ModCloth Haul: Colorful Fall Faves

Hello Penny Darlings!

I am so happy to have you back! Happy fall!

So I wanted to just share some exciting news on the blog front. So I officially am blogging full time now. And that’s very exciting. Or at least, I am very excited about it! And it’s a scary leap but I think I can do it! So always – be sure to send a cup of coffee my way! (check out my widget in the side bar!).

I was reading one of those #GIRLBOSS things and the piece of advice that stuck was that great millionaires usually have seven streams of income. Seven. Between brand deals, clothing lines, charities, owning companies or restaurants, TV appearances, speaking gigs, etc.

So I started thinking to myself (what a wonderful world) that I could do speaking gigs. Talking about the world of social media influencers, content creation, blogging, starting your own business, entrepreneurship, and more! So I am starting my fall tour of coming to talk to classes (high school and colleges!) to talk about blogging, social media, etc. I have two scheduled so far and I had one just last night at my Alma Mater and am hoping to talk to a lot more! If you’re interested in having me come speak to a class – please let me know!


Anyway, let’s get on to the content of the day, shall we?!


I decided to celebrate becoming a blogger (and having some amazing coupons, store credit, and sales, etc.) that I was going to treat myself to some pieces from Modcloth. I hardly ever do that and I lovelovelove Modcloth! They are, for real, my favorite store.

And let me tell you. I got some LOOKS! And they are fabulous and full of awesome!

And these are all still available! I think I only snagged one thing on clearance and it’s still there. So let me show off my haul!

And Modcloth recently put out a call that they are looking for more influencers and bloggers to join their ambassador team – and YA GIRL NEEDS TO BE A PART OF THE MOD SQUAD REALLY BADLY. so @Modcloth until they hire me! Bahaha!

But, I don’t know about you (but I’m feeling 22 – oooooh). No, but for real, I love me a haul post. I have no idea why but I find them SO. SATISFYING. Let me know, are you a haul snoop like me or not so much? Let me know!

Also, the other day, a friend of mine who wears all straight sizes said she loves my looks and is sometimes sad when they are exclusively plus – so for you, Dara, all of these looks are available from XS-4X! #SIZEINCLUSIVEAF

Polka Dots for Days!

So I snagged this retro inspired, oversize polka dot, sorta maxi skirt and it is AMAZING.

It’s so comfy, fits like a gem, and is a nice length. (I’m only 5’5 – so I’m usually weary of maxi skirts dragging on the ground).

When I did the ModCloth unboxing EVERYONE kept saying ‘Hmm. Not sure about this piece – I’ll have to see how you style it.’ and lemme tell you – I’m STYLING it! I paired it with this SUPER soft and simple blue top and then added all hot pink accessories.

I love to go ALL OUT to the super retro and quirky – but I feel like this outfit would work with just the top and no accessories. I added the pops of pink to bring in that feminine flair!

Bonus Tip: This skirt says it can be ironed – don’t iron it. We learned that the hard way. It’s really not too easy to wrinkle. Seriously – just put it in your bathroom while you shower and do an easy steam. It’ll take care of it in a jiffy.

Check out the link to this skirt here!




You’re a Real Bassett to the Team

Dear, Modcloth, also I’m great at making up punny names for clothes. Another pro of adding me to the #ModclothSquad.

But this is actually a nice mid-weight sweater. It’s actually a light blue color – it looks a little pale on here! I actually was worried that the mid part was sheer and only the sleeves were heavy – but nope – it’s just two toned!

Here’s the link for this sweater!




Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Green Velvet Jumper & Puppy Peter Pan Collar

I basically stole this look from one of my fave BOSSBABES: @glitterandlazers

But I also discovered how cute it looked if I fidgeted around and made it a suspender skirt! I am absolutely in love. It’s a really nice jumper. 10/10. Super excited to use it for the Christmas holiday.

And the puppy shirt has the print of my dreams and I am obsessed and a half. It’s a little more sheer and not at all stretchy – but it doesn’t wrinkle easily so I’m okay with it.

Find this velvet green jumper here and the puppy shirt here!



Candy Striper Dress

This dress is a stretchy cotton knit to die for. Bonus: It has pockets.

I love me a good stretchy knit. This one I nabbed on clearance – but there are still all sizes left if anyone wants to snag it! Check this out here!

I actually wore this to Preston’s birthday celebration two weeks ago at a bar patio, I wore it to a rehearsal on Sunday, and I wore it out for a day of running errands. It’s fun. And easy to add and subtract.

I added my classic Marc Jacobs hot pink clutch for a pop of accent color!





Snail’s Well that Ends Well

This is my final piece from my Modcloth haul! It’s a mid-weight and stretchy sweater in a perfect fall sage sweater.

This sweater is SUPER on clearance – (only XS and 3x remaining!) but good news is – is that is down to FIFTEEN DOLLARS if you happen to be the right size. Check it out here!

This is the cutest little sage sweater with a fun and quirky love snail. I love me a good weird sweater.




So, I ordered all six of these items from ModCloth for my fall haul and I lovelovelove it. So cute and fun and whimsical. All comfy. All cute!

What is your favorite piece? What pieces are you eyeing up for fall? For those who doubted my ability to style the polka dot skirt – how did I do?



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’ll be doing a post with Avenue, some fave fall styles, and  as well as more Gwynnie Bee & Society+ stuff, some lifestyle stuff, and more!

And I CANNOT wait to get into the holiday season. I’ve got Halloween outfits planned, Halloween costumes, couple’s costumes, stocking ideas, gift ideas, holiday wear. Ya’ll….it’s going to be Ah-MAH-Zing

If you are at all interested in doing a collab or working with me – please feel free to check out my new Contact Me! page!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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