My Trick to the PERFECT Home Iced Coffee

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

I’ve been a little low key – but cut me some slack – I’m getting married in 19 DAYS. Jimminy Christmas – I still don’t feel like enough of a grown up to get married. I literally carry a Power Puff Girls wallet. So it’s lost of last minute details and travel plans.

The invitations were a bit of a hot mess as like TEN people told me that they hadn’t received ones that I KNOW were sent (I know because I addressed, stamped, and took them to the post office MYSELF). So it’s been a big ARGH.

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But anyway – let’s talk.

Ya’ll know thatcha girl loves NEEDS caffeine in a really big way!

In fact, as I’m sitting here writing this, I have caffeine IN MY HAND and it’s past 1am.

Since caffeine can be expensive for a daily habit (a latte, a RedBull, a whatever each day can run you like $100 or more a month! So I am always looking for a way to make my iced coffee at home and make high quality and cost effective caffeine!

So first, I start with a delicious, rich, ground coffee! For this recipe – I used Rhetoric!


One of my personal faves is Rhetoric Coffee. I used to just drink whatever was around (whatever my dad when I lived at home or roommates or Preston) and I was not particular at all. (Check Rhetoric Coffee out on social media! Check them out on Instagram here and Facebook and Twitter here!)

And then (and I’m sure some podcast superfans will know!) I heard about Rhetoric Coffee on My Favorite Murder the podcast! And they were talking about this coffee company that did blends that were unique (brewing new small batch blends every two weeks), commissioned artists for the artwork for each blend of bag (and of course, supporting artists is important to me), that they were a small team, and the coffee beans are all locally imported and they roast them themselves!

And all of that sounds awesome, but I was super excited about the artwork and that they commission and pay artists. That is such a cool message for me and I love it. And since they blend new batches every two weeks – every blend has different art. And you know, Preston and I are actors and hang out with artists and actors and creatives. I lovelovelove companies that support the arts in any way.


So, let’s get to the recipe!

I only have a Keurig – so I am giving instructions with that – but the same principle would work in an old fashioned coffee pot!


Step One:

Get a GREAT coffee. Whether it’s a K-Cup or a nice bag o’ beans – grab whatever you like! I used my Rhetoric for this round!

Step Two:

I use these reusable K-Cups to get the best blend! I can also fill them with ANY coffee bean and I’m not limited just to K-Cups! So I used my Rhetoric, filled up two of my pods, and plugged in my Keurig!


Step Three:

Brew it! That’s it! Just brew the first K-cup/pot of coffee. Super simple!


Step Four:

HERE’S THE STEP NO ONE TALKS ABOUT. stay with me here.

DOUBLE brew it. Pour the fresh coffee back in the pot/in the back of the Keurig, and brew another pot of coffee! This prevents the ice from watering down the blend when it melts!

*Optional Step 4.5*

I usually brew the double pot BEFORE I get in the shower, and then let the pot sit in the fridge while I’m getting ready just to get the heat out of there!


Step Five:

Fill the cup with ice! Add in the FIXINs! Me? I like a little bit of sugar and a flavored creamer! (Right now I’m digging an ice cream flavored sweet cream! Yum!). Preston’s more a plain cream and sugar guy.

Step Six:

Enjoy! You can make these before bed (but of course, it’s better fresh!). I like to make mine in a to-go cup and hit the road with it! It’s a delightful way to start the day!




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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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