Tackling the Cumberland Valley Ice Cream Trail

Happy Wednesday, Penny Darlings.

So let’s jump straight to it – ya girl LOVES ice cream. And Preston does too…but like, we REALLY love ice cream. So, when we found out that the Visit Cumberland County office created AN ICE CREAM TRAIL we were OVER THE MOON.

And as July was National Ice Cream Month, OBVIOUSLY, we had to tackle it.

So, as I recently learned, an ice cream trail is similar to a wine/beer/dessert trail. It’s a map of tons of local ice cream places that have their own particular flair!

The Cumberland Valley Ice Cream Trail starts from Shippensburg and comes all the way up to New Cumberland! And the most fun part? ALL of these places are locally owned, Mom and Pop, personal service locations. So the ice cream was ASTOUNDING and I got to talk to owners and employees and got to actually talk to them! It was AWESOME!

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Leo’s Handmade Ice Cream – Carlisle

The first place we stopped was Leo’s Handmade Ice Cream in Carlisle! We read that they had unique flavors and boy did they live up to the hype! I had a scoop of chocolate cookie dough and a scoop of rocky road. Preston has a dish of Cinnamon Orea and a scoop of cornbread. Believe it or not, the cornbread was UNBELIEVABLY delicious. ‘

They also had an amazing outdoor seating area! It was full of picnic tables, a gazebo, lots of little chairs. It was a darling little backyard garden!

IMG_2595 (4)

IMG_2597 (2)IMG_2602 (2)IMG_2606 (2)


Kristy’s Whistle Stop – Enola

This was definitely one of my favorite places we stopped. It was 1950’s, kitschy, cute, the staff was SO friendly and kind, colorful, and, duh, ice cream. It was so fun! I got a scoop of rocky road! Preston rocked out with some coffee chip ice cream! Yum!

When I was posing with the Betty Boop wall – the gals at the counter insisted I take a cone of rainbow sprinkles with it, and who am I to deny such an admirable goal. 😉

This place was REALLY fun.

IMG_2894 (2)IMG_2896 (2)IMG_2898 (2)IMG_2911 (2)IMG_2924 (2)IMG_2930 (2)


Cabin on King – Shippensburg

We went to Cabin on King with their INCREDIBLE sundae menu in mind. They have homemade cookies topped with creamy ice cream, awesome toppings, and kitchy names! It’s a little cabin with an awesome shaded outside seating area.

We drove 45 minutes to try them….and they were closed for vacation. UGH. It was such a cute place, Preston and I decided to snap some pictures anyway. We also set a reminder on our phone for the DAY they reopen, because you best bet – we’ll be there!


Goose Bros – Shippensburg

So, after we didn’t get to go to Cabin on King, we ended up following a nice family to Goose Bro’s! Now let me tell you, the inside isn’t super flashy. It’s clean and cute! It’s reminiscent of camp dining halls.

So I had a scoop of Cookie Monster (the blue one with cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, and oreos in it. YUM!) and a scoop of Cookie Dough.

Let me tell you. THIS WAS THE BEST COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER HAD. I literally bought a pint to take home. I always think it’s AMAZING when someone can make an outstanding take on a classic flavor! The ice cream was INCREDIBLE!

Preston got ‘Ships Ahoy’ (a play on being in Shippensburg!) and it was a bunch of different cookies in chocolate ice cream! I definitely stole a few spoonfuls!




Hanna’s Ice Cream Shoppe, New Cumberland

The last shop on our Ice Cream Trail adventures took us to the AMAZINGLY PERFECT Hanna’s Ice Cream Shoppe in unsuspecting New Cumberland. It’s tucked right on Bridge Street and has convenient parking.

We spent the LONGEST time here! We sat and chatted with one of the owners and an awesome employee. We got to talk about the community, the journey of Hanna’s, the new location, and a bit about the owners!

The decor was 50’s perfection, with a full jukebox and a soda fountain counter. And my Tasty Cake Ice Cream (literally the best ice cream of the trail) and I almost teared up it was so good.


Preston and I had such a good time getting to sample some truly delightful ice cream. We’re actually sitting here talking about going back to get some more ice cream today! (We’re thinking Hanna’s! Gotta get some more Tandy Cake Ice Cream!)

While National Ice Cream Month might be over, these awesome local stops are still kicking! Be sure to stop and support some of these amazing local shops!

Be sure to check out Visit Cumberland Valley’s pages for more upcoming events. hidden local gems, shopping, fairs, and more!



*This post was sponsored by Visit Cumberland Valley, and the products featured here were gifted to me, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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  1. SaraLily

    OMG Hannah’s shop KILLS ME! What perfection! You guys are too cute – what a fun trip! There’s apparently a Donut Trail somewhere that I DEFINITELY need to make plans to take because HELLO! 😉


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