5 Totally Sweet Valentine’s Tips!

Happy Monday Penny Darlings!

It is a balmy EIGHT degrees here in PA with a wind-chill feel of NEGATIVE FREAKING TWELVE and our windows are not sealed well. Brrrr.

Preston and I have a day packed up with meetings and projects and shooting! I love getting to do fun stuff with him like this! He’s my favorite Valentine!

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But anyway: on to the content of the day, friends!



Ady Cakes is a small (and very pink!) custom cake and cupcake shop located in West Reading in my hometown!

Ady makes everything in house, including custom macarons (18 flavors, yum), custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, brownies, and more! 100% true fact, I bit into one of the classic chocolate chip cookies and almost started tearing up. It was gooey and crispy and chewy and perfectly chocolate-y. Best cookie I’ve ever had, easily.

Ady is a totally energetic, smiley, bubbly, and lovely woman who always welcomes you to her shop! She also was even having a couple come in for a wedding tasting! She emits so much warmth and kindess! And her food is even freaking better!




Check out her website
Check out her Facebook page
Check out her Instagram page
Check out her ordering page


So Preston and I got to go back and check out some of her Valentine’s Day treats (and eat our weight in delicious-ness!). And I wanted to share some totally sweet Valentine’s treats mixed in with some ideas for making your Valentine’s Day equally sweet!


1.) Start with something sweet!

It’s a cliche for a reason! There is nothing more delightful than starting with something sweet! I’m more of a macaron & cupcake gal, but Preston is more of a candy cutie! It’s always a totally classic gesture to make your loved one smile!




2.) Thought, truly, is what counts!

I would much rather receive a dozen pink macarons than a dozen chocolates any day, but I know my mom is totally a chocolate gal! I recently had a friend get engaged, who HATES rings, and her new hubby-to-be got her a pair of engagement earrings instead! I have another friend who gave his girlfriend a beautifully painted pot, because she liked planting her own flowers. Adding a quirky twist to a classic gesture can show that you went the extra mile!




3.) Presentation goes a long way!

I always think that no matter what a gift is, it always means more if you put a little effort in it! If it’s a low budget Valentine’s Day – a handwritten note would go a lot further than a text message! And if you’re giving a gift, wrap it, don’t just give it in the bag you bought it in (a real thing that has been gifted to me!). It’s such a small gesture that can go such a long way!




4.) Know what your partner actually wants!

Is your girlfriend totally not a gift person? Is your husband a person who LOVES getting a perfectly decorated cupcake? Would your fiance be super embarrassed by getting a dozen roses delivered to their office or be obsessed with a cake pop delivery? Does your wife HATE surprises or does she LOVE built up anticipation?




5.) Remember the loooooooove!

Gifts, cards, or nothing at all, it’s still a lovely reminder to tell your loved ones that you love them! It’s nice to have a little nudge for romance and appreciation, even if it’s not for everyone!




This was definitely one of the most fun collabs! I was obsessed with the fine details, the perfect treats, and how much fun it was just to be with Ady and her staff! It was lots of smiles and singing along to the radio!

And if you’re not in Reading, but are nearby – this place is TOTALLY worth the drive! Snack now, thank me later!

Thank you, Ady Cakes for hosting Preston and I and letting us get a bite of everything! This was the sweetest collab I’ve ever done!

And as I’ve been on about, ALL YEAR LONG: Shopping small, shopping local, shop makers and creators, all of that – it is IMPORTANT! 



*this post is sponsored by Ady’s Cakes – however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. Amber Schwarz

    That Valentine’s dress is so adorable!! P.S. You should get the 3M indoor Window Insulator Kit for your windows, it’s super easy to install and helps a ton (barring that get some thermal lined drapes, I put some up in my daughters room and I swear the room is at least 10 degrees warmer now)!



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