How We Decorated For Christmas

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

I am currently bopping between, like, nineteen projects. I have five blog things I need to do, invoices & contracts, and shipping and writing and editing photos, and then I also am still wrapping presents and grabbing last minute holiday gifts for everyone and making to-do lists for the rest of the week and where we need to go.

But at this point, I have given up adding anymore Christmas decorations because it will end up taking up my entire house and I have to think about where I’m going to store everything come the end of January!

And I am praying to the Christmas Gift Heavens that everything ordered will get here in time. I ordered something just yesterday and YIKES – please arrive in time! I normally am done holiday shopping by the end of October – but this year – it was just hectic!

But the moral of the story here is – I wanted to show off how I decorated for Christmas! We are renters – so we can’t hang hooks very easily and we don’t really have the ability to hang stuff outside and our storage is a bit limited (like no basement or attic for big stuff) so I wanted to do some inexpensive holiday decorating that wasn’t a pain to store but was a huge POP of Christmas!

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EA8B9367 (2)


Christmas Wall: Two rolls of wrapping paper from the dollar store! 
Poinsettia: Hand-me-down from my mama!
Plaid Tablecloth: TJ Maxx (less than $15!)
Plates: Thrifted & actual vintage
Dunkin Donuts: Seasonal Flavors, Peppermint Mocha & Brown Sugar Cinnamon

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EA8B9418EA8B9427EA8B9402 (2)

EA8B9409 (2).JPG

Coffee Table

Table Runner: Target
Retro Camper: Target
Fox Plush: Target
Christmas Morning Candles: TJ Maxx
Pinecones: Nature
Paint chips for lower level: Lowe’s (easiest DIY ever!) 

EA8B9308 (2)EA8B9309 (2)EA8B9312 (2)EA8B9316EA8B9317


a couple of Christmas cuties

EA8B9321 (2).JPG



Christmas Quilt: Handmade
Merry Pillow: TJ Maxx (under $25 – holllllar!)
Plaid Pillow: Vintage
Red Plaid Dress: Modcloth
Preston’s Ho Ho Ho Sweater: TJ Maxx
Candy Cane Teacup: Home Goods

EA8B9349 (2).JPG

EA8B9367 (2)EA8B9376 (2)EA8B9451EA8B9454 (2)EA8B9385 (2)EA8B9464



Rubber Ducks & Basket: The Dollar Tree

(We’ve been storing TP in that Santa basket and it’s SUCH a cute upgrade instead of having a few rolls on top of our above bowl shelf.)

*Bonus: our roommate came home and said he liked the rubber ducks. I asked him what he thought of the basket. He said he didn’t see the basket – just the ducks…and I was, like, how is that even possible? It’s duck BASKET duck? Like how can you see the ducks and not the basket

**Bonus: we’re light heartedly teasing him about it still (we’re all good friends!) so the phrase duck, basket, duck has been the holiday phrase this year!

EA8B9446 (2).JPG


Santa, Elf, Big Bow: The Dollar Tree
Red & White Garland: (it’s actually red and white and I braided them together!) Target
Little Bows: Hand-me-downs from my parents!

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*This post contains affiliate links but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. justaddgigi

    Abby, I just made the leap from instagram. I’m totally excited to start reading your blog. You and your fiancee’s outfit are totally adorable and remind me of those old domestic 1950’s photoshoots. Also, your decor and the dog is so pretty! I just want to pet him/her! Thanks for sharing this awesome post, and I will totally visit your blog again!


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