Winter Pastels Look Book

Happy Friday Penny Darlings!

It is SO cold on the East Coast that they are cancelling school.

For the cold. Not for snow or ice.

But it is SO cold outside, that they are actually cancelling school.

(It’s mostly for kids who need to walk to school, stand as the bus stop, etc.)

So, even though my thermostat is set at 72 (a little higher than I like, but oh well) it has barely been able to scrape above 67 because of the wind chill. Today, I am working in bed! I couldn’t bear shivering at my desk – so me & Harvey are sitting under every blanket in bed and click clacking away!

Since it’s a Friday, I didn’t want to do anything heavy, so I decided to show you my winter pastels look book. Most people tend towards burgundy, olive, black, and brown in the winter – but ya girl LOVES some colors in all aspects of my life – so I wanted to show off how I was rocking pastels this winter!

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Pies, Pies, & Nothing but Pies

This gorgeous pie frock is one of Modcloth’s biggest unicorns, and truly one of the only Modcloth pieces I’ve ever paid full price for. Obsessed. It’s a few seasons old but one of my most utilized frocks.

My sprinkle hat is a steal from Charming Charlie’s. I snagged it on clearance for $9 and it has the perfect bakery shop sprinkle rim and I absolutely love it – even in the dead middle of winter!

My Kate Spade blush polka dot tote was an engagement gift from my very thoughtful family friends, Vicki & Jesse. It’s my new favorite purse.

My hot pink gloves are a find from Ross Dress for Less. I wanted to buy a bunch of gloves in different colors and they had the warmest & brightest selection!

EA8B9573 (2)EA8B9577 (2)EA8B9595 (2)EA8B9625 (2)EA8B9628 (2)


Lovely in Lilac

Again, a retired MC frock (but they have this dress in literally a zillion, billion colors!) and it matched perfectly with my lilac headband, which was handmade by my friend Shelby over at StoryKnits!

And I matched this whole look with a shimmery gold clutch that’s actual vintage (from the 70’s!) that I nabbed at a thrift store! I know it was not designed for such convenience, but it’s the perfect size for my phone, my wallet, and a lipstick.

EA8B2199EA8B2206 (2)EA8B2210EA8B2219


I Scream for Ice Cream!

This pistachio colored Ice Cream dress is an absolute dream. It’s cotton, definitely a summer frock, but is a Modcloth (a few seasons ago) and one of my go-to warm weather must-wears and I missed it in the winter! So I paired it with my pink Eloquii coat, my StoryKnits bow headband, and called it the perfect winter look!

EA8B9647 (2)EA8B9649 (2)EA8B9653 (2)EA8B9656 (2)

And then Preston got in….

God Bless his heart, despite it only being 17 degrees out when we shot this – Preston agreed to don a pink sweater, bow-tie, and his red shoes! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

EA8B9665 (2)EA8B9669 (2)EA8B9682 (2)


But Maybe Just a Pint or Two

This dreamy and creamy look is a combo of some of my fave things!

Nab this frock from Gwynnie Bee (it’s a Rachel Antonoff dress that I bought out from my closet at 68% off!)

This adorable adorable pint purse is something I actually nabbed from TJ Maxx online! Shop it here! (Bonus: it’s on sale for under $20!)

EA8B2169 (2)EA8B2179 (2)EA8B2175 (2)EA8B2191 (2)EA8B2183 (2)


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


One Comment

  1. AMBER S

    I love seeing all your cute outfits – you really give me some great ideas to think outside of the box sometimes when it comes to my wardrobe and be a little more daring! I ADORED all the outfits over Christmas (you seriously have some of the cutest sweaters ever!) and I LOVE all the ones on today’s post! I’d really love it if you posted some of your best instagram stories here, I’m not keeping as up to date on instagram so I’ve been missing them, and I’d love to catch up on some of ya’lls adventures!


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