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Happy, Thursday, Penny Darlings!

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This week was one of the SWEETEST of my life (pun totally intended!). Preston and I live just outside of Lancaster, PA, an area usually known for the Amish population, but in the past decade has become a totally hip and downtown city with a thriving city vibe! There’s amazing theatre, tons of arts, local shops, bars, restaurants, and….SWEETS!

You can find some truly amazing sweets all within walking distance of each other! (amazing). It’s the perfect date night or even a place to grab something sweet! And since in only ONE WEEK – it’s going to be VALENTINE’S DAY….just saying, hint hint, friends.

These places make it easy to find a perfect sweet for any type of sweet tooth! Most of these shops are award winners, totally adorable on Instagram, and have some mouth-wateringly good treats! (see, you can make anything an adverb! ha!)

So today, I want to show off some amazing places to get sweets in the city of Lancaster for your Valentine (whether it’s your husband, girlfriend, or even your mom!)

Bonus: Be sure to check out the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion (or LOOP) on Facebook for upcoming events and cool news, as well as their website here! (and their Insta is pretty much small city goals!)

Miesse Candy & Ice Cream Parlour

Check out their website here, their Facebook here, and their Instagram here!

*I can 100% attest that this chocolate is like Willy Wonka level good and they literally have everything made out of chocolate! Everything from classic heart shaped boxes with classic mixes to the most AMAZING (can confirm) chocolate covered strawberries! (Yummmmm!)  This is the perfect place to show someone something sweet!

I mixed my box up with a ‘dark chocolate’ (my fave) with pecan chocolate clusters, pretzel bark, and dark chocolate caramels with sea salt! Yum!

Downtown Shop: Candy Shop & Ice Cream Parlor Open Mon-Thurs 9-5, Fri/Sat 9-9, Sun 12-5




Lancaster Cupcake

Check out their website herehere, their Facebook page here, and their Instagram here!

These gorgeous cupcakes in this Insta-worthy downtown shop, are Cupcake Wars finalists and totally live up to the hype! It’s delish, cute, and the frosting is literally PERFECT! Preston got a chocolate ganache and mine was rainbow sprinkle (of course).

They also have the most incredibly adorable food truck that is the most perfect millenial pink and they definitely do weddings.



Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie

My brother went to college in Millersville, so even before I was a Central PA local, I had definitely been to Rachel’s! These *HUGE* crepes are so delicate, flavorful, and perfectly golden brown, it makes anything that’s NOT crepes seem pointless. Ha!

Check Rachel’s out on Facebook, on Instagram, or their website here!

Bonus: they use a TON of Nutella. Fun fact: Preston and I were both drinking iced Nutella coffees and OMG. SO GOOD. My inner basic girl was thriving with the deliciousness!

But Rachel’s has a mix of cafe drinks, sweet and savory crepes, and a warm inviting atmosphere encouraging no cell phones (a la Luke’s Diner!).

Preston and I both got savory crepes (mine had steak and scallions and swiss, yum!) and Preston got a Southwest crepe (full of beans, spices, and veggies!). And for desert, we totally split a Nutella 20-Layer Crepe Cake slice…and let me tell you the name stands up to how good it was!



Splits & Giggles

This totally sweet ice cream shop is literally on the corner. Totally fifties! It’s covered in cool art, has an amazing menu (pizza grilled cheese, sign me up!). And they have vintage scoops hanging on the wall!

There’s also a million delicious flavors of ice cream (I went with strawberry and Preston had chocolate hazelnut!). This totally teal corner store is a perfect place to get a bite to eat!

Check out their website here, their Facebook page here, and their Insta here!



La Petite Patisserie

Check out their website here and their Facebook here and Instagram here!

This little shop is really a ‘petite patisserie’ in the heart of the city of Lancaster! It’s a delectably pink and proper tea shop with an incredible bakery! There’s TWENTY SEVEN FLAVORS OF MACARONS! My heart nearly exploded!

This petite palace also serves as a proper tea service with montly themed tea events (this month’s kids tea was Mary Poppins and spoiler next month it’s Beauty & the Beast themed! SO practically perfect in anyway!

They also do weddings, tastings, classes, and a myriad of other awesome stuff! (And their owner, Donna, is an absolute doll!

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*This post was sponsored by the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion, however, all thoughts and opinions (and sweet treats!) are mine!*


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