I’m Getting Married in a Month

So this week is a BIG week of stuff.

Also, hello, Penny Darlings.

But we met with the wedding coordinator and the caterer and the event production manager and the venue and the florist. I’ve also had meetings and phone calls all week! And our beloved roommate (and my absolute soulmate pooch, Harvey) are moving out at the end of this week. So it’s a tough week!

AND I’m going back to Chicago this weekend! I want to share something REALLLLLLY big with you! But it is NOT time yet! Soon! I pinky promise, soon!

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But I just wanted to give you the month away update for our big day!


The Invitations Are Out

So Preston and I wanted the ‘vision’ of our wedding to basically be the last scene is Grease, where they are at the fair, and everything is fifties and kitschy and colorful and fun! I thought this illustration from @Witchy_Boots was the PERFECT fit!

Our wedding invites (and save the dates) are from Minted. We also grabbed these All-in-One style (where it’s one sheet with the RSVP cards, the invite, and the envelope). So we just folded this up, sealed it, and sent it! It’s the literal cutest!

Minted helped me design these invites so that they would be as unique, individual, and weird as we are! Our Minted designer was so responsive, friendly, and talented!

I got these, personalized stamps, and tags for our guest favors! Also, our wedding website is set up through Minted! The wedding process can be a bit overwhelming – so it’s nice to be able to design, shop, create, and keep it digital – all at the same place!


Personalized Stamps


Wedding Favor Tags

The back have the date and a big thank you for making our day so magical!


Bridesmaid Dresses

My gals are going to be looking sweeter than a summer day a la mode! These dresses from Collectif have got to be the BEST find of all time! I am OBSESSED. And they were cute, under $100, and so very us!

Since all of my bridesmaids are straight sized – I was SO pumped to be able to shop in non-plus-sized shops. I don’t know if I’ve ever really done that! And you know what…. I ended up nabbing these from my fave place: ModCloth



Men’s Jackets

Getting Preston to pick something (read ANYTHING) was an uphill battle. But with lots of encouragement from me and his groomsmen/roommate/best friend – Jeremy he was finally able to settle on something colorful and retro! 

These Asos jackets

will be the statement piece of the men’s look! It will be polished off with classic black pants, white button up, and a special tie!



Wedding Favors

I have REALLY strong feelings about using quality maple syrup. If you’re eating butter flavored syrup that has the consistency of something created in the Nickelodeon slime lab – you are truly doing a disservice to your breakfasts!

So since I feel really strongly about this (and we wanted to add a special touch from our Lake George life!) – our favors are mini bottles of Rathbun’s Maple Syrup!

Rathbun’s is a maple sugar house in Upstate, NY (almost in Vermont) and they have the BEST syrup and bacon and pancakes that I’ve EVER had. I’ve pretty much only used this for my whole life.




So our registry is *complete* (mostly) and we are registered on Amazon & Target!

Amazon has some amazing features, like being able to add items to the registry from third party sites, and keeping track of addresses to be able to send thank you cards!

And Target (besides having literally everything) also has the feature with Honeyfund, which is a place that guests can give money towards our honeymoon!




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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. Jessica Hawkins

    I have only been following your blog over the past year or so and I have found it extremely relatable, and so very charming. The two look like you have found happiness with one another and that is so special. One piece of advise I can give you about your special day, is don’t sweat the small stuff because the day will fly by and in the blink of an eye it’s a sweet memory that you enjoy looking back on with your spouse. Best wishes to you both.


  2. SaraLily

    LOVE the bridal party looks – I went with mix/matched dresses from PUG, Heart of Haute, and Modcloth for the girls. I LOVE those jackets from Asos. I got a burgundy one for Cody to rock during our rehearsal festivities!


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