My Bridal Shower

Happy Hump Day, Penny Darlings!

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I would have posted this on Monday, but I accidentally left my camera at my parents house over the weekend! Argh!

But over this past weekend, my bridesmaids/BFFs threw me an AMAZING bridal shower and it was so perfect and wonderful! I had Preston there snapping tons of pics to share with ya’ll!

We had the party at a family friend’s house, with a big pool, lovely gazebo, gorgeous flowers, and lots of room! Thank you for hosting us!

This is the back yard where the party was! Isn’t it freaking gorgeous?! Resort level!



Introducing: The Bridal Party


These three amazing women are my bridesmaids! My bridesman is traveling to Mexico, so Joe isn’t featured!

From right to left: Abby (MoH), Cathy, & Dara!

I met Abby (pink suit) when we were in middle school when we were doing a production of Schoolhouse Rock, Live, Jr. and we quickly bonded over having the same name! It’s led to more than a decade of friendships and she’s truly one of the most bad ass people I know.

Cathy (blue suit) and I met after her family moved to our school district when we were 14! She and I became so close because all of our friends were in the marching band, so on Friday nights they were all busy. However, she lived across the street from the football field! So every Friday (for YEARS!) we would get pizza and then go to the football games (to see the band!).

Dara (green suit) and I were in a production of Carrie together right out of college and then did a bunch of other shows together all in a row. I feel like I’ve spent so many nights sitting on Dara’s porch, falling down weird YouTube rabbit holes, and talking for hours.

Joe (not pictured) and I met in college! We were in a Scooby Doo play together. (He was Fred and went bleach blonde..and it wasn’t great.) We have done a bunch of theatre together, traveled together, and he was actually on my first date with Preston (because I was nervous!)



The Party:


It was a small, low-key party surrounded by good friends and family friends! My parents have had the same group of other couple friends (4 total couples, all with kids around the same age) since I was a little kid and they have really become our family. We don’t have a lot of extended family, but it’s wonderful to have family friends that feel like family!

We didn’t really play any games and I didn’t miss them at all! We just chatted and everyone got to meet and mingle and eat and drink! We had pulled pork and mac & cheese and cake pops and veggies and booze! My friend Cathy did all the amazing flower vases featured in these shots! So cute, right?!

It was really nice (and a little surreal!) to see the mix of family friends, theatre friends, college friends, neighbors, and high school friends all mixed together.

Mixin’ & Minglin’

Abby & Dara are being responsible fair-skinned gals and lathering on some SPF 700


Niki, a theatre friend, champing some champagne!


From left to right: Afa, Cathy, Dara, Abby, Emily, Niki. Literally why are all my friends so pretty?


My mom (right) and Ilka! Ilka was my parents’ German exchange student when she was in high school and my parents were recently married! They’ve always kept in contact! Ilka’s all grown up and married and just recently moved to the states so they’ve loved getting to reconnect now that she’s only in NYC and I’ve loved getting to know her better!


Preston’s grandma (left) and his mom, Nancy, (on the right) enjoying some munchies!
Niki & Emily doing some casual day drinking.
Zander & Skye – just a couple of lovebirds!
IMG_1414 (2).jpg
From left: Kelly, Vicki, & Jesse Ebner. The Ebners were our neighbors when we were little kids. I’ve known Jesse since I was in my mom’s tummy! She’s my longest friend! The Ebners are the literal nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m blessed to have them as friends.
I love this photo, because Cassie (left) is our new neighbor, from out of state, who exists in my HBG life and Emily, who lives in my hometown and I know through theatre, are together and that’s the kind of awesomely surreal mix I’m talking about!

After enjoying some lunch, we opened some gifts! We all crowded under the HUGE gazebo and I got to open some amazing gifts! I’d love to do a post about all of the gifts, but is that tacky? Literally, I have no idea! Let me know what you think!

Here’s a few shots from opening gifts! It was a mix of things I registered for, things I didn’t, AMAZING finds that literally screamed me, and more! One of my fave things, my friend Afa thrifted a crystal punch bowl with service for 12. It’s vintage from the 50’s and it’s UNBELIEVABLY cool and I never could have registered for it!

Gift Time!



Everyone humoring me:

Literally, all of my friends are so supportive of Penny Darling, that they all stood around the photo spot and just let me call out shots of who was coming in and who was going out! Here’s some of those shots!

Everybody! (or at least who was here when we took pics!)
Family friends/surrogate aunts: (from left), Ilka, Val, Phyllis, Me, Mom, & Vicki
Preston’s mom and grandma! It was really special to have his grandmother there as both of my grandmothers and his maternal grandmother are no longer with us. It was truly wonderful to have such a wonderful lady celebrating with us!
Twenty-six years later: still friends. (from left) My mom, Vicki, Me, Jesse, & Kelly
Friends. ❤


Every person in this photo is a theatre person – so when I yelled ‘laugh and be candid’ they all NAILED IT on the first try. Gotta love actors.
Such good sports.
Preston’s always been a ladies’ man!
The Bride Tribe
Preston & his mom & grandma!
And getting a little silly!
Thank you, friends!


Thank You!

Thank you to my wonderful bridesmaids for organizing and planning and doing the grunt work and being such beautiful, smart, driven, and wonderful women. Ya’ll are truly amazing.

Thank you to my wonderful parents for always going above and beyond for me and making sure I didn’t grow up to be a serial killer. Thank you for everything on Saturday!

Thank you to the Moyer’s for hosting the party at their gorgeous home! It was absolutely perfect!

Thank you to all of the friends who gathered to make me feel special and loved and to celebrate a big milestone! Thank you for bringing wonderful and thoughtful gifts for Preston and I to start our lives together!

Thank you to the friends that weren’t able to attend, but sent gifts or warm wishes or cards. It made me so happy to hear from you and help me celebrate from afar!




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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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