#BossBabe Corner: Hannah Caroline Couture’s Merlot Elegance Release!

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

Thanks for making my birthday week absolutely fabulous!

I will be announcing all giveaway winners on Monday 5/28. Thank you to all the companies and my awesome readers and everyone who participated!

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But today, I wanted to shout out one of the sponsors of our giveaway week: Hannah Caroline Couture.


A total Midwest babe, Hannah Caroline, is based in Omaha, Nebraska and is a total #BOSSBABE.

I got a chance to get to know her and hear a little bit more about her story!

Pre-Bonus: That’s Hannah featured above in her wedding dress that she design and made herself! Total #BOSSBABE move.

Hannah Caroline Couture was born as an answer to being a plus sized teen and wanting to be able to dress comfortably, stylish, and complimenting your body in all the right ways! Hannah was a junior in high school (2012!) and tired of having such a small selection of plus size clothing options….so she did what any #BOSSBABE would do….she figured out how to do it herself!

She took to Pinterest and YouTube and taught herself how to sew and began making designs for plus size bodies. Hannah thought that she may not be alone in that feeling and from that: Hannah Caroline Couture was born!

By 2013, HCC was already premiering at Omaha Fashion week, breaking barriers as being the ONLY plus size line represented as well as one of the youngest designers in the showcase, and she’s been back for the last five years. She then moved on to Kansas City Fashion week and now even gets to go to Full Figure Fashion Week in NYC!

HCC focuses heavily on formal occasion, evening wear, bridal, prom, etc. looks because that can be one of the most limiting shopping options for the size 14+ community! She wanted brides and prom-goers and all inbetween to have a positive experience shopping for their special occasion!

And Hannah is dropping her new line, “Merlot Elegance” today!

After focusing on casual and ready to wear pieces, HCC realized that the need for formal wear was the only side of the plus industry that wasn’t growing quite as quick!

So again, like any #BOSSBABE, she made it happen!

I asked Hannah what was special and exciting about her new collection! This is what she said:

What’s unique about this collection is the sizing and customization options available for each and every look. Every piece in this collection is made-to-order by hand in as little as 3 weeks at my studio in Omaha, NE, and each piece comes with its own set of customization options such as colors, lengths, optional sleeves, addition of bra cups, and more. There are no set sizes for this collection and for the majority of pieces from my brand – instead, my customers will receive their garments made to their unique measurements. Despite this, the Merlot Elegance couture collection is reasonable in price with most party dresses under $250 and most gowns and bridal dresses under $450.

The collection, titled Merlot Elegance, features 24 looks consisting of party dresses, gowns, evening wear, and bridal gowns, plus a blazer, jacket, and jumpsuit. The collection is made from luxurious yet comfortable fabrics including matte satin, tulle, rosettes, stretch velvet, chiffon, illusion mesh, and rich alencon lace, elevated with beaded appliques and embellishments throughout the looks. Plus, the name of every style is inspired by types of wine!”


Hannah also can (and loves!) to make custom pieces! The link to request a custom dress can be found here (including an illustrated guide and tips for taking your measurements!)

This is perfect for the bride who has always had trouble due to a different size top and bottom. Or for the prom-goer who needs straps as opposed to sleeves, etc. Everything can be made to make it an absolute perfect fit for you!


Premiere Look Book

This new line is literally dropping TODAY, RIGHT MEOW, NOOOOW!

And for today – you’ll get an exclusive first look at the new line!

*This is just a taste – but the new line has 24 new pieces in it!*

AND DOUBLE BONUS: Until June 8th, my readers can get a special discount of 15% off AND free shipping with the code: PENNY15

Introducing: Merlot Elegance

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Check Out Hannah Caroline Couture


Bonus from Hannah: This collection will be showcased in about a month in Full Figured Fashion Week’s 10-Year Anniversary Runway Showcase in NYC! Pieces will be available to shop online at my newly redesigned online shop hccdesign.co beginning Friday, May 25th and customers can shop them in-person at the Full Figured Fashion Week Curvy Business Expo on Friday, June 22. Later this summer, the collection will also be shown at Omaha Fashion Week on Friday, August 24th in Omaha, NE.



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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