Classic & Cutesy: Fall Styles Twists

*This is a sponsored post and the items were gifted to me from Avenue. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own*


Hello Penny Darlings!

It’s early in the week but it’s going to be a doozy! Between the crazy rainfall, a huge event at work, a big life change, and non-stop theatre, this week has been a BLUUUUUR!

And it has been difficult AF to go shoot new pictures with this BLARING rainstorm up here in the Northeast…and I mean, of course, it’s nothing compared to the devastation in the South…

Awkward transition – follow me on social media:

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But as the days have ALL OF THE SUDDEN (and I’m not complaining!) become chilly (because 62 degrees is YA GIRL’S IDEAL TEMP) – I wanted to show off two of my fave outfits coming for this fall!

And in addition – I’ll be adding some cute fall time activities that I would wear these looks to! (That grammatically sounds weird, but I think it’s right?)

Now, most of you know me. I can’t do anything like a regular person. There is no world that I live in that I could wear plain jeans and a sweater without something kooky or not making my accessories pop…I’m just…quirky, in a word!

Today I teamed up with Avenue some twists on some cute & classic fall styles!

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Cutesy & Classic!

This is a look at both of my completed looks for the sudden (and welcome!) shift in the weather for everything from a hayride to a pumpkin party!





For this first style – I wanted to jazz up the whole idea of ‘jeans, sweater, scarf, done.’ look for fall. Again – I like taking a cute classic and jazzing it up!

So for my jazzing it up – I added these adorable-y plum (called Winter Bloom!) jeans to add a little razzle dazzle to a classic denim look, added this unbelievably soft cat sweater, and finished it off with a standard gold scarf!

I always think that people shy away from colors in the fall! They tend towards Earth tones, golds, burgundy, browns, lots of plaid usually, and grays. Purple is a fall color, people! Use it! So for my twist on this look – I wanted to really play up the bright colors – from the touch of pink in the cat floral, to my blush pink mules, to my gold scarf, and purple jeans – I strive to bring pops of color into this outfit while still making it a perfect fit for fall!

And for a totally un-Abby twist, I wanted to jazz up the shoes a bit more. I felt like I was stretching my beige fake Uggs to match EVERYTHING I owned in fall…(orwearingmyfliflopsbutthisisntaboutmeCarol!) – so I wanted to add these blush mules that are THE SOFTEST AND MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES (and available in Wide Width!)

These are a perfect way to dress up jeans with a comfy and cutesy shoe that’s ready for a fall adventure!


I would easily be able to wear this look to any outdoor fall festival!

I know in my town we have hayrides, fall festival, outdoor shopping, apple picking, pumpkin picking, cider tours, etc. This is a perfectly put together casual outfit for any fall adventure! I may even wear this to a haunted house!

And bonus: ANY outfit is a good outfit for PSL*.

*PSL = Pumpkin Spice Latte**

**Although, you know I’m digging that Maple Pecan iced coffee that Dunkin has right meow. YUMMMMMM!


And I was going for a dark pink lipstick to tie the pink and purple together for a totally autumnal pop of color! This color is called ‘Low Key’ by Caked!


Now, I wanted to get a close up on these shoes because they*are*so*comfortable! For real, ya’ll know that ya girl hates wearing regular shoes. But these are a faux suede blush mule so they are a perpetually barefoot’s ultimate solution to fall! Easy to slip on or off and easier to transition between seasons!

My dear friend, Lauren, who shot these photos with me called this the ‘bridal’ shoe shot!




Okay, let me preface this with a HUGE spoiler alert:

This is the BIGGEST style twist I’ve ever done….as far as shoes go….

And these are now my FAVORITE go-to shoe. For real.

But for this look, I tried to go a little more classic and really feed into the burgundy and earth tone vibe for fall with this gorgeous little trapeze dress. This is a lightweight dress with tons of flow and the perfect weight for sunny and crisp days!

*update – the dress actually falls to about knee length on me at 5’6 but holding my hands over my head makes it look v. short. It is not, I’m just standing like a dope.*


But this dress is an easy fall go-to. It’s a good length (when you aren’t standing like a dope), a modest neckline, and some comfy AF sleeves!

I would wear this look to a day of outdoor antique-ing, an evening dinner out, a fall foliage roadtrip, or even as an easy grab office look! This would work perfect as a day to night to weekend look!

I know our town has this yearly Fall Arts Festival and this would be amazing to take a stroll down our main avenue and check out our local shops, artists, and theatres!


*My Big Twists*


Oh my god.

Have you ever seen such shoe perfection? They are this amazing perfect autumnal twist on a masculine gone feminine, comfy, burgundy undertone, fifties retro look. I am HARDCORE obsessed with these Tassel Loafers!

And they come in Wide Width and have comfort walker insoles for the shoe adverse, like me. And I have super high arches and a really high instep so finding shoes is super hard. Most times I have to buy WW shoes and that’s expensive and limiting. But I can alwaysalwaysalways find wide enough shoes at Avenue.

And I am high key obsessed with this detail shot. LAUREN, YOU’RE GREAT!


And my second mini-twist?

I still found a way to add a touch of whimsy to this outfit by adding a breakfast necklace that plays into the browns, reds, and golds of this dress. It’s the kookiest detail but the cutest addition for a pumpkin themed brunch or apple cider pancakes (my faves!).



These are my twists on some classic autumnal looks!

I always like trying to find ways to add pops of interesting details to outfits!

What’s your favorite ‘fall fashion’ hack or trick for your looks?!


This was my most requested update – are you interested in more fall fashion and accessories? Because you know, I’m ready for more!



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’ll be doing a post with Eleven60, some fave fall styles, and  as well as more Gwynnie Bee & Society+ stuff, some lifestyle stuff, and more!

If you are at all interested in doing a collab or working with me – please feel free to check out my new Contact Me! page!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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