8 Reasons You Donut Need To Give AF About What Other People Think.

*This is a sponsored post and some items were gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own!* 

Welcome back Penny Darlings!

Happy Tuesday! And what a happy day indeed! My students are BACK! And after a LOOOOONG summer apart – I am so excited to see them! So this is a crazy week. And Preston got glasses. And a new TV after that dumb storm. And I am having a great closet day. Like, sometimes you have a great hair day, but my closet is looking ON FLEEEEEK.

And Preston & I have a V. big announcement coming on Thursday/Friday (it is not a baby, so settle down.) – so make sure you stay tuned on that front!

But sometimes your week leaves your fried, or a co-worker says something douche-y, or someone at the bar was rude, or work is long, or you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed. Today, I wanted to talk to you all about some reasons why you are great and why who gives a flying hoo-ey what anyone else says.


1.) Because you look great today.

There’s always going to be some people crinkling their nose up at what you’re wearing. Who cares?! Honestly. Some people think I dress to weird or kooky or not sexy. I think some people dress really frumpy or conservatively. Fashion is personal. Express it however you damn well please.

Today I am expressing it via this donut dress.

This donut dress is from Lady V. London and it is their Lyra dress. It’s stretchy and comfy and silky and slinky and adorable and comes in a BAZILLION different novelty prints. Obvi. My kind of dress. Shop this look here & other prints here!


2.) Because no one is asking you to.

I can’t tell you how often people ask me about wearing flip flops in the winter. They stop me on the street and this conversation ensues:

Them: Aren’t your feet cold?

Me: Nope. 

Them: *fake shiver* Brr. I could never do that. 

You know what, Carol, no one is asking you to.

People love to chime in on things in your life that they would NEVER do. Have a poly-amorous relationship, be vegan, wear flip flops in the snow, major in theatre, etc. And no one asked them to – so try to brush off them saying that they don’t understand your life choices.

Blowing a kiss to the haters.

3.) Because people that don’t suck are just top notch.

Like, Preston’s so chill. I don’t need to go talk to some dude who tells me to smile for him or some girl who is an internet troll saying something rude. So I just mentally flip off people like that just keep going on my merry way. A person in my life who actually knows me is there and being awesome.

And like, this guy here saw me snapping some pics of my dear friend and Preston’s sister, Mabel – and just decided to hop right on in. Then he told us we looked lovely, to have a great day, and gave us a big smile and thanked us for letting an old man be be goofy, and kept walking on his way.

Everyone – strive to be more like this guy. He didn’t suck or give AF what anyone thought.

4.) Because coffee exists.

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you being a weenie head over this sweet nectar of the Gods that I sip through an orange straw every day.

Again, rocking my totally adorable new Lyra from Lady V. London. I felt like the only thing better than a big ol’ cup of coffee first thing in the morning is a donut. So I decided to wear my donuts today.

5.) Because most people who succeed don’t give AF about what others are saying

Like, for real. Could you imagine Steve Jobs having a Saraha account? Or Oprah?


6.) Most people don’t know cheddar about gouda.

Nobody knows what is going on in your life except for you. Take everything people say to you with that knowledge. Nobody knows everything about you except you. Your thoughts, feelings, fears, emotions, experiences, and journey. Take all that cheddar and just tell them to smoke it like Gouda.

I have no idea why I made this about cheese…but more things should be about cheese.

And I didn’t have a cheese themed dress. Please accept this awesome yellow frock as a substitute!

7.) Because you literally woke up FLAWLESS.

Flaws are subjective, stupid, and centered on the average. Like in some countries and cultures, being plus sized is a positive indicator of a person. Some cultures prefer different skin tones, skin types, height, weight, hair color, eye shape, etc. So while today you may feel like a 2/10 in the states – you are a 9/10 in Romania or something! Flaws are subjective to your culture – not to you as a person.


8.) Because you’re pretty f*cking great.

Have you told yourself recently how darn great you are? For real? Have you ever looked at your hands/eyes/feet/face/lips/etc. and just been like, ‘Hey, thanks for working.’ or looked at your hair and been like, ‘You’re AWESOME at being blonde.’ or just made a grilled cheese sandwich that was so good that you were doing a touchdown dance in your kitchen? Or maybe you stopped your car to help someone on the side of the road. Or you recommended a podcast to a co-worker that they are now obsessed with. In case no one has told you recently: You’re f*cking great.



But for real, you’re great, and awesome, and Lady V. London wanted to help me share the message to everyone out in the universe that everyone can (and should be) a total #GIRLBOSS, to love their body and rock their own style, to let yourself be totally original and unique, and to help women of all sizes look vintage-ly adorable AF and rock the retro frock! Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and website! I absolutely love anytime that I get to work with amazing women who made their dream happen. One day, I hope to join the ranks!

Bonus: I also ordered this dress and literally cannot wait for it arrive. So for all my theatre girls. Stay freaking TUNED for this Lady V. London gem. And they have a new ‘Kitsch’ line out that is going to be some serious damage for my wallet…and the delivery guy.



My challenge today: Comment something on this post (or on social media!) and tell me something that is absolutely the freaking best about you! I want to know what you are absolutely awesome at!



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,






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