4 Halloween ‘Inspired’ Looks

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Preston (and I!) inch ever closer to Sweeney Todd opening. I’m just helping out with costumes (Sweeney is a great show to watch – not right for my voice.) and I get to watch the show. OMG. THE GUY PLAYING TOBY AND THE WOMAN PLAYING MRS. LOVETT ARE SO FREAKING GOOD. Like, absurdly good. 10/10 good. 12/10 good.

But as the show opens in less than a week – so it’s a lot of leaving right from work (well, Preston’s work), driving super fast, still getting there five minutes late, and getting out at 11 with an hour drive home. So it’s been several long days.

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But since today is…..DUN DUN DUN….FRIDAY THE 13th – I wanted to talk a little about some Halloween looks!

Now, when we were kids – you could totes wear any costume to school on the day of Halloween and there were little bat leggings and witch hats and stripes and stuff. Now we are a little bit older and wiser – it gets a little less fun. Not all jobs (most) don’t allow ALL OUT COSTUMES. Maybe cat ears or a silly hat or something – but usually not a FULL OUT COSTUME. But I lovelovelovelove dressing for Halloween!

But the idea of dressing in Halloween inspired outfits was a concept I had to explain to Preston. So these aren’t costumes, they are just Halloween-y looking outfits. Black and orange and stripes and stuff. But this is a totally fun (and work appropriate way!) to add a little Halloween into your wardrobe this fall!

I tried to style these looks as things you could easily pull out of your closet and wear and add a splash of Halloween to any look!


Look #1

So for this look, I grabbed an old LBD (little black dress!) out of my closet and wanted to jazz it up!

I wanted it to be spooky but a little whimsical and fun!

EA8B6982 (2)

So I added these black and white striped tights from WeLoveColors. Find those here! Bonus – they have WAY more than just black and white striped.

I then added this black headband which I’m pretty sure I got at Wal-Mart or the grocery store more than five years ago. Then added some simple black flats!

This orange neck scarf is actually a vintage piece – but it’s super easy to just go to the fabric store and get a little bit of orange taffeta to complete this look!


And my final detail was this little bat purse – which you can find at Charming Charlie’s!

This bat purse is the cutest. Perfect to hold my phone, wallet, lipstick, and a few other incidentals. And it can be adjusted all the way down to being a crossbody! And bonus: I paid less than $30 for it! I’m actually planning on doing a post in the V. near future about Charming Charlie’s – but this bat purse was way too good of a find for this!

EA8B6997 (2)

This was my fave look overall. It’s the perfect mix of work appropriate, vintage, retro, quirky, and a little Halloween-ie! And everything except the purse and the tights was something I pulled out of my closet!


Look #2

This look in inspired by Candy Corn…more or less.

I saw this AMAZING dress at a thrift store that was cream on top and ombre-d down into yellow and then orange at the bottom. It wasn’t even a Halloween dress! But, it was WAY too small for ya girl’s booty – but it definitely inspired me to do a ‘candy corn’ look.

So I pulled out this yellow suede dress from my closet. This dress is actually from Society+ and I have one in tan and one in burnt orange (featured later) because they are the most versatile dresses of all time. And it’s super soft and warm enough to wear out!

(Bonus: this dress comes in like five colors and are ALL on clearance for less than $40. totes recommend checking it out!)

And I also added another WeLoveColors pair of orange tights and I’m so happy with how they look! So cute!

I paired it with my white shoes and white pearls to add the white tip for Candy Corn! The shoes are from Zappos a hundred years ago and the pearls are from a flea market!

I also added some dark burgundy lipstick – just because I like it!

And the last little detail is this AMAZING candy corn bow which actually I totally lucked into finding at a rummage sale. So I nabbed it and washed it. Cost me a QUARTER. Quarter well spent, I would say.

Some people find these kinds of lists frustrating – because they can’t buy the exact piece – but I’m mostly just trying to show that you can repurpose anything in your closet to work for Halloween!


Look #3

This look is a simple office, ‘I can’t really get too into Halloween but like, I am really into Halloween’ look. It’s Halloween inspired and totally a casual look!

I paired my simple orange suede dress (same as the yellow!) from Society+ and added a black and white striped infinity scarf that I found at the outlets in my hometown!


Look #4

This was my second favorite over all.

I paired the same LBD from the first post, my candy corn tights, my candy corn head bow, and same black flats. This look actually just borrow something from each of the other looks!

It’s cute, whimsical, fun, office ready, and easy to dress up or dress down! Can hardly complain about that!


Do you have ‘Halloween inspired’ outfits like this? Tag me in some pics so I can see some other great looks!

My fave look was the first one and the last one was another fave! What did you think?


Photo Credit: Preston Schreffler & Lauren Adkins


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I have a Gwynnie Bee post planned! This is the first part in a 3-Tier Halloween Posting (3.5 is more accurate!) and some romantic stuff (mine and Preston’s three year anniversary is this month!) and I’m going to do 13 Days of Halloween on Instagram starting next week. It’s going to be an absolute blast. Literally can’t wait. So everyone stay tuned, please!

And I CANNOT wait to get into the holiday season. I’ve got Halloween outfits planned, Halloween costumes, couple’s costumes, stocking ideas, gift ideas, holiday wear. Ya’ll….it’s going to be Ah-MAH-Zing

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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  1. AMBER S.

    I love the black and white striped outfit and the orange suede and striped scarf outfit the best, and the little bat purse outfit too! Such cute ideas! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m going to go home tonight and see what I can put together now!


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