Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

Today is another fun holiday special here in Christmas corner!

Preston and I finally finished decorating last night (after hours of cleaning and decorating!) and it feels totally different in here now! So cozy! So in the spirit!

Speaking of being in the spirit, you have seen me post two different #ShopSmall collectives! One for Black Friday sales and one for pets and they were totally awesome!

So, of course, the third in this series is #ShopSmall and #ShopLocal as I team up with the Visit Cumberland Valley Office to explore some local small businesses to do some holiday gift shopping!

Visit Cumberland Valley also has their own list of suggestions if you’re feeling extra spirited! There’s tons of great shops for everyone in your life from nieces and nephews to co-workers to spouses and more! I chose to hit downtown Carlisle to do a little shopping!

Let me just end with the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Ha! Check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!

Let’s get to the content of the day here friends!



Clothes Vine

I stopped into this fashion boutique and literally started touching everything. The racks were packed with soft comfy sweaters, knit hats, tons of gorgeous jewelry, purses, shoes and more!

And as we wondered around Clothes Vine, we noticed a gorgeous historic fireplace and I wanted to snap a picture with it! When I walked over, a small pile of blankets started stirring and then I found shop pup – Roxie! You can see the exact moment that I discovered her and my heart melting.

This shop is for the moms, aunts, sisters, cousins, co-worker, etc. It’s a great mix of classic and trendy! There’s so many gorgeous scarves, jewelry, purses, lotions, and more! I ended up grabbing a scarf for my mom!



Whistlestop Bookshop

This little independent book store is straight out of Stars Hollow! It’s quaint, the staff is so knowledgeable (and has great recommendations!) and has some great gifts!

Preston and I became obsessed with their card selection, board games, and all the Christmas gear. (You know I’m a sucker for Christmas gear!) We also got into this weird thing where we were pulling out some of our favorite ‘first chapter books’ and talked about how much we loved them.

We also got to look at some of the new arrivals and recommendations at Whistlestop Bookshop and I was able to grab a book for my older brother after chatting for a few minutes!



Georgie Lou’s Retro Candy

This gorgeous retro candy store, Georgie Lou’s, literally looks like someone took the inside of my head and put it in a pastel room of delight!

There are SO MANY options of retro candy (Clark Bars!) and even things I loved and forgot about (Jones Soda!) and a selection of homemade candy, candy canes, chocolate, and more! There’s also so many classic candies like rock candy, peppermints, and more!

There’s also some REALLY awesome gifts (amazing graphic tees, mid-century vibe decor, accessories, and more!) and I grabbed something for my totally retro obsessed bestie who I used to fangirl about Jones Soda with!



Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb

This place was another ‘inside my mind’ type of place! It’s an amazing vintage shop full to the gills of unique clothing pieces, furniture sets, toys, and more!

Preston and I got lost walking through Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb because there were so many GORGEOUS displays. You just have to go and walk through. There’s hats, purses, vests, glassware, furniture sets, holiday decor (and I mean holiday – we saw several represented!).

I ended up shopping for neighbor and finding some amazing retro pieces that I know she is absolutely going to love! I also, may or may not, have bought a little gift for myself too!



Stop by Veteran’s Square in Carlisle for some adorable on adorableness!

There’s also plenty of fun events taking place this winter (including Santa photos, carolers, and more!). Check out the event calendar here!



Be sure to check out Visit Cumberland Valley’s pages for more upcoming events. hidden local gems, shopping, fairs, and more!



*this post is sponsored by Visit Cumberland Valley however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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