What I’m Loving at Gwynnie Bee Right Meow (+my under $20 picks!)

Hey, ya’ll!

Happy Hump Day! HHHHuuuuuuuMP DAY (anyone remember that weird commercial with the camel walking through the office saying that? I tried typing it…and it went…okayish?

So these last few weeks have been an absolute hectic mess! Between shooting (or at least trying to shoot) through the end of the year, making sure I have enough content to get me through the holidays, Christmas decorating and shopping, and trying to work on my projects for the upcoming year – it’s been crazy!

And not to sound pitch-y, but that’s why around these crazy times Gwynnie Bee is an absolute LIFESAVER. For real. It’s absolutely a GODSEND during these crazy times! I always have something new and cute (and seasonal) to wear that shows up at my door without me hitting my January receipts with cartoon big eyes on what I spent on clothes.

So let’s talk for a smidge about what GB is for those new readers here: Gwynnie Bee is similar to Rent the Runway for plus exclusive, size 10-32 (pretty comprehensive size range!). You ‘rent’ the clothes. You can stack up your closet with items they have in their online shop (brand names like Eloquii, Effie’s Heart, Tess Holliday, Melissa McCarthy7, Society+, City Chic, Rachel Antonoff, and soooo many more!) and they send you as many packages in a month that you can get! The quicker you return – the quicker they send new stuff but there’s no time limit on how long you can have it.

But here’s the thing: my readers can get their first month for free, which includes any level of subscription, as many looks as you can get, access to the GB Shop & the GB Outlet (I’ll post my fave looks below!)

And I hate gimmicks that trap you into subscription services even when you don’t want them. You’ll love this one – but it won’t trap you if you don’t absolutely love it in your free month trial. You will, but just in case, I like my readers to know that! Check out my free trial here!

So here’s my top three December looks!


My December Faves:

This Amazing Gray Sweater


I paired this AMAZINGLY SOFT-couldn’t-bear-to-send-it-back-warm-cozy-cowl neck gray sweater with some high waisted butter denim (from Avenue!) and my classic pink bow flats for a cozy and casual Saturday look. I kept this darn sweater through three other exchanges before I finally sent it back!

My Feathered Fave


Effie’s Heart is my absolute fave brand of all time – because they have mastered making amazing novelty print dresses THAT ARE MADE IN JERSEY instead of some darn old cotton. I have seriously, like, seventeen EH dresses. (I just counted. It’s actually 12 – but still.) This feather print and long sleeved dress was another heart breaker to return.

Pink Velvet Skirt


This gorgeous raspberry crushed velvet midi skirt is an absolute fave. Perfect for NYE (just saying) and it has this amazing pleating in the skirt and it has an elastic waist. This is easy to style in a billion ways.


Winter Must Haves

These gorgeous styles are in their current rotation and I am obsessed and most of these are in my closet waiting to get sent! Lots of great stuff for the holidays and lots of great stuff for NYE. Soooo many gorgeous dresses!



Under $20 Outlet Steals

They also have my FAVE part of Gwynnie Bee – you can buy the clothes you have at home if you love them for like 60% or more off retail price and they have the GB Outlet – which has all the ‘retired’ styles or things that have gone out of season. You can get those same brand names FOR UNDER $10 FREAKING DOLLARS! Some are in a FIVE DOLLAR section.

But, it is members only, so you MUST have a subscription to shop it – but you CAN shop it during your free trial. So again, use my link for your free month! Every single one of these is UNDER $20 and most of them are under $15!








So these are a few of my picks out of my closet and things that I’m itching to pull the trigger in the GB shop (and a few that I already have! That jumpsuit is AMAZIIIIING!). And they have HUNDREDS of styles – mostly under $20 and $30 and some priced as low as $5. So, it’s worth at least checking out!


*This post contains affiliate links but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Christmas looks on Friday, how I decorated on Monday, office tour, winter pastels, a TJ Maxx haul, a Curvy Girl Gift Guide, some recipes, etc.

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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