What to Pack in Your Carry-On

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

I’m coming to you live from my home office while Harvey takes a little snooze on my lap and New Girl plays in the background with my espresso candle flickering its little heart out. Perfect start to a Friday! We’re heading out to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday tonight and we have a jam packed weekend so I’m taking this afternoon pretty slowly.

One of our many jam packed things is: I am heading to Michigan on Sunday (in the Detroit area!) to do a blog collab with Bombshell Bridal Boutique & Liz Louise plus sized fashion boutique! I can’t wait! My mom is even tagging along to help with my collab! I’m super excited! Any Michiganners have any big tips on what I should see while I’m there? Or anyone want to meet up?! Let me know!

(And I’m finally going to meet Anne of @CurlsandContours and Liz from @WithWonderAndWhimsy and ya girl is pumped!)

But it’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve been on a plane and I figured there might be some others who haven’t been on a plane in awhile and may need a few tips about what to pack in their carry-on bag!

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Some Legal Tips About What Can & Can NOT Go in Your Carry On:



Non-flammable liquid, gels, and aerosol sprays (in 3.4oz or less in a clear Ziploc bag)

Electronics (anything smaller than a laptop can stay in your bag through security like a tablet or a cell phone but if you take a Wii or something like that, it needs to be scanned separately)

Personal Medications (but you must declare it to security when you go through)

Valuables (as long as they aren’t like, your grandfather’s machete or something)

Lighters & Matches (I was just surprised about this)

Knitting Needles (I’m looking at you Mindy & Karey)




Alcohol (bummer about that though)

Snow Globes (just thought that was a fun fact)

Sharp Stuff (scissors, ice picks, box cutters, meat cleavers, etc. You know, normal travel stuff)

Weapons (guns, pepper spray, billy clubs, brass knuckles, etc. Again, normal travel stuff)


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What I’m Packing in My Carry-On

My rule is that I don’t pack anything in my checked luggage that I’m not willing to lose. That’s where luggage gets lost or broken or put on the wrong plane. And I’d be sad if I lost my pink skirt, but I could find another one. I cannot find another one of my childhood stuffed tiger that I like to take with me places. (stop judging me)


Ya girl will be bingeing My Favorite Murder the whole way there! What other podcasts should I download for the flight?

iPad & Cell Phone

It’s nice to be able to edit photos, type blog stuff, watch movies, etc. while I’m traveling so I usually have these two items with me because I can be a smidge of a work-a-holic. Pack your chargers in your bag too! It definitely saves the hassle of digging through a checked bag in the lobby because your phone is at 37% for a 9 hour plane ride.

A Book

I’m a millenial. I like to have my options for entertainment. Bonus: it’s great for reading poolside (which I definitely will be doing) and it’s not as tough on the eye strain (as opposed to my iPad) for people who struggle with motion sickness on planes.

Spare Underpants

I literally always have a pair in my purse. You literally never know what’s going to happen. It NEVER hurts to have a spare pair. Aunt Flo sneak up on you? Sit in something wet by accident? Impromptu jacuzzi party? You’re covered.


It’s nice to be able to touch up if need be! And fun facts: you DON’T need to put standard cosmetics in Ziploc bags. Mascara, powder, foundation, eyeliner, etc. do not need to be separated as liquids.

Wallet & Travel Documents

Always have this is a places that’s easy to access but not easy to steal! I like to keep mine in my front pocket of my backpack! You never know when you’ll need your ID, cash, credit card, etc. or anything like that!

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What’s your biggest travel tips? I’m jet setting out on Sunday!



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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