Q&A (+What I Treated Myself To on Black Friday!)

Hey there, Penny Darlings!

Back to the ol’ grind! Happy Monday to all! These last two weeks before the holidays are HECTIC and crazy! I’m trying to get a bunch of exciting content out to you and also finishing (and high key – starting) my Christmas shopping!

So yesterday I put out a blast on Instagram for any questions that you might have for me about blogging and the DM’s did not disappoint! So I am going to tackle just a few of those questions today!

Bonus: I am showing off my black friday purchases that I snagged for myself! (not too many things – I wanted to get more Christmas gifts for friends and family instead!) But I snagged a few cute things that I wanted to share.

And blah, blah, blah, – check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!


Question #1: What tips do you have for people starting their own blog?

Answer: Okay, I am NOT an expert, but I am a couple of things I learned along the way that when I changed them made a world of difference. You have to make your social media ONLY about the blog topics. I don’t post an awful lot with friends or theatre because that’s not what my readers are interested in so much.

Second, UTILIZE HASHTAGS! They exist for a reason! Find your audience, see what they are posting and what they are looking for, follow people who you admire! Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags, and hashtags.

Thirdly have a voice and a direction. As much fun as just sharing your thoughts about random things in your life is – it’s tough to reach a wide audience that way. If you write about fitness, fashion, cooking, being a parent, education, and cleaning tips – it’s hard for readers to want to come back every single post because hardly anyone needs ALL the topics.  When you figure out your audience and your own voice – it’s easy to write for them.

Fourth & lastly – Keep posting. It can be really easy in the early stages to feel discouraged when your numbers are low (like 8 people are reading it!) but the more you post – the more people can read – and the more they’ll continue to come back. Pick a day of the week and push yourself to post something new at least once a week.

But most importantly, have fun. I have fun at my job every day (or at least mostly every day! Some days are slow!) and I had fun doing it when it was just my mom snapping pictures on her phone on my parents’ back porch. I had fun when Preston and I would go around and find bright colors for walls. It should be fun. If it’s not, evaluate what is stressing you out, and try to see the fun in it!


Black Friday Steal

So I grabbed these cheetah skirt from Torrid as part of their BOGO clearance section – but this skirt is STILL on clearance (and also is still available in some sizes for under $50!)

Check out this cheetah skirt here!



Question #2: Is your relationship with Preston really that perfect?

Answer: Okay, you’d be amazed how often this question gets asked. So, the true answer is yes and no. Yes, I found an amazing life partner who provides me with so much emotional support and relationship security. Yes, we have tons of fun and we make each other laugh. Yes, going to sleep together every night is more fulfilling than I ever thought it could be.

But we bicker in EVERY parking lot known to man. (just park the damn car, Preston!) and I get annoyed if he forgets about the laundry and he is a little cranky when I wake him up and he is ALWAYS standing so close to me while I’m trying to grocery shop.

So yes, we fight but we are also super strong. Nothing is perfect, but the important parts are. I am more in love with this guy every day.


Black Friday Steal

These two items are absolute must haves. I had featured Paisley & Company from Kutztown (my college alma mater!) in a local beauty faves over the summer and I continue purchasing these products.

I got the Sugar & Shea scrub (miracle product in the winter!) and I got the Goatsmilk Mousse in Peppermint Vanilla. The cool thing about Paisley is that they make everything in every scent and color. So I grabbed the Goatsmilk Mousse and I picked the combo of peppermint and vanilla and selected it to be pink.



Question #3: Where do you get your clothes?

Answer: I didn’t get this question specifically for this post but I get DM’s asking this allllll the time! So, this answer is two-fold.

I get clothes anywhere I can get plus sized clothes. My favorite stores are Modcloth, Torrid, Society+, and Gwynnie Bee for new plus sized styles. I love them! But I also love some other brands! I’ve worn everything from Lane Bryant to H&M to Forever21 to Hot Topic to Old Navy. I also lovelovelove a good thrift trip.

But second – I try to alwaysalwaysalways tag the company in my photos on Instagram so you can see where I got it!

Black Friday Steal

This Torrid jumpsuit was the absolute last one in the store when I nabbed it. And it was in my size. And I’m the type of person that believes that to truly be a sign.

However, this piece is now sold out – but they now have an almost exact dupe – it just has sleeves. Check out the dupe here!



*This post may contain affiliate links & has the potential for earned commission. Some items used in this blog post were gifted to me for review purposes. All thoughts & opinions are my own.*


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned before the holidays!

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I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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