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Hello & Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

It is icy and sleet-y and snowy today here on the East Coast, following the worst bought of cold weather that I can remember in a LONG time. I’m usually pretty tolerant of the cold – but this is freaking unbearable. Over it.

Preston & I had such an adult weekend. And by adult, I mean, adulting. We did laundry and went grocery shopping and did meal prep and watched the rest of The Office (it was his first time through!).

But, as I click clack away here on a Monday morning, all wrapped up in a blanket at my desk, I thought I would share what my home office looks like!

Now, Preston & I live in an apartment (and we have an awesome roommate!) so we don’t always have the most space to do everything. So, I made my home office, this perfect little cove that was otherwise wide open space!

So let’s see, what else? Hmm, blah, blah, blah, – check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!


I started with my DIY color chip wall… (read deets about making your own here!) to add a pop of color to that whitewhitewhite wall!

EA8B9506 (2)


Then I went to Michael’s to snag this amazing rainbow craft cart (for under $30!) to put all my cords, SD cards, free products, invoices, promo materials, and everything!

EA8B9532 (2)

EA8B9534 (2)


Preston & Jeremy built me this Ikea desk (while drinking!) which is the perfect size to nestle right behind the couch in our living room! It also has TONS of storage and is cute as a button!


Jeremy snagged this yellow metal service cart at the Salvation army for just a few bucks before spray painting it white! It pulls out from behind my desk, so I keep packages, outgoing mail, and gives me an extra shelf for a few cute knick knacks!


This little heart case with my name on it is from my childhood! The theatre mask trophy is also from my teen years (I just liked the statue!), that gorgeous teal & gold hat box was a Christmas gift!

The drawing of me was gifted to me by the AMAZING April Heather Art and I am constantly impressed by her art!

I also got this ADORABLE  T-Rex lamp from Target that was the perfect pop of whimsy and color to add to my desk area!

EA8B9549EA8B9510 (2)

“Hi, I’m Preston, follow me on LinkedIn.”



This gold Frenchie tape dispenser from Target is another practical pop of whimsy that I love, as well as the pink stapler.

Pink stapler has a bit of a cute story. At my first grown up job out of college, I needed a stapler and I asked my co-worker (who was also my age) who ordered the supplies to get me a pink stapler. But the pink tax is real, and it cost a few dollars more, so he said no, and ordered me a plain black one. That year for Christmas, that same co-worker bought me a pink stapler, pink scissors, pink tape dispenser, and a whole pink desk set. We may not have always seen eye to eye, but he’s a great gift giver.

Also, this rainbow color sketchbook is the perfect place to add another pop of color and I like having a sketchbook on hand to jot down an idea, map something out, or just clear my mind! I nabbed this one at Barnes & Noble!

I couldn’t find an exact dupe on their website, but this one is pretty dang close!

Bonus cute story: When I was in high school I score REALLY low on my math standardized testing and I got sent to special tutoring for a semester during my study halls. I was a solid B+ math student, but truly struggled in math on a regular basis.

The Math Lab teacher that they had was this older guy who was missing a finger and he was the best math teacher I ever had. He truly made me understand the math I was doing. As an AP student, I was feeling super insecure about being in this, but he seriously taught me so much that I didn’t even care.

But he always had us do math on unlined paper because he said math wasn’t always clean and linear, so why should our paper be? And my thoughts are hardly ever clean and linear, so I’ve always written my idea in unlined sketchbooks.

EA8B9478EA8B9501 (2)


My blue ampersand & yellow daisy vase were both finds from TJ Maxx, my Eiffle Tower is something my BFF/MoH brought back from a school trip to Paris for me, my business cards are from Vistaprint, and that pumpkin has been there since SEPTEMBER and is still doing strong!


I always like to have the opportunity to create.

EA8B9473 (2)


This AMAZING iPad cover was custom made with fan art by this awesome website, Caseable, which makes totally custom stitched canvas covers with your images on them. They also have, like, a trillion designs. This is one of my fave blog buys of all time!


Dear, OCD friends, I accidentally knocked a few of these off center.

I’m so sorry.


And as any Penny Darling office needs to succeed: coffee and, well, THE Penny Darling!

EA8B9512 (2)



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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  1. justaddgigi

    I love this Abby, and I’m wincing now because I called you Penny in my last comment to you. *facepalm*. This office space is something that I can see myself having. It’s very colorful, and feminine. It actually making me want to redo my own office space. It’s dark and dim lit and it really doesn’t inspire me to actual work there. Thanks so much for sharing an another awesome post!


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