox

    How do u get these free I am a disabled mom of.a.special meeds boy.most months I.cant even.buy shampoo I.am.olus size suffer.from PTSD.and I get sad seeing big girls dressing so cute I cant afford clothes and what I.wear is embarassing I have 3 pants all have bad holes and.4 shirts well one is a nitegown How can someone like me get even.used free big girl clothes I have no friemds or family so makes.ot.hard. I.feel so.UGLY can.u give me.tips..thanks btw u are beautiful. God.bless


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