Wedding Photos Part III: Guests & Reception

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

Thank you so much for letting me take a little holiday hiatus! I definitely needed it. This has definitely been the most requested (mostly from our hammy friends who love a good pic! ha!) of our wedding photos!

If you’ve been keeping up with mine and Preston’s (pretend) royal wedding – you’ll know that OUR WEDDING PHOTOS CAME and I am releasing them slowly! (because it’s too awesome to share all at once! Ha!).

And there are SOME GORGEOUS ONES. Literally gorgeous. David Gerz (check him out here!) did an EXCEPTIONAL job.

I wanted our wedding to look like the movie Up. Lots of colors, retro, kitschy, quirky, and as rainbow as possible! With a TON of help from my mom and a small village – I totally think our dream came to life!

So here we are!

Let me just end with the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Ha! Check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!

These are the photos from our reception, including Father Daughter dance, Mother and Son dance, our first dance, Maids of Honor speeches, the Dad Dance (don’t ask.) friends, family, and lots of fun!

We also had some fill in cards as opposed to a guest book!

They looked like this:


And these cards were some fill-in-the-blank advice with well wishes, memories, a self portrait drawing, predictions for our life together….and advice.

Now, I am going to share ALL of the advice we got. Remember friends, you wrote it.

Some of it’s pretty PG-13.




Never be so right that you can’t admit that you were wrong.


reception_057 (2)

reception_051 (2)reception_052

Make your food together as often as possible.


reception_060 (2)reception_061 (2)

Preston: Abby is always right. Period.


reception_062 (2)


Tell each other that you love them every morning and every night.


reception_063 (2)


Never stop listening to each other. Communication is key.


reception_064 (2)

reception_014 (2)reception_024 (2)reception_026

Perform Together.


reception_066 (2)reception_071 (2)reception_072 (2)reception_074 (2)


It’s about the long game….not the short game.


reception_077 (2)

reception_032 (2)reception_035 (2)reception_038reception_043 (2)

Never get so comfortable that you forget to just be nice.


reception_079 (2)


Get out while you still can.
-my MIL


reception_030 (2)reception_033 (2)

reception_080 (2)


A little dab will do you.


reception_082 (2)


Preston: never underestimate the amount of oral sex. Double it.

Abby: Don’t forget to pee after sex, UTIs are no joke

No joke – this piece of advice is my favorite one and I could NOT stop laughing reading it.


reception_083 (2)

Share your locations with each other.


reception_084 (2)


Remember that you like each other and when times get tough, don’t yell but talk and hold hands.


reception_087 (2)

Fart freely, without warning and merrily.


reception_088 (2)

reception_001 (2)reception_002 (2)reception_004 (2)reception_005 (2)

Always listen and be honest with each other. Remember that this is your best friend AND your love.


reception_089 (2)

Love each other fiercely and trust each other unconditionally


reception_090 (2)


Break a leg, kids.


reception_091 (2)

reception_007 (2)reception_027 (2)reception_055 (2)reception_057 (2)

Make every day count, but keep it realistic. Love changes over the years, but it lasts forever.


reception_092 (2)

Never forget that the other one feels gassy pains too. And you both poop.


reception_095 (2)

Pick your battles. Everything is NOT a battle.


reception_096 (2)


Don’t take marriage advice from a single 29 year old. What do I know?


reception_098 (2)reception_099 (2)


Don’t go to bed angry.


reception_103 (2)


Keep track of the small things. Hold hands and kiss.


reception_105 (2)reception_106 (2)


Preston, cunnilingus isn’t just a river in Egypt.

Whoever wrote that must have had one too many glasses of wine and I can’t stop laughing because this literally makes no sense.


reception_109 (2)reception_112 (2)


Be best friends, allies, warriors, lovers, teammates. Love is fluid.


reception_115 (2)reception_116 (2)


Never forget the bride(groom) of your youth.


reception_117 (2)


reception_119 (2)


Adopt a dog. Love his fuzzy wuzzy face.


reception_120 (2)reception_122 (2)


Be on stage together. Remember that love that brought you together.


reception_123 (2)reception_124 (2)


Love unconditionally.


reception_126 (2)reception_127 (2)


Thank you to everyone who attended for your love, friendship, gifts, and laughter. We had a great time.



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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