My Three Fave Lip Colors

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll!

I hope everyone is having a good week! This has been a very wedding heavy week! I’ve been addressing Save-the-Dates, talking to caterers, buying Preston’s suit, picking out the groomsmen suits, and more!

But, one of the questions I have been asked the most, is about my lip color. The bold lip has been my signature since high school! It was even to the point where, in college, a girl I didn’t really know stopped me and said, “where’s the red lips today?!” on a bare face day!

I used to struggle with finding the perfect lippie (sorry, Lauren!) that wasn’t too creamy that it got all over my clothes and drinks and face and food and needed a sealer coat. I also wanted a matte one that wasn’t SO dry that my lips cracked and I felt like I constantly needed lip balm and water. But I didn’t want to compromise on pigment, option of variety, or it’s longevity throughout the day.

And then, I got this freaking MIRACLE matte liquid lip in my Ipsy bag….and my life changed forever.

EA8B2095 (2)

I got this Caked ‘lip fondant’ which is an AMAZING liquid lip matte, lasts forever, doesn’t get everywhere, and doesn’t make me feel like my mouth is the Sahara.

And then, as every company who does Ipsy products hopes, I went to their website and bought another two that I absolutely love! I use them every single day (or at least, every day that I wear lipstick!).

And I’ve had my Ipsy one for almost a YEAR and wear it a TON. So I know that this is definitely worth it! But I want to show you the hues that I’m adoring right meow!


1.) Low Key


This is my GO-TO lip color. I wear this one the most. In most of my photos, I’m wearing this color. And it’s the perfect dark pink color, that never is TOO much but definitely highlights my very full lip shape!

Shop this lip color here!

Here’s a shot of me wearing it:


2.) Sweet Tooth


This hot pink, matte, liquid lipstick is a perfect playful pink pop! This is definitely a bolder color, but I was looking for a pink lip that would last all day, but pastels make me look WASHED OUT and crazy. This is the perfect combo of that!

Shop the Sweet Tooth here!

Here’s some pics of what it looks like on me!


3.) Power Trip


Now, this dark red is way lesssssssss of a maraschino and more of a real cherry color. It’s a darker burgundy color but it packs a PUNCH! This is a v. dramatic lip and I love to wear it on nights out to bars, parties, late nights, and fun stuff! I love to mix this lip with my burgundy jumpsuit.

Shop Power Trip color here!

Here’s some shots of me wearing it!


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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