5 Tips for the Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Happy Wednesday, Penny Darlings!

It’s beeeen a snowy week here on the east coast. And we’ve been hustling all week! And we’re going to keep on hustling! Charlie is so saaaad in the snow! We took him off leash today because he was miserable! Poor little guy!

And Vaaaalentine’s Day is coming up! And my best friend’s birthday! And all kinds of exciting things that I caaaan’t quite tell you about yet! (not pregnant, everyone settle down.)

Let me just end with the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Ha! Check me out on Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out! Bonus: BOGO!

But in the midst of all of our crazy work and collabs and rehearsals and all that jazz, we decided to take a little long weekend trip for a two-day getaway to treat ourselves! We booked a hotel (with a pool, obvi), went down to the hotel, ate room service in bed, went to see our fave podcast live, and spent lots of time in the hot tub!

So today: I’m teaming up with Avenue to share my five tips for having an epic weekend getaway!

1. ) Know what you want in a hotel!

It might sound crazy, but it can be totally overwhelming to find accommodations! Hotel? Motel? Air BnB? Bed and Breakfast? Continental breakfast? On site parking? Pool? Wifi? There’s (what feels like) a bazillion option!

I knew I wanted a hotel with parking, indoor pool, and wifi! Knowing what we needed most helped narrow down my choices!

And I spent a snowy afternoon in a indoor pool with glass walls, on the fourth floor, in downtown Baltimore, IN A HOT TUB. Bougie.





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Floral Kimono

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2.) Make a loose plan

I’m a scheduler – but you should always have a little wiggle room for adventures! When Preston and I went on our little getaway, we had tickets to the show, and a few ideas of where we wanted to eat, and a few ideas for things to do! We love being able to go with the flow, so after the performance, we ended up at a bar with some people who had been sitting near us and having a great time!


3.) Pack your outfits for your activities!

I am a chronic over packer. I travel so heavy, it’s absurd. So, in order to make it that I don’t have twenty bags for one weekend, I try to pack for the activities (with only one back up to spare!).

So, I knew we wanted to hit somewhere for brunch, so I packed these AMAZINGLY soft, stretch, jeans (more deets below), this comfy graphic sweatshirt, and this pink moto jacket from Avenue and paired it with my glitter boots!



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4.) Try to limit phone time

Again, seems obvious, but I see SO many people attached to their phone at bars, events, shows, or even weekend getaways! It’s okay to snap some pictures (for the gram, for the memories) but be sure to put your phone away and actually be there in the moment! Make your own memory!

5.) Don’t forget to pack travel clothes!

There’s nothing worse then ending a long weekend away, driving home in your ‘going out’ clothes because you forgot to pack a super soft tee and some leggings! Make sure to spare a little room for your comfiest clothes to make going home part of the adventure!



I styled this out from one of my fave plus size stops: Avenue  and am absolutely obsessed! Check them out on Facebook Instagram for different styling tips from other fab bloggers!




*This post was sponsored by Avenue, however, all thoughts and opinions are mine!*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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