Perfect Picnic for #WeekendEasy Living

Happy Monday, my darling friends!

This weekend Preston closed Ragtime (I was always backstage & felt totally like part of the cast!) and I had my first audition in like, two years, and I got offered a role in two different plays – so this year is looking pretty theatrical. We’re also heading to see Sophisticated Ladies at the Fulton Theatre this week! Phew!

As we head into warmer weather, and we gear up for our theatre month OFF, Preston and I love to have romantic adventures! However, we also love taking the weekends off to rest and to take the #WeekendEasy

So here’s our tips to explore the Cumberland Valley, have a perfect picnic, and how we like to relaaaax while still getting to have fun dates together!

Let me just sneak the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Check me out on Instagram here!  I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!


1.) Pick the perfect picnic ingredients!

We stopped by the West Shore Farmer’s Market to pick up our supplies for our picnic. There’s so much fresh, local, and delicious produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods,  flowers, crafts, and a million other perfectly delicious things! Preston & I decided we wanted lots of fresh fruit and cheese & crackers. I whipped up some mixed berry salad & freshly sliced pineapple from the Smuckers Stand! Yum! And this brie is un-brie-lievable! You can also check out the list of Cumberland Valley farms & markets here!

IMG_8236IMG_8240IMG_8242 (2)

2.) Location, location location!

Picking the perfect location is half the battle of a great picnic! You could have it on the side of a cliff…or you could have it in a perfect community park with a view…like this picture perfect picnic place in Negley Park in Lemoyne! Check out some other awesome CV parks here!


3.) Get great company!

This one isn’t on any website, but it’s waaaaay easier to relax around great company! I love having these romantic adventures with my peanut! But it would be fun to take a friend, kids, a first date, grandparents, or even just yo dang self on a picnic!


4.) Relaaaaax!

Picnics are meant to be a totally fun, romantic, and delightful way to take your #WeekendEasy! Try not to get too caught up in hauling your whole house outside! Great company, a lovely local park, and fresh & yummy food are totally easy & awesome! The point is too relaaaax!






Be sure to check out Visit Cumberland Valley’s pages for more upcoming events. hidden local gems, shopping, fairs, and more!


*This post was sponsored by Visit Cumberland Valley but all thoughts & opinions are my own*


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Love all you guys & gals & non-binary pals out there!

How Very,


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