Our Save the Dates & Etiquette Tips!

Happy HUUUUMP Day, Penny Darlings!

It has been a pretty mellow week here at PDHQ! I had my very first therapy session! If you want a whole post about that – let me know. But my therapist is a Murderino and a ModCloth shopper, so I feel like we’re going to get along.

And next week – I’m heading to Chicago! I have a busy next ten days! On Thursday we have a photoshoot, Friday I have a meeting, Saturday there’s an influencer event and a private company tour in NYC, Sunday we’re going to a dear friend’s wedding, Monday is second therapy session, Tuesday is a trip to Baltimore for a big collab, Wednesday – I’m flying to Chicago and I’ll be there until the following Sunday! Argh! Crazy!

So April 22nd, it will be truly DO NOT DISTURB on the bedroom door!

But now that (I think!) the last of our Save the Dates are out there – I wanted to share our design!

I worked with a company called ‘Minted’ and they are FABULOUS! Check out Minted here! – I got the chance to design the Save the Date, they had tons of formats & templates, but I still had the freedom to design with my own images!

It was super easy to upload, design, edit, & print! I ordered these and had them within a week (especially good for those people who need to send ASAP – like I did!). They had an option to have the friends’ addresses printed ON them but I chose to address by hand!

So….*drum roll* – Here’s our Save the Dates!


The illustration was done by the AMAZING @Designed.By.Shea – and she is absolutely FABULOUS! You can also check out her Etsy shop (and you can get your own commission for your Save the Dates!).

I took the imaged that was ‘Designed by Shea’ and the template with the font and spacing already existed! It was super easy to make the lettering a blush pink color and not have to worry about trying to figure out the lettering!

This is the back (some sensitive information has been blocked out!)


It was super easy to create, got to me quickly, and they came out SUPER cute!

10/10 would recommend to a friend using Minted for Save the Dates!

And here’s the REALLY cute part! Like, super cute!

They have the option to make custom stamps! CUSTOM STAMPS!

So, like any extra AF millenial, YA GIRL MADE CUSTOM STAMPS!



I took the photo (unknowingly to me snapped by the INCOMPARABLE Lauren Altheah) from the night we got engaged. (here’s a fun fact. We met there, we got engaged there, and we’re getting married there!)

But, yes, these custom stamps were a little extra than the actual cost of the stamp, I feel like they were TOTALLY worth it!

There were TONS of options, but as not-a-top-notch-designer – Minted made it super easy to design!


Save the Date Etiquette Tips

1.) Please, unless we are VERY dear friends or family, and are close, ask why you weren’t invited. Literally everything at weddings is expensive. Usually, that’s why.

2.) You do NOT have to RSVP to a Save the Date! (I’ve gotten tons of questions about that!). It’s to make sure you have a sitter, make travel arrangements, take off work, etc. Usually there is an invitation to follow!

3.) These are typically sent out 6-8 months prior to the wedding! Any earlier, you risk them getting tossed aside and forgotten! Obviously, for small and local weddings, you can err on the side of 5 months, and for destination weddings – I’d allow more like 8-10 months!

4.) Generally, unless your Save the Date is to you and a guest, or you and your specific partner, a plus one is generally not included!

5.) Adding a general location (like Ephrata!) an help make travel arrangements! Also, adding your registry/wedding website is also helpful for guests to see more details to budget and plan ahead!

6.) Keep the information short! Who, what, where, & when are all the info that needs to be on it! All the specifics will come on the invitation!




*The products in this post were gifted to me by Minted, however, all thoughts & opinions are my own*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. SaraLily

    Girl we are on the same schedule. We just sent our save the dates too. I couldn’t find ANYTHING I liked on the websites (from their templates) so I just created my own in Illustrator and printed them with a printing company. DONE! Haha but I totally agree with your tips! And yours came out super cute!!

    One thing we did and wished we noticed was that we forgot to include our full names anywhere!! Our return labels just say our first names and on the front of the card it only has our first names too! Haha! Oops!!


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