13 Things I Learned from Being a Murderino

First of all, if you don’t know what a Murderino is, you probably aren’t one….yet.

Murderino is a term for fans of the wildly popular podcast, My Favorite Murder, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. It is a true crime/comedy podcast that has broken records in only a few short years!

But anyway, Happy Friday Penny Darlings!

And truly, what a happy Friday!

Preston and I are heading to see a MFM (my favorite murder) LIVE SHOW in Baltimore. Literally, I’ve been trying to get tickets since their first damn tour. And I ended up snagging these resale tickets this week and OMG, it’s AWESOME and I’m almost in tears I’m so excited. Let’s just hope the snow holds off long enough!

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So hey there, Murderinos and wannabe murderinos!

I have learned so much about myself over the years of listening to these two women (and Steven and pets!) and learned a lot about femininity, comedy, storytelling, GIRLBOSSing, and emotional honesty.

As I prepare to see these two disembodied voices of two women that I admire so deeply, I’m almost jittering from excitement.

I just want to share a few things I’ve learned!




One of their favorite things to say, and one of their most famous quotes, it’s the most true. We see so many victims who end up going with a LITERAL MURDERER because they don’t want to seem rude. While that’s not EVERY situation, sometimes you have to forget being polite, be straightforward, and be strong.


2.) Say something

Don’t be the person that doesn’t want to be wrong, so they don’t call 911. Or the person that sees someone in distress, but don’t think it’s your place to intervene. If you’re wrong, that’s the BEST CASE SCENARIO. If you’re right, you could have saved someone. Throw out the idea that seeing something and saying something is a bad thing.


Yes, this is a real collage I have in my house. 


3.) Therapy is for everyone

My parents have encouraged me to see a therapist for years, that I put off, thinking I didn’t NEED therapy. Wrong, everyone should go to therapy. It’s the absolute best thing that has happened to my mental health. You don’t need to be going to ‘fix’ something, you can just go to help you function better as a person. Shout out to my therapist, Blake, who will probably read this because I’m going to send it to her. #NoChill


4.) Complimentary partners are frustrating but goddamn essential.

Karen and Georgia have both spoken openly about going to therapy together and doing work on their relationship. They are bound together in an intense way, and they are incredibly different women. However, they both go out of their way to mention things that the other handles (Like, “You rock at merch”) really well!

They both have different experiences, skills, history, and personalities that they are building a brand around. Of course, it’s not all sunshine, but their complementary personalities are ESSENTIAL to their success.




5.)  Stories are valuable currency

Two things on this. I took a class in college called storytelling and the professor was a douche and I thought it was a dumb class (that I did really well in, because I’m naturally a strong storyteller). But these two have gone and proven that douche-y professor right, your story is currency. You share it to bring value to others. The value that MFM brings to different people is also based on their storytelling!

Second, they literally get paid for storytelling, same as I do, same as all your creators, and that makes me so damn happy.


6.) Flawed allies are still allies

Karen said the phrase ‘flawed allies’ and I have definitely identified. I am an ally. I consider myself an ally from top to bottom. But I have never lived as a person of color, or in the LGBTQ community, or been in any minority or oppressed group. I will always try to be educated, vocal, and strong, but I can never understand in the first hand way, and that always leaves flaws. It’s important to acknowledge and grow from that.




7.) Community is aching to be real.

I belong to literally TWELVE different My Favorite Murder Facebook groups. Murderinos in PA, Murderinos that love theatre, Murderinos who own Etsy shops, and more! And I see such incredible community in these groups. I have seen people find roommates, find friends to go to the show, even having weekly happy hours! It’s amazing that two women and a Steven planted the seeds for all of that.


8.) Being careful IS NOT crazy

Again, if someone gives you a weird vibe, write down their license plate number. Lock your door when running to the gas station. Sending a screenshot with some info to your BFF before a first Tinder date. Letting someone know where you are. Keeping pepper spray in your purse. It is NOT crazy to be careful. Again, the BEST CASE SCENARIO is that you’re wrong!



9.) Corrections are totally okay.

Listen, humans make mistakes, but try to find the value in someone taking the time to acknowledge, fix and correct, and move on from them.

That’s a VERY important corner.


10.) Language is Critical

This might seem obvious, but early in the series, the phrase ‘prostitute’ was switched out for the term ‘sex worker’ and it definitely changes the inflection and the inference. In the same way, swapping language and being mindful of others, can increase empathy and understanding.



11.) F*cking Hooray

Celebrate the good things. Recognize victories.

Finish up your day with an episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Pet a cat. Have a can of wine. Go to a comedy show.

Have a good time.


12.) Stay out of the forest.

Get a job.

Buy your own shit.

Stay out of the forest.


13.) Stay Sexy

….and don’t get murdered.



Thank you Karen & Georgia for building this community, inspiring me with the value of storytelling, and staying sexy and not getting murdered.



My Favorite Murder Tee
Stay Sexy Glass/Candle 
Murder Wall 




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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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